Priority area of research:        
i.        Identification and characterization of industrially important microbes
ii.        Chromosomal And Genetic Disorders in human population of Gunupur area.
iii.        Biochemical analyses of phytochemical extracts of some important medicinal plants.
iv.        Waste Disposal through Vermiculture
v.        Spirulina Culture - cultivation for entrepreneurship
vi.        Isolation and Identifications of pathogenic microorganisms in the hilly areas of Southern Orissa.
vii.        Mushrooms and their applications in Biodegradation
viii.        Extraction, Tissue culture and propagation of plants of medicinal importance.
ix.        Effect of oligonucleotides in candida albicans.
       The projects are under due approval of Ministry of Health & Sciences, Govt.of India, DBT, Govt. of India, Ministry of Science and Technology (DST).

Research Publications from GIBS
1.        Biodegradation of lignocelluloses agro-wastes by fruiting body of Pleuritis sajor-caju. Plant Sci.Res. Vol.27(1&2): 46-49,2005
2.        Polyene Antibiotics: effects on yeast and yeast like Fungi. Microbes in Our Lives: 83-92(2005)
3.        Biological Databases: Information and their Applications. Bioinformatics Computing 154-158,2005
4.        Agro Ecological Impact on Cyanobacterial population in paddy field soil of Gunupur. Journal of Nature, Environment and Pollution Control.

Research and Publication Output

Number of Research Projects completed: 02

Number Ongoing Research Projects:03

Highlights of practical handled by our students

Organizations where students have undergone for project & training
Centre for Cell and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad
National Botanical Research Institute,Lucknow
Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar
Regional Plant Research Centre,        Bhubaneswar
Regional Medical Resarch Centre, Bhubaneswar         
Institute of Genetics, Hyderabad
Regional Medical College, Kolkata
West Bengal University of Technology, Kolkata
I.I.T.,        Kharagpur
Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack
Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow
Dr.Reddy’s Laboratory, Hyderabad
Sangene Biotech, Bangaluru
Aurobindo Pharma, Srikakulam
Progene Biotech, Visakhapatnam
Helini Biomolecules, Guntur
Cipla Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad

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