Here’s All That You Must Keep In Mind Before Giving MAT Exam

Here’s All That You Must Keep In Mind Before Giving the MAT Exam

India is known to be the hub of education. The country’s education system is one of the most globally acclaimed and fulfilling systems in the world. From the beginning, professionals who wanted to make a mark in the corporate world had to make sure they stood out from the hundreds of other young and talented professionals. The one way by which you can level up in your career is by pursuing a professional course.


The tremendous rise in the number of students who want to pursue a PGDM degree has given birth to competitive exams. It is true that after graduating you will not be receiving offers of managerial posts. The next step that one must take to achieve greater heights in a career is doing a PGDM course.


As we mentioned there are millions of students who are competing with each other to get into the best colleges. It is extremely important to get into the right college for a professional course. A good college aims to transform an individual into a professional who is befitting in the corporate world.


A PGDM college accepts scores of competitive examinations and then considers a candidate for admission. There is an array of competitive exams today. Gone is the day when there were only IIMs and XLRIs giving credible degrees in PGDM. the country now hosts several great colleges like the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) that offer the best of everything.

As MAT, competitive exams accepted by top colleges, will be conducted in February, let’s give you an idea about all things related to MAT.


What is MAT?

MAT is the abbreviation for Management Aptitude Test, an online entrance exam conducted by AIMA, All India Management Association. MAT score is accepted by most of the top colleges in the country.


What is The MAT Exam Pattern?

The pattern of the paper is as follows:

What Kind Of Topics You Must Study If You Want To Crack MAT With Good Scores?

  • Learn language skills and comprehension. English plays an important role as a language that is understood by most people. It is important to know English every PGDM course uses English as its primary language.
  • Brush up your mathematic skills as throughout your life you will need maths. MAT concentrates greatly on Maths skills and has some tricky questions.
  • Basic Data analysis and understanding of data should be practiced.
  • Give importance to critical thinking and logical reasoning. This part takes most of the time and can be extremely confusing if not understood.
  • General knowledge about the world is essential as a chunk of the question paper has questions on this genre.


When Does It Take Place?

The MAT exam is conducted quarterly in February, May, September, and December. This allows the student to re-appear in the same year itself in case you do not score well on the first attempt. You’re not wasting a year here.


3 Reasons Why You Should Choose MAT Over Others?

  1. You can apply to most of the top colleges for your PGDM.
  2. You can reappear in the same year as it takes place quarterly.
  3. The difficulty level is comparatively lesser but needs equal attention.


What Should You Keep In Mind On The Day Of The Exam?

  • Prepare and Practice all the previous years’ question papers to understand the pattern and types of questions.
  • Make sure you keep a check on the exam dates.
  • Print the admit card and keep it safe, without that, you will lose a chance to appear.
  • Make sure to be at your center a little before the time of reporting.
  • Carry valid identification proof.


Some Tips That Can Help You To Prepare For Your MAT Exams:

  • Make sure that you focus on the topics that you can understand easily. You can skip a few questions if you score better in other sections.
  • MAT mock tests are the best way to prepare. You will be able to gain knowledge about the syllabus and the kind of questions you will have to answer.
  • Make pointers and short notes for revision purposes. Instead of studying fat books every day make a gist of the topics and learn from your notes. This helps you understand things better.
  • Just because you are good at a few topics doe not mean you will let go of all the other topics. You must have a basic understanding of all the topics as the difficulty level varies each year.
  • The last fifteen days must be dedicated to revision.
  • Concentrate on all your weak points and start working on them.


How Will MAT Help You Achieve Your Goals?

MAT scores can give you the golden opportunity to get admission to the top and reputed colleges like GIBS. This will accelerate your growth in your career and bring endless opportunities to flourish.

GIBS is known for its competitive and industry-relevant curriculum. It ensures that every student is given a global perspective on how a business works. At GIBS every training session, workshop, and other activity aims to unleash the true potential of an individual. Its efforts to prepare the students for the world of business are commendable and recognized by the country.

The placement cell at GIBS is one of the best that ensures 100% placements and internships. This helps the students stay motivated and through internships, they get a clear idea of all the business processes. The college gives importance to the overall development of the students. It hosts an array of events and committees where students participate and enhance their skills. From communication to presentations, each aspect that makes a professional become an asset to the company. Sounds like the perfect college right?

To all the students who are preparing for the MAT December Exam, all the best for your future endeavors, and may you pass with flying colors.


GIBS Business School is been ranked amongst the top business school in India. A good MAT cut-off opens the doors to top management colleges like IIMs and GIBS, Bangalore. Better MAT results can get you admitted to GIBS’s PGDM course, which can ensure your successful future. Pursue your dream PGDM! Take these next steps today. Apply Now!