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About Us

About Best Business School in Bangalore GIBS Business School

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is where talents are nurtured, ambitions cherished, ideas shared & dreams fulfilled.

An institute of international standards, we have been recognized as one of the top business schools in India. We have achieved this status of distinction by pioneering refined quality of learning, moral upkeep and intellectual support across the all-encompassing span of advanced education in India.

As envisioned by our founders, we strive to transform our students into leaders of the future by providing innovative and globally accepted programs in a congenial atmosphere. Our programmes are designed for individuals who endeavor to contribute to the sustained development and inclusive growth of the nation and the world at large. We create leaders imbued with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Our programs, hand in hand with our world-class infrastructure, are the perfect platform for a massive transformation in a student’s life in terms of leadership, excellent communication skills, latest additional skills and overall personality development.

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GIBS Value Credo (QUEST)

Specific ways to support student-centric outcomes include allowing students to set their own learning goals, using diverse teaching methods and assessments, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment, providing regular feedback, and encouraging self-reflection and metacognitive skills development. Pursuing student-centric outcomes has the potential to revolutionize education and benefit all students in building a brighter future.

In short, student-centered education is all about putting the student first. It’s about giving students the opportunity to learn in a way that is best for them, and to take ownership of their own education.

GIBS QUEST Value Credo


The “Learning by Doing” Model is an educational philosophy that emphasizes the importance of hands-on experiences in the learning process. In the context of colleges and universities, a variety of activities can be incorporated to bring this model to life. These activities are often aimed at making abstract or theoretical knowledge more concrete and relevant by letting students experience it directly. Here are some activities and programs that can come under the “Learning by Doing” model.


The CIC (Corporate is Customer) Model is a transformative approach to education and training, positioning corporations as primary customers. In this paradigm, educational institutions like GIBS view their faculties as the machinery, geared to equip and refine students, who are seen as the products. These ‘products’, once honed and polished, are then presented to corporations. GIBS places its highest focus on corporates because they are not just recruiters but customers, investing in the form of fees. Recognizing this dynamic, GIBS ensures that its curriculum, training, and offerings are tailored to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the corporate world, guaranteeing a premium, industry-ready product.


VMOSA Model Education at GIBS Business School Bangalore

In GIBS, VMOSA Model resonates with everyone. Vision and Mission are communicated, integrated and adopted by all parts of the organisation.

The Vision (V) provides us an overview of where we are going to reach according to our long term idealistic goals.

The Mission (M) presents the picture of why we have a vision and what we will do to achieve it.

The Objective (O) gives us clarity of the end result we are going to achieve and when it will be achieved.

Strategy (S) is what drives the mission to reach the vision and where our efforts and resources are best spent.

Action Plan (A) states how our VMOS will be actionable to accomplish our goals.

These attributes make us a top institute in India and makes GIBS degree a life - time investment with the best returns.

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We are highly obliged to welcome you to join us and wish your academic journey a grand success!

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