99 Percentile Tips and Strategy for CAT Exam 2021-22

What is the best strategy to get the 99 percentile in CAT Exam?


All the aspirants who are preparing for the CAT exam want to score 99.99 percentile to get admission to top PGDM colleges in Bangalore. But most aspirants cannot achieve this. To obtain such a good score, along with the hard work, many other things have to be taken care of. Here we are going to reveal 3 unique tips by which you can reach the magical 99.98 percentile mark.


Understand the marking scheme:

Although there is no such defined formula as of yet, experts believe that understanding the marking scheme can result in a 99.98 percentile. 3 marks are awarded for every correct answer, and one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. So, it is better to answer only those questions about which you are 100% sure. You can achieve the 99.98 percentile by answering an estimated 75% of the questions correctly.


Strategic use of exam duration:

The CAT exam is 120 minutes in duration. This is the time period that you have to make the best use of. Try to attempt as many questions as possible by marking your scoring areas. Solving questions faster without making mistakes, can ensure better use of your time.


Better preparation assures success:

The better your preparation is, the surer your success will be. So, try to give as many mock tests as possible during your preparation. Utilize your time by categorizing it into small parts. Proceed section by section. Limit the guesswork and only proceed with sure answers. Improve your reading skills so you can answer the questions quickly. Such continuous efforts will become the foundation of your success.

Relax – Recharge – Study

All The Best!!!

GIBS Business School is been ranked amongst the top business school in India and is also considered a Non-IIM Member Institution by the CAT 2021. A good CAT cut-off opens the doors of top management colleges like IIMs and GIBS, Bangalore. Better CAT results can get you admitted to GIBS’s PGDM course, which can ensure your successful future. Contact for more information.

GIBS Business School Bangalore’s Convocation Ceremony 2021

The GIBS Business School Celebrated its Graduation Day for the graduating classes of the Post-Graduate Programme.

GIBS Business School Bangalore’s PG Convocation Ceremony for 2019-2021 and 2018-2020 batch was held on Saturday 09th October 2021 with pomp and glory.

This splendid program was set in motion with an invocation song by Ms.V Shravani, Student of 2nd Year PGDM, invoking the blessings of the Almighty and the customary lamp lighting by the dignitaries. 

The convocation ceremony was graced by Padmashri Prof. R M Vasagam, Veteran Space Scientist from India and a specialist in space systems including satellites and launch vehicles,  Rear Admiral K R Srinivasan, AVSM, IN (Retd), Hydrographic, and Oceanographic Expert, Chief Hydrographer, Government of India, Mr. P B Katur,  Head – Global Freshers Engagement Program at Wipro Limited and  Mr.Ankit Piplani, India’s leading presenter, anchor & entertainer.

The Lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries was a mark of an auspicious beginning which was followed by the Graduation Pledge rendered by  Mr. Ritesh Goyal, Managing Director of GIBS Business School, Bangalore. This was followed by an endearing welcome address rendered by the Director Dr. Aparna Rao who thanked all the stakeholders, including parents and students for their unstinted support and coordination in making GIBS an institution of Great Repute.

The proud recipients of the Student Of the Year and the Best Out-going Students were awarded the medal, cash prize, and certificate. The entire Postgraduate batch of 2018-20 and 2019-21 walked onto the stage with elan to receive their certificates. The program concluded with the National Anthem and the photo session.

GIBS heartily wish the students all the best with their new and exciting future…

Dear GIBian, You are another step forward to make your future bright, keep asking questions about your subject and beyond your education. An unknown world is waiting for you. Explore it and have fun revealing the truth. All the best GIBian!

Success Tips on How to Prepare for CAT Without Coaching? – GIBS Bangalore

How to prepare for CAT without coaching | CAT Preparation 2021 Online

Every aspirant has a dream to create a successful future by entering into a good management college. To fulfill this dream, it is necessary to score well in CAT exams. Most people think that only a good coaching institute can get them a better rank in the CAT exam, but it’s not true.

The way online mediums have expanded in recent times if an aspirant wants, he can get top rank in CAT exams even without coaching. For this, some important things have to be kept in mind:


How to prepare for CAT without coaching?

  1. Time Management: Time is like an asset. If time is invested properly, better returns are assured. So, make sure to properly utilize your time. Make a routine and follow it religiously.
  2. Listen to the mentors: We live in the information age. If you search on the internet, you will get suggestions from many previous successful aspirants and also from well-known coaches. Use these tips as your success tips.
  3. Take Mock Tests: Mock tests are the best way to know your capabilities. Keep taking these tests at regular intervals.
  4. Choose the right study material: Choose books recommended by mentors and teachers. Collect good notes and study them diligently.
  5. Keep yourself motivated: The most important thing is to keep yourself positive. Have faith in yourself. The right effort made in the right direction always yields good results.


Not just IIMs, A better score in the CAT exam opens the door to many premier institutes. GIBS Business School ranks among the top B schools in India. It is one such premier institute that accepts CAT scores for PGDM Program.

GIBS Business School Considered as a Non-IIM member institution by CAT 2021.

So, prepare yourself for a better future and the doors of an organization like GIBS Business School are open for you. Contact us to learn more about GIBS Business School, Bangalore.

Why BBA from Bangalore University? – GIBS Business School

Career Opportunities post BBA from the Exclusive Business School of India

BBA- Bachelor in Business Administration degree is a 3-year Undergraduate academic program offered by Universities and Business Schools.

BBA Degree opens the door to many career options in the world of business and corporate management. It is the most sought-after by recruiters for management-related roles with better pay packages and great career growth.

BBA Degree helps to understand the required skills like Business communication, Soft-skills and so on, paving the way to pursue Higher Education in Business Management i.e. PGDM / MBA.


How BBA provides the Best start for the Business Management Career?

  • In demand course for all branch students
  • Discover the entrepreneur in you
  • Learn Managerial and Leadership skills early
  • High earning potential and Employability Quotient
  • Become an effective team player
  • Build a professional network


Why BBA from Bangalore University?

  • Established in 1964 (57 Years Old)
  • Ranked 20th by NIRF (National Institutional Ranking framework)
  • A Grade NAAC accredited University
  • UGC, AICTE, AIU Recognized
  • Received 5 Star Status
  • Located in the Garden City of Bangalore – “IT Capital of India”
  • Futuristic Curriculum


Why BBA from An Exclusive Business School?

  • Expertise in Management Education
  • Dedicated Resources and Facilities for Exclusive Management Programme
  • Helps to create a Brand of oneself – Personal Branding
  • Best-in-class Managerial and Leadership Skills
  • Exclusive Mentoring & Placements


What Makes GIBS Business School Bengaluru BBA course Unique? 

The uniqueness of GIBS Business School’s BBA program lies in a pedagogical approach based on experiential learning. GIBS is excited to share that it is

Ranked 11th Best Top Emerging B-School of India for BBA by the Times of India B-School Survey!


GIBS Business School‘s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree course offers a cutting-edge program geared towards the shifting needs of our business world, encouraging students to discover creative business solutions.

GIBS Business School Bengaluru’s BBA Program is a three-year full-time program and is affiliated with Bangalore University. It is highly ranked and acknowledged in the industry. This program is an excellent platform for young dreamers to build a strong future.


GIBS Business School is

  • A Technology Focused B-School led by Veteran Leaders, IIM Alumni, Executives and Businessmen
  • All Courses Led by Top Industry Stalwarts
  • a strong internationally benchmarked pedagogy
  • Exclusive Top Ranked Business School in Bangalore
  • Approved by UGC, AIU, AICTE, Ministry of Education (MOE)
  • Affiliated to Bangalore University
  • A Grade NAAC Accredited University & received 5star status
  • Associate Member Institute of IIM, Xavier’s, AIMA & ATMA


The GIBS Advantage

GIBS Business School of Bangalore will give students a superlative academic experience that will broaden students’ perspectives and provide them with the skills to compete and succeed in today’s era of Globalization.

GIBS Business School Bengaluru has earned a strong status and rankings around the world based on its global reach, innovative programs, and diverse perspectives.

  • Study among students with proven academic excellence and demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Award-winning faculty and dedicated staff provide a supportive learning environment
  • Earn a business degree with relevance, flexibility, choice, and world-class credentials


What You’ll Learn

As a student of GIBs Business School Bengaluru, they will learn the sharp skills and knowledge necessary for success in today’s global marketplace. In GIBS BBA Students will study from the same professors who teach for the PGDM program. All the SMEs and GIBSpreading Light of Knowledge sessions by Industry experts and academia provided to PGDM students are provided to BBA students also.

At GIBS, the curriculum of the BBA program is updated frequently to match industry standards. Regular training programs and corporate workshops are conducted wherein subject matter experts from industry and academia share their experience with the students. The students are also assisted through activity-based learning, counseling, certificate programs, and placement training to make them industry-ready.


GIBS Business School’s BBA Admission Eligibility

Pass in Class XII or equivalent examination with an aggregate of 50% and above marks (any discipline) in English medium.

Students will have a dedicated education advisor to guide them throughout the application journey. The BBA Program is divided into 6 semesters spread over 3 years.

IRE is a Currency for a Wealthy Career of GIBS PGDM Student

IRE is a Currency for a Wealthy Career of PGDM Student at GIBS Business School, Bangalore

What is IRE?

IRE stands for Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship.

Thinking out of the Box for the rapidly evolving global business environment, supporting it by the Cutting-edge Research, and inculcating the spirit of Entrepreneurship should be strategically molded to have Sustainable growth in the industry. This culture of Innovation and Research continues to eternity as it is a continuous process to be followed for a lifetime.


IRE is a currency for a successful career

For a Business School Student, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship are the currency to set a successful career.
A business school prepares the students to become leaders who can face a wide range of challenges associated with new ideas, creativity, collaboration, inclusion, and diversity. It is possible only through rigorous training on Innovation and Research and Entrepreneurial skills.



Why IRE?

GIBS Business School of Bangalore started India’s very first IRE school. GIBS IRE (Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship) School is a complete action learning school.

GIBS Bangalore introduced its IRE school to encourage students to unleash their true potential. Students are trained with real-time projects for research and innovation. It bridges the gap between academia and the industry by teaching them leadership skills and other important life skills.

At GIBS, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship have a very important place in education.


How does GIBS IRE School work?

GIBS IRE School trains and equips the first-year PGDM students on Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship through activities, workshops, expert sessions, and many more.

Every Friday is dedicated to the IRE school.


The curriculum of IRE School is developed in three levels and will be offered throughout the first year of PGDM.

  • The first trimester will have I-1, R-1, and E-1 (Innovation -1, Research -1 and Entrepreneurship-1),
  • The second trimester will have I-2, R-2, and E -2 (Innovation -2, Research -2 and Entrepreneurship-2) and
  • The third trimester will have I-3, R-3, and E-3 (Innovation -3, Research -3, and Entrepreneurship-3)


GIBS is known for high-quality education, and the GIBS faculty are not only renowned academicians but also accomplished scholars with experience from various industries, thereby bringing a uniquely practical approach to learning. They are the most distinguished scholars, who constantly do research in their respective fields and industry practitioners who have implemented innovation and entrepreneurship to overcome real-time crises.


Students develop cutting-edge leadership skills

  • At GIBS, we want to ensure that this investment in research and innovation creates a real impact by implementing meaningful education, rigorous research, evidence-based insights, and innovative leadership. GIBS IRE School aims to empower students with the right resources needed to drive innovation and changes across the nation with the help of GIBS’ Research, Innovations & Business Centers. Our Research, Innovations & Business Centers provide a variety of research and education opportunities that allow our students to examine a broad array of disciplines.
  • Students of GIB IRE School Bangalore will develop their growth mindset to think creatively, realistically, and optimistically about the future and to turn ideas into action. It solves all the confusion a student will have about the specialization, job profile, and the kind of companies they can join, and moreover, the skills and practice required for decision-making.
  • GIBS IRE School helps students to become innovation leaders. They will have an in-depth understanding of the innovation cycle, research processes, entrepreneurial techniques, and tools. They will become an asset to any organization they join and will be able to handle any crisis effectively, finding solutions for the problems.

GIBS Business School, Bangalore designed its curriculum and course module in such a way that it should be contributing dynamic young leaders to the corporate/ business world. GIBS students are trained to have high skills through innovation-driven and entrepreneurship-driven research and training.

Top Finishing School Bangalore, India | GIBS Business School

GIBS Finishing School: A Genuine Game-changer & Bridging the Gap between Campus and Corporate

Bangalore is slowly becoming a hub for higher education and also the city is witnessing an exponential rise in the number of National and Multinational companies and startups.

Most of the students step into the Best B Schools in Bangalore and Top MBA colleges in Bangalore with an eye at a dream placement. The challenge students face is to crack an interview for good placement in a good company. Initially, they think that Business Schools are meant for Placement agencies. 99% of the students seek admission for PGDM – i.e. Post Graduate Diploma in Management Program, to have a kick-start to their career and think that it is a ladder to grab a better placement position with a good salary. Hence today the most serious challenge for all B Schools in Bangalore is to address The students’ selection in campus interviews.


Lack of Skills: Skills-gap of Academia and Industry expectation for Placement

When the Student realizes the hard-hitting reality that their dream job needs the skills which they didn’t practice or learn the skill as per the industry requirements, it results in huge disappointment.

As a student of Business Management Master’s program, Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurial skills should be the Centre-stage of learning and they are the demands of the Corporate. Most of the time, Placement interviews are based on Domain Knowledge, communication and presentation skills, analytical ability, Cognitive skills, and lateral thinking. Business schools strive to prepare the students and make them job-ready.


GIBS FINISHING SCHOOL: A genuine game-changer

To fill the skills gap between Academia and Industry, the concept of Finishing school emerged in Business Schools.

GIBS Business School Bangalore successfully addresses this issue through ‘GIBS Finishing School‘ for PGDM students, one of its kind in India, grooming students to launch their new phase of life every Saturday.

The curriculum of the GIBS Finishing School aims to bridge the skills gap between students and industry demands. This training will ensure that GIBS graduates are Job ready and are prepared to begin a successful career in their desired company.


How GIBS B School Bangalore grooms students for a dream placement:

The Training happens in 4 levels.

Level 1

The Finishing School concentrates on complete image consulting. We all know that the First impression is the Best every Saturday. All brand companies look for young and dynamic students. It is very important for the student to “Be Presentable”. GIBS have A Grooming Classroom, where students will select – their overall formal look – including their hairstyle.

Level 2:

Students will go through Language Mastery & Communication Program and Networking.
Everyone knows about the importance of effective communication. Most of the students will have some kind of fear/ anxiety of public speaking). The student who learns how to speak and how to present his/her overall personality well, within the first few minutes of the interview, will always be recruited first.

GIBS’ Finishing School’s Language Mastery and Communication Program trains them for all types of communication- From speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills to Voice Modulation.
GIBS Business School, one of the top Business Schools of Bangalore firmly believes that in today’s world slogan- Your Network is your Networth.

Networking is a critical skill and an essential weapon to enhance social capital and career services. It leads to more Job and business opportunities and nurtures Professional relationships. At GIBS, students start networking professionally and build a worthy relationships in the area of their interest.

Level 3

All about the interview skills-from resume to mock interviews.
It is necessary to have a perfectly written resume that can portray a student as a potential candidate. There are some short tips and tricks on how to write an effective resume. That will be taught to help the students get hired for a better internship and a good placement.
Mock interviews help students to face real interviews and they learn how to answer difficult questions, develop interview strategies, improve communication skills, and reduce stress before an actual job interview.
Students will also be trained for Mock GD and PI and Mock Aptitude and Psychometric tests.

Level 4

GIBS students are groomed for a Never-say-die attitude with gratitude and also handling failures and rejections. Failure is an experience and a stepping stone to success.

GIBS finishing school has been a genuine game-changer for the students to become industry-ready with Future Mindset and the focus is not only for placement, but also to set the Career for Life.

GIBS gets featured in Forbes India Marquee for being a new age B-School!

The Global Business School in Bangalore is one of the most prestigious business schools in the whole state. It has been defying many traditional ways of learning and teaching. Since its inception, it has been making significant contributions to the world of education. 

Its recent feature in the July editions of Forbes India Marquee reinstated the fact that GIBS is on the right track. The article in the magazine talks about ‘Learn New Age Management with a new age B-School.’ This is the moment of pride that GIBS rightfully earned for its contribution to the management studies.

The article talks about how GIBS with its unique approaches is changing the whole management studies for the ever-evolving corporate world. From industry-relevant curriculum to the international association, the college has been constantly upgrading itself. 

With more than 50,000 active startups, India has the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. It is growing at a rapid rate of 30% and has a bright future ahead of it. Because of the rising popularity of the startup system, many young students are considering entrepreneurship as a career option right after graduation or after graduation, rather than seeking salaried employment.

A business school teaches students how to become world-changing leaders. The Global Institute of Business Studies introduced their IRE school, Innovation Research and Entrepreneurship School, with this objective in mind to encourage students to reach their full potential. They are taught leadership skills and other critical life skills through real-world initiatives.

Some of the domains you can tap into with GIBS are:

Marketing Management 

Finance Management

Human Resource Management

International Business Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Business Analytics Management

Entrepreneurship Management

GIBS has also chosen some of the finest internationally acclaimed universities to associate with them and incorporate success in the child’s educational experience. The association with foreign universities helps the students to have access to a global perspective on business and its various aspects. 

The 5 international universities GIBS is associated with are:

Lincoln University, Malaysia 

Lincoln College, USA 

Nottingham, University UK 

Putra Business School, Malaysia 

Stevenson University, USA 

The opportunity for you to reveal your genuine brilliance with the support of specialists is Karnataka’s best Business School. GIBS stands apart from the typical educational institutions. With the support of internationally renowned lecturers and trainers, the student is provided with a rewarding and knowledgeable learning experience.

GIBS maintains international associations to provide students with the most up-to-date information. They stand apart from traditional PGDM programmes because of their global exposure. The one-of-a-kind learning methods ensure that maximum value is added.

Each student graduates as a young professional capable of being a valuable asset to a firm. Some of the essential characteristics that prepare students for their employment include ongoing assistance from specialists and personal development activities.

The students’ learning experience is enriched by the state-of-the-art infrastructure. The campus and its outstanding facilities are ideal for both academics and recreation. Students create memories that are rich with enjoyment, knowledge, and accomplishments. GIBS is the place to go if you’re searching for a course that can help you get to your ideal job faster. The majority of competitive exam scores are accepted by GIBS.

The Following Are Some Of The Clear Benefits Of Taking A PGDM Course:

Curriculum that is focused on the business world, enhancing the future leaders. 

Specializations are available in a variety of fields, helping students to learn exactly what they are interested in.

Other skills can be improved and developed.

Assistance with internships and job placement, bringing opportunities closer. 

You learn how to work in a corporate environment, making you aware of the real world of business. 

Classes are always interesting as they incorporate a lot of unique methods of teaching.

Entrepreneurial opportunities are available.

GIBS is noted for its attention to and concern for the mental health of its students, in addition to its professional courses. While dealing with the fierce competitiveness of the corporate world, the HAPPINESS PROGRAM works to provide greater mental health for all students.

What are your options once you’ve completed your MBA at GIBS? You’ve got to be thinking!

Because of the practical expertise and understanding of the company, any PGDM or MBA course will get you the most elite designations in a firm. After completing your course, you may be eligible for a variety of executive and managerial positions.

GIBS registers for UGAT and prepares themselves as BBA admissions begin!

Global Institute of Business Studies is now accepting applications based on UGAT scores and BBA admissions. Earlier they only looked at the board exam results. This enables students to get access to an exceptionally competitive college that can change their lives for the good. 

All about the Undergraduate Aptitude Test also known as UGAT. 

On July 9, the All India Management Association (AIMA) released the UGAT admit card 2021 for IBT Phase 2 in an online format, with the exam set for July 11. Candidates are supposed to provide their Application Number, Date of Birth, and Email Address to download the AIMA UGAT 2021 admit card. After the examination, the UGAT result for both PBT and IBT modes will be released.

The AIMA administers the Undergraduate Aptitude Test (UGAT), which is a regulated test (All India Management Association). The test is used to select candidates for graduate programmes such as BBA, BHM, B.Com, IMBA, and BCA. UGAT 2021 is open to everyone who has finished their HSC (10+2) in any subject and from any recognised board.

GIBS took the opportunity to associate with UGAT as the admissions began!

About GIBS and its exceptional BBA program. 

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), a member of the Goyal Educational Trust, an internationally recognised institute, has established itself as one of the best business schools in Bangalore in terms of pioneering refined learning, moral upkeep, and intellectual support across India’s entire advanced education spectrum.

While several colleges and universities provide BBA programmes, GIBS provides the most comprehensive programme. GIBS promises to not only lead you through a comprehensive learning experience, but also a more efficient approach to getting actionable insights. GIBS has got you covered on everything, from a well-designed curriculum to gaining a global perspective on business.

Bangalore University is associated with the Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme at GIBS Bangalore, one of India’s leading BBA colleges. It is an industry-recognized and highly regarded programme. This curriculum provides a fantastic foundation for young brains to develop a bright future. A BBA degree boosts a student’s employability and career prospects. GIBS has been incorporating various activities to enhance the whole experience. 

It emphasises the relevance of hands-on training and exposure to various administrative functional areas in addition to studying theoretical ideas. The institute and its staff emphasise the importance of creativity and research in the classroom. This course is a great way for students to get ready for a career in management.

The curriculum of the BBA programme at GIBS, one of the best BBA colleges in Bangalore, is updated regularly to meet industry standards. Subject matter experts from business and academia share their experience with the students through regular training programmes and corporate seminars.

Students are also assisted in becoming industry-ready through activity-based learning, counselling, credential programmes, and placement training.

The following are some of the reasons why BBA is the best place to begin your management career. 

  • This is a popular course.
  • Find out who you are as an entrepreneur.
  • Potential for a high salary
  • There are numerous specialisations from which to pick.
  • Expand your academic and professional contacts.
  • Develop talents that are transportable.
  • Ability to lead
  • Exceptional earning potential
  • Develop your ability to work as part of a team.
  • Develop your professional network.

Global Institute of Business Studies is a component of a 5-star university and one of the institutions that provide students with a forward-thinking education strategy. There are three different types of specialisations:

Marketing Management 

HR Management 

Finance Management 

GIBS is a well-known platform for young people who want to build a name for themselves in the world of business.GIBS stands apart from typical educational institutions. With the support of internationally renowned lecturers and trainers, the student is provided with a rewarding and knowledgeable learning experience. The entire GIBS experience will allow you to interact with like-minded individuals and discover innovative ways to incorporate into a business for the greater good.

The student’s learning experience is enriched by the state-of-the-art infrastructure. The campus and its outstanding facilities are ideal for both academics and recreation. Students create memories that are rich with enjoyment, knowledge, and accomplishments.

Enrol in GIBS today to become a world leader or a game-changer of the industry!

Understand the importance of a PGDM course and why it is as good as an MBA.

The debate on whether PGDM is better or MBA has been happening for quite a few years now. There is no right or wrong answer here though. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

They mostly have the same kind of advantages and hardly any disadvantages. Both are professional courses that help in giving your career directions and open up multiple doors of opportunities. 

From shaping your personality to shaping your career, these professional courses apply a very holistic approach. It creates an experience that is beyond the classroom and has career benefits throughout the course. 

Usually, both types of courses are of 2 to 3 years duration with placements after completion. Though we cannot tell you which one is better for you, we can surely tell you more about the features of a PGDM course. 

11 Clear benefits of PGDM to empower your dreams:

  1.   Industry-centric curriculum to help the students understand everything about the industries. 
  2.   An array of specializations are available for a more focused study. 
  3.   Develop skills that are needed in a corporate setting like decision making, critical thinking and communication.
  4.   Placement offers that get us closer to your dream role.
  5.   Extensive exposure to the industry through various activities like workshops, webinars, seminars and more. 
  6.   Mentoring is one of the finest aspects of a good educational experience. 
  7.   Easy Financing, ensuring no dream is hindered by money. 
  8.   Skill sets are given importance while the course is conducted as only theory from the book can make a professional dull. 
  9.   Entrepreneurial Opportunities are given through various clubs that promote innovation and research. Each idea students come up with are empowered with knowledge and guidance from experts. 
  10.   Boring classes are a concept that’s far away from PGDM courses. 
  11. PGDM courses are comparatively more affordable than  MBA courses.

Let’s discuss why PGDM is in the Global Institute of Business Studies.

For students who are interested in becoming a part of the managerial jobs in the corporate industry, PGDM is the last step before they start a real job. The questions that arise out of confusions are often about Which college to choose? How to pick one from the options of thousands that are offering AICTE approved PGDM courses? Where will I get the best placement offers? And so on! 

It is challenging to choose the right college for the plethora of institutes that are hosting PGDM courses. While you select your college, we can help you know more about the Global Institute of Business Studies. 

Located in Bangalore, one of the top colleges of Karnataka. It hosts various unique opportunities for aspiring professionals. From mental health care to building a career together, GIBS facilitates growth for every student. 

Unique programs like Happiness Program, IRE school, Global Immersion Program are just a few of the teaching pedagogy that has been helping lakhs of students to flourish in their careers. GIBS promotes entrepreneurship, international exposure, internships, close monitoring of growth and much more to help a student transform for the better. 

Their PGDM courses are comprehensive and well planned which helps them stand out from the crowd. The constant guidance from the CEOs of industry and faculty members with years of experience works like a charm for all the students. 

GIBS recognises the needs of the industry and prepares the students accordingly with a little extra to offer to the organisations. The vision is to empower students with the knowledge and nurture the future leaders of the country. 

Their constant efforts in enhancing the curriculum and incorporating various industry-relevant activities help the students to gain insightful knowledge about business. The weight of a good PGDM course from one of the top colleges is heavier and makes you more employable than an MBA from a lower rung college. 

While the list of benefits at GIBS is endless, there is only one thing you should always remember while choosing a college – Seek for more than you think you need when it comes to knowledge! 

Do whatever it Takes! 

The first thing you should do is understand your goals and aspirations and then choose PGDM or MBA. Choosing the right business schools is as important as deciding the specialisations so choose wisely and carefully as higher studies are the first concrete step towards your success story.

Take your decision keeping in mind all the parameters discussed and select a perfect program befitting your dreams!

GIBS Finishing School – Must Have Placement Practices For PGDM Students

Students aspire to work amongst the best minds in the world. Every learner gives in their 100% in the process leading to their working. From achieving the best grades, to reach the pinnacle of practical careers. 

The one thing that creates a sense of worry and mild-tenseness in students is getting the perfect job. In our competitive world, landing a supreme job is tough and it requires a little more polishing of a student’s developed skills. 

Escaping the job hunting process is tough but one thing that can take you to the top step is honing some useful skill-sets and techniques. Here are some of them that can easily smooth your search for your dream job. 

Be clear about your career goals! 

If there is one thing that is the most essential in job hunting is seeking a clear vision. Before you set out for a job, take some time and check on your choices, strengths, weaknesses, and learnings. 

Developing a mentally clear vision about the work of your choice can increase the likeliness of getting an all-around job. An all-around job provides you with satisfaction, pleasure, and the motivation to perform better, and hence, a deep-invoking sense of clarity certainly helps. 

A Well Documented Resume that matches your preferred industry!

The resume is one of the important documents in job hunting. It is the shadow of your personality, academic achievements, skills bar, and what not. You must be aware of the things that an employer wants to see on your resume. Each industry has their own criteria. Business schools like GIBS help students to recognise that and build a resume that makes the students employable. 

If you miss out on creating an influential resume, you will miss out on your dream job. One of the basic things to inculcate in a resume is the language. Maintain a professional approach with wise words. Secondly, make it decent and spaciously designed with neat font and spacing. 

The recruiter must know at the first glance that this is a perfect candidate for the job. 

Research About Your Dream Brands-Companies

Once you are clear on the type of work, it is time to look for the companies you wish to work for. List down all the companies and check their website pages and social media handles. The reason is to understand the social environment as well as the workplace ethics and services of the company. 

Moving on, once you are well-worth with the basic functioning of the company, learn about the common questions asked in the hiring process. 

Start Networking

Many job seekers miss out on a crucial element of job hunting – Networking. They think that submitting the job application and depending on online portals can lead them to the job – well, those days are long gone. 

Other than LinkedIn and other social portals, networking in real life is important as well. 

Reach out to your contacts, local influential personalities and others who you think can help in providing a route to the company of your choice. Be it online or in-person, talk to people and take note of all the important leads. 

Do Not Restrict Yourself Only To Online Portals

Online job portals are a great platform to search for your dream job but you should not restrict yourself to them. By the time you apply for a job, the hiring process can reach an advanced or maybe its final stage. 

This is where you can personally reach out to recruiters via personal connections or social media platforms. Approach them and request a personal interview for the job. This not only helps in smoothing the overall process but also fastens your chances of getting hired. 

Discover your potential with GIBS Finishing School 

As we all know, today the corporate world requires more than academics. It demands presentation skills, an-all round approach to acquire clients and so much more. 

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), one of the finest PGDM colleges in Bangalore, and an institute of global standard assist students in nurturing the necessary elements that give them an open door of working in their favorite company. Providing students with industry-like skills and turning them from learners to treasured professionals, GIBS takes immense pride in facilitating students to their dream ladder. 

The latest addition to the GIBS group, GIBS Finishing School is a platform of opportunities to develop industry skills. The primary focus of the school is to polish every student’s skill set with that of professional standard. 

Other than this, GIBS Finishing School also excels in training students in corporate behavior, personality development programs, start-up affairs and so much more. 

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