Which PGDM/MBA College in Bangalore has the best placement in terms of return on investment?

Which PGDM/MBA College in Bangalore has the best placement in terms of return on investment?

MBA and PGDM programs are not only among the most popular courses in India, but they are also among the costliest. As the fees for MBA/PGDM programs can range from 5 lakhs to 25 lakhs, it is critical that you select the universities wisely. Before enrolling in an MBA/PGDM program and taking out an education loan, you should research the college’s predicted ROI.


What is ROI?

ROI estimates the number of years it would take to recoup the cost of an MBA or PGDM program. A college with modest course tuition but significant remuneration packages will have a good return on investment. A college with higher course tuition but the same compensation package as the preceding college will have a poorer ROI.


Factors Influencing ROI

  • Affiliation of the institute, placement assistance, quality of education, course curriculum, faculty, infrastructure, and facilities are all factors that influence ROI.
  • In your MBA/PGDM ROI estimate, be sure to add personal priorities as well as qualitative elements such as work responsibilities, job satisfaction, and professional happiness.
  • The network’s quality and scope have an influence on ROI. It is critical to investigate the institute’s alumni network as well as other networking possibilities.
  • Keep long-term forecasts in mind as well. Long-term salary projections factor in increases and other sources of income. These are opportunities for an increase in pay that they will receive overtime. They can then compute the salary-to-debt ratio using this prediction rather than a starting salary.


The best city in India for pursuing a PGDM/MBA

There are good PGDM/MBA colleges in several cities across India, but when influential aspects are considered, the conclusion is that Bangalore is the best city. The presence of a top business school, such as GIBS, strongly confirms this fact.


GIBS: The best college in Bangalore in terms of ROI

GIBS is a top PGDM college in Bangalore, has reasonable PGDM course fees, and nurtures every student to reach their potential for success. Over the years, it has been widely recognized as one of the top B-schools in India, owing to its high ROI.

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Does mindfulness program for management students improve academic performance?

Does a mindfulness program for management students improve academic performance?

Today’s management students have a great deal of responsibility. It is difficult to meet academic and social standards, as well as to grow up and create a sense of self and belonging. Stimuli, diversions, and disruptions are commonplace in modern classrooms. The problems are exacerbated in higher education, where an aspirant faces social, physical, emotional, and psychological pressures from grades, peer pressure, and placement concerns. “Mindfulness Sessions” is one solution that elite institutions are embracing. It is a strategy for filtering out background noise and concentrating on what is important. Let’s look at the 5 most important advantages of including a mindfulness program in the curriculum.


Mindfulness helps with focus and concentration:

The widespread adoption of this mindfulness exercise has assisted students in learning how to quiet their minds, listen, communicate, focus, and become better students. It allows them to draw attention to mindfulness in order to improve their focus, resilience, and memory.


Mindfulness improves educational performance:

Several studies have found that mindfulness practice can aid in improving performance. Mindfulness is said to boost test scores and academic success because it helps learners relax and focus on the work at hand.


Mindfulness brings positive changes in the mind and body:

It has been suggested that sitting quietly and calmly in the present moment transforms our minds. According to numerous experts, regular mindfulness activities can help the immune system battle physical sickness.


Mindfulness reduces stress and negative emotions:

It has been noticed that appropriate meditation and mindfulness reduce stress and also aid in reducing negative moods.


Mindfulness boosts social life and relationships:

Mindfulness training can help people feel more calm and cheerful, as well as happier in their relationships. Mindfulness practitioners are more likely to exercise self-care and to show compassion, empathy, and concern for others.


▶️ Watch Video of Mindfulness Session of GIBS Business School, Bangalore


GIBS, a top business school in Bangalore, has implemented mindfulness programs in their curriculum. GIBS has different mindfulness training sessions, such as focused attention and stress reduction via attentive listening, as well as various breathing exercises and yoga.

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MBA Vs. PGDM – Which course has more earning potential?


MBA Vs. PGDM – Which course has more earning potential?

When considering a management course, students are frequently puzzled by the distinctions between MBA and PGDM. While the course curriculums are similar, there are major variations that might assist in selecting the ideal program. The main consideration is the earning potential after completing each of the two courses.


What is the take of Job Markets?                                                                                            

MBA and PGDM are both regarded as equal in the job market. More than the degrees, the institute’s reputation and the quality of education it delivers are important. A PGDM from a reputable institution can earn higher pay than an MBA from a less reputable college. Management graduates are compensated based on their knowledge and skillset rather than their degrees.


Top 5 reasons why PGDM is considered more valuable than MBA?

  1. The curriculum of the PGDM is continuously revised in response to industry needs, preparing you for a satisfying career that meets the most recent market demands.
  2. Enrolling in one of the leading B-Schools will educate you on the vital leadership and management abilities that will shape you into an effective professional. Because of their increased and updated abilities, PGDM students have more work opportunities.
  3. MBA programs are more theoretical, whereas PGDM programs are more practical. This also offers PGDM students an advantage when it comes to job interviews.
  4. Elite and self-driven institutes with PGDM strive harder to position their students in diverse industries.
  5. For individuals with tenacity and learning zeal, PDGM is an extremely rewarding career option. People with a PGDM strive to lead others and are at the pinnacle of their respective areas’ expertise. After a few years of experience, they are rewarded with higher pay scales.

To conclude

Whether you studied an MBA or a PGDM, your income would be entirely dependent on how well you justified yourself and seized the opportunity. Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) is a Top Business School in Bangalore that offers PGDM programs. The institute is well-known for its placement system and high return on investment. Click here to learn more about GIBS’ PGDM and placement system.

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What are the Job Opportunities after PGDM in Business Analytics?


What are the job opportunities after PGDM in business in Business Analytics?

As the role of business analytics becomes more relevant and useful, a PGDM in Business Analytics provides access to various sectors. It provides aspirants the option to choose their industry and job profiles. They can select from a wide range of career options available in India and overseas. Let’s take a look at the top five career pathways for Business Analysts:


  1. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is a competitive industry that requires significant research as its basis, and only a business analyst can combine these elements in a way that offers businesses an advantage over competitors. Market Research Analyst, Marketing Manager, Advisor, and Campaign Manager are some of the popular career choices.


  1. Human Resources

Human resources are the foundation of all industries, and it requires analytical tasks such as evaluating statistics to identify patterns in recruiting, hiring practices, turnover, organizational rules, employment regulations, and the development of a human resource information system. HR Consultant, HR Strategist, HR Analyst, and HR Director are some of the popular career choices.


  1. Banking & Investment

Financial reports, verifying compliance with federal legislation, reviewing financial models, structuring documents related to financial arrangements, and so on are all functions and responsibilities of a business analyst in the banking and investment sector. Bank Analyst, Investment Analyst, and Financial Analyst are some of the popular career choices.


  1. Information Technology

Business analysts in the technology industry have a wide range of tasks, from project inception through project completion and all in between. Because the industry is competitive and full of opportunities, most analysts earn good money. Some of the popular career choices are software analyst, IT analyst, and project manager.


  1. Management Consulting

Business analytics is an effective manager. They are excellent at the responsibilities that include formulating and implementing solutions, interacting with consultants, synthesizing inputs resulting from qualitative and quantitative analysis of complicated data, and much more. Some of the popular career choices are consultant, business analyst, analytics consultant, and advisor.


If you want to advance in your career, GIBS is the right choice for you. GIBS is a top business school in Bangalore offering the PGDM in Business Analytics program. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Online!

7 Reasons Why pursue PGDM/MBA in Digital Marketing?

7 Reasons Why You Should Study Digital Marketing in Higher Education

As the global landscape shifts toward a more digital approach, it is vital for aspirants to enhance their abilities in order to take advantage of the seemingly limitless global opportunities. Learning digital marketing has become one of the most popular options among higher education students. Let’s dive deep into it and look at the 7 main reasons why you should study PGDM/MBA in Digital Marketing:


  1. It’s the need of an hour

Businesses are now more concentrated on their digital marketing efforts to create highly targeted campaigns to attract and engage their target audience. To achieve this, they are in constant need of skilled professionals.


  1. It can enhance your entrepreneurial skills

A digital marketer is a self-starter, proactive, an outstanding communicator, adaptable, and effective. These skills automatically translate into leadership and management qualities.


  1. It opens up an array of professional opportunities

If you have digital marketing skills, you are not limited to a single job profile. Top firms such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook provide a diverse range of professional opportunities to qualified aspirants.


  1. It can give you better remuneration and package

It is true that digital marketing training courses might help you earn a higher salary. If you have the knowledge, you may be a far more valuable asset than others. Incomes have risen steadily throughout the years.


  1. It can aid your startup dream

Digital marketers are experts in a wide range of online tools and platforms. You may build websites and create products and sell them to a market. You can also work as a digital marketing consultant or create your own freelance business.


  1. It provides you with a secure future

As the digital economy is developing far faster than the offline economy, digital marketing talents will continue to be in high demand in the near future.


  1. It can enhance your learning and capabilities

Over the years, the internet has evolved, and digital marketers must continually adapt to these changes. As a result, you always have to learn new things and perfect your skills.


If the reasons listed above persuade you to opt for digital marketing in higher education, don’t put it off any longer. GIBS is a top business school in Bangalore and has the best PGDM course in digital marketing. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Online!

Do PGDM Colleges Guarantee Placement?

Do PGDM colleges guarantee placement?

PGDM is a business program that offers specialization in subjects like marketing, finance, HR, operations, business analytics, IT, and much more. As far as the market value is concerned, PGDM is considered at par or even better than the MBA program. GIBS, Bangalore, offers a comprehensive and comprehensive PGDM program that aims at shaping the candidates to become Masters in the Management field.

No matter the denial, placement is the main criterion when choosing a PGDM program. Many business schools guarantee full placements, but is it true? Let’s find the answer here:


It’s more about the quality of the student

To be eligible for the placement, a candidate must have a good track record in academics along with a deep understanding of their field and the skills to cross any boundaries in the field. For that, constructive and practical training is essential. Hence, instead of focusing only on placements, candidates should give more weightage to skill development to gain employability.


It depends on the stature of the B-School

Good business schools host highly reputed employers every year, thereby giving a dynamic platform to the students who soar high in the journey to fulfill their dreams. While enrolling in an institute for PGDM, consider all the parameters that will develop your employability skills and then start the journey of becoming an expert in management.


It also depends on your training and education

PGDM is not just a simple course; it enhances your overall personality and starts working by sharpening your interpersonal influence to hone your hidden skills. In addition, one can learn better presentation skills, tackle real-time business scenarios, and develop a problem-solving approach. After better training and education, students can definitely get good placements.


Good PGDM colleges guarantee placement. GIBS Bangalore is one such leading B-school that promises 100% placement. Along with the set business school curriculum, GIBS goes out of its way to develop the quality of employability among the students by conducting various corporate activities, guest lectures, seminars, certificate programs, and much more. It gives you enough exposure, grooming, and opportunities to find a lucrative placement. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Online!

How can you Apply for College after CAT Score?

Major Steps After CAT 2021 Result is Declared:

Every PGDM/MBA aspirant wants to get admission to a top management college, and they also put their best efforts into it. But very few can think about what to do after the declaration of the CAT results. Candidates must be aware of it. Here we are going to provide you with step-by-step information about it.


Step 1: Carefully Examine your Results.

Once the result is out, candidates must first check their CAT score carefully to see if any details have been missed. If you are satisfied, start preparing for the further rounds of admission. Most of the B-schools conduct group discussions, personal interviews, and counseling rounds to provide admission.


Step 2: Find the Right B-School based on your Score.

After receiving your scorecard, you have to start the college screening process. You should focus on shortlisting the institutes to which you wish to apply. A good percentile will help you accept a seat in any of the top PGDM/MBA colleges in India.


Step 3: Apply for Admission to B-School.

Track down the best B-schools and go through their PGDM admission process well in advance to avoid last-minute delays. It’s always better to have options.


Step 4: Gather the Necessary Documentation.

In the counseling round, along with the CAT result, various other documents like graduation certificate, class 10th, and 12th mark sheet, work experience letter (if any), will be required by the B-schools. Hence, it becomes necessary for the candidates to prepare a list of pre-requisite documents and keep them ready in advance. All certificates must be attested.


Step 5: Decide on a Specialization.

It is essential that you are aware of your preferred specialization. By acquiring the PGDM Specialization of your choice, you will be able to accept the job position accordingly.


Final Words

A good CAT score always guarantees a better future. Bangalore-based GIBS is one of the premier B-schools in India and, through its PGDM program, has made the golden dreams of thousands of students come true. The enrollment process in GIBS is simple and detailed information about this is available on its website.

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How can the PGDM program helps you stand out from the crowd?

How will the PGDM program add value to your career?

With changing times, job roles have become more demanding, with increasing pressure to develop skills sets and provide value to their organizations. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of candidates choosing the right learning program to strengthen their knowledge and gain insight into the world of management. In such a situation, the PGDM program has emerged as a great option. Let us understand how the PGDM program can transform your career in these five points:


  • Helpful in developing management skills

One of the main features of pursuing a PGDM is to develop management skills that will make you a valuable asset to any organization.


  • Increased employability

Top business schools provide placement opportunities for students. PGDM programs in premier B-schools like GIBS give you the opportunity to explore different specializations and choose your area of ​​interest.


  • Knowledge acquisition and personality development

PGDM makes the students familiar with the intricacies of management principles. Students gain enhanced decision-making abilities, improve their analytical thinking skills, and build their personalities through classroom lectures, role plays, guest lectures, industry visits, summer internships, and personality development programs.


  • A chance to be your own boss

A management degree puts you on the path to becoming your own boss by developing entrepreneurial skills and testing your ability to launch any business idea you might have. B-schools like GIBS also offer extra-curricular activities that will sharpen your skills and make you think outside the box.


  • Be future-ready

In a management course, you will meet all kinds of people with different qualifications, backgrounds, and experiences. You not only get to engage with them but also work with them as a team on projects and tasks. Such exposure will shape your personality and prepare it for the life ahead of you.


Final words

Not all business schools are capable of driving the change they promise. So, choose your option wisely. Bangalore-based GIBS is amongst the leading B-schools in India, offering PGDM courses that transform students and prepare them for the future. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Now!

Here’s All That You Must Keep In Mind Before Giving MAT Exam

India is known to be the hub of education. The country’s education system is one of the most globally acclaimed and fulfilling systems in the world. From the beginning, professionals who wanted to make a mark in the corporate world had to make sure they stood out from the hundreds of other young and talented professionals. The one way by which you can level up in your career is by pursuing a professional course.


The tremendous rise in the number of students who want to pursue a PGDM degree has given birth to competitive exams. It is true that after graduating you will not be receiving offers of managerial posts. The next step that one must take to achieve greater heights in a career is doing a PGDM course.


As we mentioned there are millions of students who are competing with each other to get into the best colleges. It is extremely important to get into the right college for a professional course. A good college aims to transform an individual into a professional who is befitting in the corporate world.


A PGDM college accepts scores of competitive examinations and then considers a candidate for admissions. There is an array of competitive exams today. Gone is the day when there were only IIMs and XLRIs giving credible degrees in PGDM. the country now hosts several great colleges like the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) that offer the best of everything.

As MAT, competitive exams accepted by top colleges, will be conducted in February, let’s give you an idea about all things related to MAT.


What is MAT?

MAT is the abbreviation for Management Aptitude Test, an online entrance exam conducted by AIMA, All India Management Association. MAT score is accepted by most of the top colleges in the country.


What is The Pattern?

The pattern of the paper is as follows:

What Kind Of Topics You Must Study If You Want To Crack MAT With Good Scores?

  • Learn language skills and comprehension. English plays an important role as a language that is understood by most people. It is important to know English every PGDM course uses English as its primary language.
  • Brush up your mathematic skills as throughout your life you will need maths. MAT concentrates greatly on Maths skills and has some tricky questions.
  • Basic Data analysis and understanding of data should be practiced.
  • Give importance to critical thinking and logical reasoning. This part takes most of the time and can be extremely confusing if not understood.
  • General knowledge about the world is essential as a chunk of the question paper has questions on this genre.


When Does It Take Place?

The MAT exam is conducted quarterly in February, May, September, and December. This allows the student to re-appear in the same year itself in case if you do not score well on the first attempt. You’re not wasting a year here.


3 Reasons Why You Should Choose MAT Over Others?

  1. You can apply to most of the top colleges for your PGDM.
  2. You can reappear in the same year as it takes place quarterly.
  3. The difficulty level is comparatively lesser but needs equal attention.


What Should You Keep In Mind On The Day Of The Exam?

  • Prepare and Practice all the previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern and types of questions.
  • Make sure you keep a check on the exam dates.
  • Print the admit card and keep it safe, without that you will lose a chance to appear.
  • Make sure to be at your center a little before the time of reporting.
  • Carry valid identification proof.


Some Tips That Can Help You To Prepare For Your MAT Exams:

  • Make sure that you focus on the topics that you can understand easily. You can skip a few questions if you score better in other sections.
  • MAT mock tests are the best way to prepare. You will be able to gain knowledge about the syllabus and the kind of questions you will have to answer.
  • Make pointers and short notes for revision purposes. Instead of studying fat books every day make a gist of the topics and learn from your notes. This helps you understand things better.
  • Just because you are good at a few topics that doe not mean you will let go of all the other topics. You must have a basic understanding of all the topics as the difficulty level varies each year.
  • The last fifteen days must be dedicated to revision.
  • Concentrate on all your weak points and start working on them.


How Will MAT Help You Achieve Your Goals?

MAT scores can give you the golden opportunity to get admission to the top and reputed colleges like GIBS. This will accelerate your growth in your career and bring endless opportunities to flourish.

GIBS is known for its competitive and industry-relevant curriculum. It ensures that every student is given a global perspective on how a business works. At GIBS every training session, workshop, and other activity aims to unleash the true potential of an individual. Its efforts to prepare the students for the world of business are commendable and recognized by the country.

The placement cell at GIBS is one of the best that ensures 100% placements and internships. This helps the students stay motivated and through internships, they get a clear idea of all the business processes. The college gives importance to the overall development of the students. It hosts an array of events and committees where students participate and enhance their skills. From communication to presentations, each aspect that makes a professional become an asset to the company. Sounds like the perfect college right?

To all the students who are preparing for the MAT December Exam, all the best for your future endeavors, and may you pass with flying colors.


GIBS Business School is been ranked amongst the top business school in India. A good MAT cut-off opens the doors of top management colleges like IIMs and GIBS, Bangalore. Better MAT results can get you admitted to GIBS’s PGDM course, which can ensure your successful future. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Now!

Which course is better, MBA or PGDM?

Which is more valuable PGDM or MBA?

A question that often arises in the minds of aspirants while choosing the right business school, which course is better-MBA or PGDM? Often, people are in doubt when searching for an MBA course and see some of the best top colleges in the country offering PGDM courses. Let us explain the difference between MBA and PGDM and which of the two courses will be better for you.


The basic difference between MBA and PGDM

As the name suggests, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a master’s degree, and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is a diploma degree. Generally, management degrees given by government universities or other institutions that come under the UGC are called MBAs. Whereas under the HRD ministry, the business program offered by AICTE-recognized B-schools is called PGDM.


In terms of acceptance,

For industry, there is no difference between an MBA and a PGDM. They have similar perspectives on both courses. Because both the courses run on almost the same curriculum and provide similar training. Employers judge the students on the basis of their skills, background, experience, and attitude. In such a situation, the stamp of a good institute is more effective than the name of the course.


In terms of recognition,

If a student wants to join a Ph.D. or fellowship program later, then PGDM is equally valid as an MBA. For such programs, students are selected on the basis of the quality and value provided in the management courses of the business school.


In terms of entrance exams,

Both the programs accept CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT, and CMAT courses. How to prepare for CAT without coaching?


Final verdict:

Business schools offering PGDM may modify their curriculum in response to changing business needs and industry behavior. They quickly adopt new models, tools, and technologies to provide cutting-edge education to their students. In such a situation, students are fully prepared for a successful future. Premier business schools like GIBS in Bangalore offer PGDM courses. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Now!