5 Lessons from B-School -September 01 2016

5 Lessons from B-School

B-school is an amazing collection of people and opportunities that can significantly shape one’s education and even personality. Top B-schools have a good balance of both hard and soft skills. There are a lot of life-changing lessons that one can learn from a top business school.
Some of the traits one imbibes from a B-school are:

  • Choosing the Right People: You come in contact with people of diverse opinions and thought processes. Interaction with the best minds from all over helps us learn from each other’s experiences and ideas. Variety is a spice of life.
  • Team work: Business schools have a lot of group projects, presentations, and case studies. Teamwork and collaboration is a critical proficiency to succeed at a business school. You realize that a business is not about yourself, but working in tandem with others to accomplish a common goal.
  • Information-driven decisions: Decision-making is both an art and a science. While it is critical to gather data and information knowing when to make a call and when to bring in people and data into the discussion is an art. A degree from a top B-school teaches decision-making skills, that are vital and help in taking well-informed decisions which is very important when a high stake situation presents itself in the business world.
  • Value proposition: To offer a compelling value proposition, one must understand customer needs and identify where their offering is ‘on par’ and how it is superior. Superiority could be cheaper / faster / more reliable etc. Your insight into the market determines the success of your Endeavour.
  • Execution matters: “The difference between great ideas and a mediocre idea is execution.” The person who executes is just as important and fulfilling as the one to ideat Change will not happen unless there’s someone pushing things along. Creativity isn’t just about how many new ideas you have, but also about how many new ways you can make them happen.

GIBS being a Top B school is an amalgamation of both hard and soft skills and adds yet another feather to your cap.


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