What is GIBS Finishing School for PGDM Students? – Best PGDM College in Bangalore

What is GIBS Finishing School for PGDM Students?

The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is a Top B-school in Bangalore. GIBS has grown in popularity over the years by building a reputation for itself in areas such as innovative training methods, distinctive curriculum design, and worldwide placements. As the corporate landscape evolves, so does the demand for qualified management graduates with an entrepreneurial and innovative attitude. GIBS recognized the changing business landscape and launched Finishing School for its PGDM Program students.


What is GIBS Finishing School?

GIBS Finishing School is a dedicated wing for PGDM students that provides assistance with startups, placements, and internships. Every Saturday, the student’s schedule is determined while keeping the Finishing School’s agenda in mind.

In today’s changing business environment, organizations can no longer afford to acquire untrained personnel and then invest time and money in training and preparing them for the job. As a result, organizations are now looking for individuals who have gained experience in relevant areas during their higher education so that they can get up and running quickly as soon as they join. The goal of GIBS Finishing School is to bridge the gap between industry demands and trainees’ abilities.


The Four Levels of Finishing School

The finishing school is strategically divided into four levels:

Level 1: In the first level, students are taught the fundamentals. Students’ personalities are refined here by concentrating on crucial factors such as goal setting, image consulting, physical attributes, and fitness. Additionally, open house discussions are held so that students may discuss their weak and strong points and improve them as required.

Level 2: It entails strengthening communication abilities through a language mastery program in which students learn valuable skills such as public speaking, storytelling, and email etiquette in written communication. Furthermore, students are schooled in networking, which is one of the most crucial aspects of the business. In addition to classroom training, online videos, leadership classes, and TED lectures are utilized to hone skills.

Level 3: At this level, students are prepared for future actions such as résumé building, group discussions, and personal interviews. They are given the chance to understand and improve their personalities through aptitude and psychometric testing. Students are prepared for the best placements due to the placement awareness program at this level.

Level 4: In the fourth level, students can strengthen their skills. “Walk with Legends” is one such one-of-a-kind initiative where students may benefit from business mentoring. Students receive instruction at this level based on their specialization. Laterally, students are equipped for business challenges such as objection handling, networking, and situation analysis. This stage enables students to cultivate a positive attitude in order to be completely ready for the future.


Such a wonderful curriculum is rarely accessible, ranging from life skills and soft skills to total personality development. Experts in the industry have praised GIBS’ Finishing School. The students graduate from the Finishing School as finished products, which means they are immediately hired by the industry. This effort is currently viewed as an industry need-supplier. This is why GIBS Bangalore students are not only establishing themselves in important positions in large corporations but are also attaining quick success in their particular professions. You may learn more about GIBS’ Finishing School program by visiting the website.

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What’s the Dual Degree (PGDM + IRE) with Dual Specialization Program at GIBS Bangalore

What’s the Dual Degree (PGDM + IRE) with Dual Specialization Programme at GIBS Bangalore

Choosing a career path for yourself involves much conceptual and logical consideration. Choosing the finest post-graduation program provides a solid foundation for advancing your career. You must evaluate all of your options and come to know yourself well enough to recognize where your passions and aspirations belong. A postgraduate degree in Business Management (PGDM) from a prestigious and top B-school in India, such as GIBS, Bangalore, has the potential to revolutionize your life and catapult you to incredible success.


PGDM at GIBS Business School, Bangalore

The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is a Top PGDM college in Bangalore that provides the Best PGDM specialisations in a variety of areas. GIBS ensures that students are educated to fulfill industry standards through experiential learning. GIBS is well-known for its cutting-edge teaching techniques and global placement record. It sets itself apart through initiatives such as the GIBS IRE School and GIBS Finishing School.


What is IRE?

The contemporary period is an era of invention, and the future belongs to leaders who are inventive. GIBS Bangalore recognized this secret early on and established the Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship Lab (IRE) as a core component of its curriculum. It is an action-based learning lab where students may bring their ideas to life. Students shape their inventions with the help of industry professionals through events, workshops, and expert sessions. The industry has praised this lab for its preparation for startup and company leadership. To learn more about IRE School Click here.


PGDM + IRE: An Innovative Success Programme

GIBS announced a one-of-a-kind endeavor. A PGDM student will now receive an IRE degree credential in addition to their PGDM. The IRE Lab is a GIBS ambitious venture that has played a critical role in preparing its students for industry throughout the years. And now, with the IRE degree certificate, management education will be transformed.


Important Highlights of the PGDM + IRE Programme at GIBS Bangalore

GIBS is setting the groundwork for a game-changing future. A PGDM student now join the efficacious and prosperous future with IRE. This program’s features include:

  • Complete Action Learning Classes
  • One-Year IRE Degree Certification
  • Several IRE conferences
  • Strategy Building Competencies
  • Case Studies, Research, and Publications
  • Development of Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Assistance and support for student start-ups
  • Fundraising & Kickstarter
  • Creative Idea Generation and Execution
  • Market Analysis & Data
  • IRE Talks delivered by global leaders and experts


Be Success-Ready with the PGDM + IRE Programme at GIBS Bangalore

Employers want employees who are inventive, research-focused, problem-solving-oriented, entrepreneurial, and effective leaders in this competitive era. With advanced PGDM qualifications, GIBS graduates get leadership positions at big organizations in the country and overseas. GIBS, Bangalore’s top B-school, is laying the groundwork for a disruptive future. You can contribute to this efficient and prosperous world. With the GIBS PGDM-IRE Degree program, you may take the first step toward a bright future. To learn more about GIBS and its PGDM programme, please visit their website.

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How is experiential learning at GIBS Business School, grooming its students for future leadership?

How is experiential learning at GIBS Business School, grooming its students for future leadership?

Management education is the most sought-after post-graduate educational programme among graduates from a variety of disciplines. A growing nation’s social and economic growth demands management specialists and administrators. Sustainable growth in the industrial sector demands highly qualified and experienced business managers. The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), Bangalore, is a B-school with a difference. It incorporated experiential learning into its core and fostered an environment conducive to innovation and creativity. Global industry experts highly value GIBS’ unique experiential learning. Let’s try to figure out how experiential learning at GIBS is changing the way people learn about business and management.


What is experiential learning in its true sense?

Experiential learning is a method of acquiring knowledge via hands-on experience. By being involved in practical learning activities and reflection, students develop a stronger ability to apply classroom ideas and knowledge to real-world problems.

Experiential learning alternatives include community service, service-learning, undergraduate research, study abroad/away, and culmination experiences like internships, student teaching, and capstone projects, to name a few.

It establishes a framework for evaluating management learning methodologies like problem-based learning, team-based learning, simulations, and case studies, among others.


How did GIBS incorporate experiential learning?

Experiential learning is particularly significant because it supports training and education in a variety of sectors, including talent management, leadership performance, competency development, change management, community participation, volunteerism, cross-cultural training, and entrepreneurship. When students engage in experiential education activities, they obtain the following benefits:

  • Improved understanding of the course content
  • A larger perspective on the world and a sense of community
  • Understanding own strengths, interests, passions, and values.
  • Possibilities for collaboration with a variety of organizations and individuals
  • Appropriate professional behaviours and skill sets
  • The satisfaction that comes from contributing to the fulfilment of community needs
  • Self-esteem and leadership abilities


What are the outcomes of GIBS’s pioneering experiential education?

GIBS’ experiential learning has encouraged innumerable administrators, faculty, and students to embrace its concepts of learning and teaching in the context of management education. Experiential learning continues to be the gold standard in applicable areas of learning such as training, leadership development, and workforce development. Learning from experience is a natural process that may require cultivation and facilitation. This ensures that learning from experience may continue to serve as a foundation for learning in a number of media for years to come.


How to be a part of GIBS’ experiential learning?

GIBS Business School’s industry-focused PGDM programmes prepare students for an ever-changing business environment. Its unique PGDM programme, which is built on experiential learning, places a premium on delivering a relevant grasp of business concepts and principles in order to prepare students for the future. GIBS is a Top business school in Bangalore that blends a technology-driven pedagogy with corporate-experienced teachers and a student-centred experiential learning method that focuses on students’ entirely personal and professional growth. To learn more about GIBS and its PGDM programme, please visit their website.

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How can PGDM in Digital Marketing ensure your entrepreneurial success?

How can PGDM in Digital Marketing ensure your entrepreneurial success?

Digital marketing is exploding in popularity. Entrepreneurship is becoming the first choice of the new era’s innovative leaders. Also, we have witnessed a number of successful digital ventures in the last decade. Due to the inherent risk-free nature of digital firms, an increasing number of them are sprouting up daily. This is not confined to a single field. Digital enterprises come in a wide variety of forms, from clothes and fashion to healthcare and technology. Even established, brick-and-mortar firms with a more conventional strategy are integrating with digital marketing to enjoy the benefits. A postgraduate diploma in Digital Marketing from a top B-school like the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), Bangalore, can open up a multitude of opportunities for you.


The Top 4 Benefits of PGDM in Digital Marketing from GIBS

1. Developing leadership skills:

GIBS’ digital marketing curriculum is designed to transform graduates from simple employees to visionary corporate leaders. It equips individuals with a diverse range of skills that enable them to succeed in any field.


2. Generating ideas:

GIBS’ digital marketing course helps students develop their creativity, enabling them to produce ideas and innovate in whatever industry they choose. Additionally, it teaches students how to transform these concepts into products.


3. Understanding the product lifecycle:

GIBS’ digital marketing course gives an overview of the process of developing a concept and bringing it to market. This includes making a route map, figuring out hazards, and being aware of legal rules, among other things.


4. Marketing skills:

Product or service development is never complete or successful without effective marketing. As a result, the GIBS curriculum helps students develop into proper marketers, equipped with the required digital skills for effectively navigating the product sales cycle.


Top 4 Entrepreneurship Opportunities of PGDM in Digital Marketing from GIBS

1. Own Digital Business: Starting your own digital business has fewer risks compared to traditional businesses. This is why many aspirants opt to launch their own online business upon completion of their PGDM in Digital Marketing. However, the initial years require patience and resistance. As the firm grows and becomes self-sufficient, the schedule becomes lighter and more flexible than that of standard corporate professions.

2. Freelancing and consultancy opportunities: The digital marketing sector is developing at an exponential rate. Obviously, there are insufficient digital marketers to meet this need. With this insight, you now have an amazing opportunity for global freelancing. Content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media expertise are just a few of the well-paying consulting professions that also secure your future.


3. A flexible work path:

The primary benefit is that you can operate your business from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Digital business will undoubtedly give you more flexibility in terms of scheduling and allow you to spend more time with your family. Additionally, you do not require a huge physical infrastructure to establish your digital firm. Nowadays, the public accepts digital items and sales fairly well.


4. Opportunities for coaching and mentoring:

Selling a product, creating content about it, and engaging with people who want such solutions can all help you gain further market and audience expertise. You may establish yourself as an authority on the issue. An online venture is the most effective method of reaching a worldwide audience. By combining all of these, coaching and mentorship options are always available to you. You may create your own courses or establish yourself as a digital influencer. There are many people who are earning 6-7 figure incomes through coaching and mentorship.


The PGDM in Digital Marketing is an industry-neutral program that prepares students to pursue careers in any sector. It instills a holistic view of running a digital firm and aids in the development of management and leadership abilities. GIBS is a top business school in Bangalore, and its PGDM program in Digital Marketing is counted among the best in the industry. GIBS is well-known for its cutting-edge teaching techniques and superior assistance. You can begin your digital entrepreneurship journey with GIBS’ PGDM in Digital Marketing. For more information about GIBS and its PGDM in Digital Marketing, click here.


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How can PGDM in Business Analytics ensure your top business leadership position?

How can PGDM in Business Analytics ensure your top business leadership position?

In today’s competitive environment, businesses must make strategic decisions quickly and accurately in order to achieve their objectives. Business analytics is a collection of knowledge and abilities that combines data science with business. With a PGDM in Business Analytics from a top B-school such as the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), Bangalore, you will become a viable candidate for a variety of firms and sectors by gaining a mix of extremely sophisticated analytic abilities and business and management skills. For many jobs, you will be a highly qualified and sought-after candidate. You will work for a wide range of companies and industries.


1. Global demand across industries and markets

As Big Data affects all industries and markets, the demand for business analytics professionals such as Portfolio Analysts, Campaign Analysts, Financial Analysts, Marketing Operations Analysts, Human Resource Analysts, Product Analysts, Web Analysts, and Business Analysts is emerging globally.


2. Decision-making ability

Being able to make data-driven judgments is not an option in the digital economy; it is a need. Organizations that make data-driven choices consistently outperform their competitors. The PGDM in Business Analytics programme equips you with the tools necessary to put data to work, from setting up experiments, collecting data, learning from it, and making judgments to navigating the organizational, legal, and ethical concerns inherent in data-driven decision making.

3. Increased abilities and expertise

Business analytics is critical in giving the skills necessary to make the proper decisions and strategies in order to survive and expand financially in a competitive market. You will learn how to perform descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to support and make business choices throughout the PGDM in Business Analytics. The curriculum uses a lot of group projects to help you improve your analytical, communication, and collaboration skills.


4. Global opportunities

In an age of big data, analytics has become a strategic need in practically every aspect of a company, and firms must grasp both business and analytics to make the best judgments. Analytics is now ingrained in every aspect of a company, from marketing to accounting, sales to logistics, and human resources to operations. Because big data affects every sector and market, the demand for business analytics is ubiquitous. Through close engagement with worldwide industrial partners, you will gain knowledge and skills.


5. Building authority

Today’s economy demands leaders who understand how to evaluate the data that propels our society ahead. As a business analytics specialist, you will develop organizational skills for leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain a competitive edge. You will get a broad grasp of how to leverage business analytics to achieve a strategic advantage. All of these attributes establish you as a sought-after authority.

Businesses have acknowledged the critical need for innovative leaders. A business analytics profile will place you in an exciting, fast-paced atmosphere where you will work directly with the top management. A job in business analytics is both challenging and rewarding. GIBS’s PGDM in business analytics provides access to this exciting field. GIBS is well-known for its innovative learning methodology and global placements. If you would like to learn more about the PGDM in business analytics offered by GIBS, please visit the GIBS website.


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Which MBA/PGDM specialization course is in demand?

Which MBA/PGDM specialization has more demand in the future?

Earning an MBA/PGDM degree in the desired sector provides you with a competitive advantage. It provides you with the most up-to-date skills, training, and understanding of the industry that your competitors may not have, resulting in improved career progression and prospects. Choosing an MBA/PGDM specialization may be as challenging and perplexing as choosing a career path. So, it’s important to choose your specialization after analyzing all the key factors.


A Wide Range of MBA Specializations

Over 30 MBA specializations are available in Indian B-schools. Given the growth and innovation in every subject, it is projected that more and more new specializations will emerge in the next few years. Finance, marketing, human resource management, operations, and supply chain, sales, digital marketing, business analytics, and other specializations are among the most popular and sought-after MBA specializations. Sports management, luxury brand management, corporate social responsibility, NGO management, rural management, and hospitality management are just a handful of the lesser-known MBA specializations.


How To Choose the Right MBA Specialization?

In order to select a specialized MBA/PGDM program, students must consider aspects such as the scope of the specialization, industry requirements, and career prospects. Besides that, the B-School should be picked based on the institute’s pedagogy, facilities, placement records, and faculty strength.


One Specialization Vs Dual Specialization?

Dual specialization is advantageous in that it allows you to achieve skills in two domains rather than just one. Regular MBA/PGDM specialization, on the other hand, is limited to one domain. However, there is also no shortage of opportunities for a single MBA/PGDM specialization, and the choice is entirely up to the students.


Choose The Best Specialization at The Best College

Your MBA/PGDM specialization is mostly determined by your personality, abilities, and professional objectives. Marketing Management (MM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Finance Management (FM), Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM), International Business (IB), Information Technology (IT), Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship Management (EM), and Digital Marketing are the most in-demand MBA specializations. GIBS, a Top B-school in Bangalore, offers a PGDM program in highly demanding top specializations. GIBS is well-known for its innovative learning methods and high worldwide job placement. Click here for more information about GIBS and its PGDM programs.  


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Which university is better for BBA? Best BBA College in Bangalore

Which university is better for BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration?

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is regarded as the degree of the future. It is a professional degree that is gaining popularity among students who desire to pursue a career in management immediately after finishing their 12th grade. BBA programmes enrich students with conceptual, theoretical, and practical understanding in areas such as finance, economics, operations, marketing, and fundamental accounting.


Selecting the right college and university

There are several BBA colleges affiliated with various universities in India, but the challenge for students is to identify the best among them. Each college has its own method of transferring knowledge and a distinct selection procedure. It is really challenging to select the appropriate college from among the numerous universities and colleges in India. Strong practical and industry exposure, successful placements, skill development programmes, professional advancement training, and industry exposure are some of the characteristics of a good college.


Bangalore University for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bangalore University has the nation’s leading BBA programme. Bangalore University was founded in 1964 and is located in the Garden City of Bangalore, also known as the IT Capital of India. In 2008, the NAAC re-accredited the university with an “A” grade. The Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is affiliated with Bangalore University, and its BBA curriculum is widely regarded as the best for a variety of reasons. The BBA programme at GIBS is designed to prepare students for careers in business, entrepreneurship, or further studies.


The Advantages of a BBA from GIBS

The learning atmosphere at GIBS is student-centred and extremely helpful. The emphasis is on overall student development through the most modern and up-to-date curriculum, with an emphasis on communication skills, management abilities, and personality development. Students participate in a variety of cultural, technical, and industry-based challenges and events, as well as community involvement. Students are questioned about their objectives and then guided further by assisting them in creating a brighter future. Students receive good guidance and assistance in developing ideas, doing research, and engaging in entrepreneurial activities. In terms of placements, GIBS is the leading institution.


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Which are the top BBA Colleges in Bangalore?

Which college is better for BBA in Bangalore?

Management is one of the most sought-after programmes in India since it opens up a multitude of career prospects, provides a high salary, and offers numerous job opportunities. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a popular undergraduate programme for individuals who desire to pursue a career in management after graduating from high school. This course teaches you about business administration and management. BBA degrees are available to students from all three major streams, Science, Arts, and Commerce.


Why pursue BBA in Bangalore?

Bangalore is regarded as a great destination for studying BBA courses, as it is home to several good colleges offering management degrees as well as reputable national and multinational businesses. Many colleges provide quality education as well as good placements in their BBA programmes. Bangalore, popularly known as the “Silicon Valley of India,” provides high-quality education and placement opportunities.


Which is the best BBA college in Bangalore?

Prestigious institutes such as the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) are located in Bengaluru. When applying for admission, you should consider the GIBS. GIBS provides BBA students with high-quality learning options. The BBA programme prepares students for positions in management and entrepreneurship. There are several career prospects available to BBA students.


Why is GIBS the best BBA college in Bangalore?

However, choosing an ideal college is never simple, especially when there are several decent options in the same city where you wish to study. However, after considering a number of critical aspects such as infrastructure, course format, location, and so on, GIBS is the top choice for BBA students. GIBS is affiliated with Bangalore University and is one of the finest BBA institutes in India. Its BBA is an industry-recognized and highly recognized programme.


GIBS’ BBA training programme includes regular seminars and corporate workshops where subject matter experts from business and academia share their knowledge and experience with students. Students are also helped to become industry-ready through activity-based learning, counselling, credential programmes, and placement training.


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What is the scope of an MBA-PGDM in Entrepreneurship

How can an MBA/PGDM in Entrepreneurship in India help you advance in your career?

For business success, having an entrepreneurial mindset is essential, and entrepreneurs today are more significant than ever before in improving the economic and social standing of countries all over the globe. People with entrepreneurial ambitions are increasingly pursuing education courses that help them sharpen their skills. Nowadays, students take MBA/PGDM programs in Entrepreneurship to meet these specialized educational needs.


Top 3 Reasons to Pursue a PGDM/MBA in Entrepreneurship

1. Perfect training for successful entrepreneurship:

As an aspiring entrepreneur, it will assist you in coming up with new ideas, identifying emerging market opportunities, knowing your own advantages and shortcomings, and identifying risk-taking behaviour more professionally. You will get the opportunity to gain practical learning experience. You may also put your entrepreneur abilities to the test in a variety of simulated circumstances and situations. It also enables you to create a strong competitive strategy, locate new ventures, and identify and analyze growth prospects.


2. Excellent Career Opportunities:

After finishing your MBA/PGDM in Entrepreneurship, you will have access to a wide range of employment options in a variety of industries. Leadership opportunities are available in a variety of sectors, including business operations, financial management, information security, accounting and auditing, and human resources. After an MBA in Entrepreneurship, some popular employment opportunities include business consultant, business sales manager, new venture developer, department manager, corporate supervisor, and so on.


3. Holistic Personality Development:

Entrepreneurship is the ability and willingness to manage, plan, and grow a business, as well as any risks associated with it, in order to turn a profit. The program’s primary goal is to acquire the abilities necessary to successfully develop and diversify business enterprises in new and emerging industries. This curriculum requires each student to master a variety of skills, including public speaking, team building, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, time management, business etiquette, and so on.


People these days are increasingly eager to become entrepreneurs. If you are willing to pursue your aspirations, this is the right course for you. GIBS is a Top PGDM College in Bangalore and offers a PGDM programme in Entrepreneurship. GIBS is well-known for its innovative learning methods and high worldwide placement rates. Click here for more information about GIBS and its PGDM course in Entrepreneurship

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Top Reasons to Consider MBA/PGDM in International Business

What are the benefits of MBA/PGDM in International Business?

 A PGDM in international business is a highly specialized programme that provides knowledge and skills in international trade and activities. It gives an opportunity to learn about global business work ethics. Individuals pursuing this programme are in high demand for management roles in international business companies or as consultants in organizations assisting firms in expanding their operations to the global market.


Top 3 Reasons to Pursue a PGDM/MBA in International Business

1. Training for the International Market:

This curriculum broadens your horizons and prepares you to face international challenges. You will be prepared to handle the strategic managerial functions of global businesses both analytically and practically. In addition, the International Business program connects you to various cultural views and provides you with in-depth knowledge of global business and policy challenges.


2. Global Placement Opportunities:

This programme provides a variety of worldwide job opportunities in banks, financial institutions, trading houses, investment firms, international business consultancies, and export-import enterprises, airlines, freight, and global shipping groups, among others. The demand for international business graduates is increasing at a fast pace, which enhances your desirability. This field offers a fair chance of earning a comfortable living.


3. Practical Insights into Business and Management:

The programme is meant to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the numerous issues faced by international firms, such as managing diversified teams, devising strategic solutions to address challenges, enhancing multinational enterprises’ financial performance and bottom lines, and so on. The curriculum is well-designed and incorporates group and individual projects, internships, and international study terms. This deep understanding enables you to take on leadership and consulting responsibilities.


If you have an eye for international economic patterns and trends, this is the course for you. Not only does the degree provide financial security, but it also assures two years of a rewarding journey in terms of learning appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience. GIBS is a top business school in Bangalore and offers a PGDM programme in International Business. GIBS is well-known for its innovative learning methods and high worldwide placement rates. Click here for more information about GIBS and its PGDM course in International Business.


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