3 Tips For Balancing Relationships During Your MBA – November 03 2016

3 Tips For Balancing Relationships During Your MBA

Man is a social being and cannot live without worthwhile relationships. The relationship with your family and friends is very important and striking a balance between studies and relationships becomes very difficult while pursuing an MBA as both demand equal attention. Here are a few tips to balance relationships during your MBA:

  • Know what you are signing up for MBA aspirant: A relationship and an MBA, both are solid investments that you will have to maintain. Therefore, know what you are expecting and give back in return for both aspects. Set expectations as to what you can do and what you cannot, and more importantly explain this to your family. Sharing your daily schedule with your partner helps them understand how busy you actually are.
  • The family: You need to know that your MBA aspirant does not ignore you on purpose. The schedule that they have with the heavy amount of college work makes it difficult for them to concentrate on anything else. You need to accept that during the next two years of your life, your MBA will be of the highest priority for them.
  • Make an effort MBA aspirant: Little things make a big impact. A few small gestures won’t bite into a major part of your hours and they can help a lot in the long run. Your family will understand that you are trying and will acknowledge that the relationship is equally important to you.
  • The family: Helping your MBA aspirant in whatever way possible, even by giving a hot cuppa, will make them realise how precious the relationship is. Sitting and talking to them when they are stressed helps in an immense manner. This does not mean you cannot expect the same in return from them. Ask them to take time out for you and talk with them, but at the same time do not get into their study hours.
  • Talking helps MBA aspirants: Talk to your family, tell them about your college life, your professors, your batch mates, the assignments, the curriculum, and everything else. Even these tiny pieces of information will help your family realise how genuinely you are making an effort towards the relationship.
  • The family: Never miss out on an opportunity when your MBA guy/girl wants to talk with you. Try and align your free time with theirs. Make sure you connect with them and be empathetic.

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