99 Percentile Tips and Strategy for CAT Exam 2021-22

What is the best strategy to get the 99 percentile in CAT Exam?

All the aspirants who are preparing for the CAT exam want to score 99.99 percentile to get admission to top PGDM colleges in Bangalore. But most aspirants cannot achieve this. To obtain such a good score, along with hard work, many other things have to be taken care of. Here we are going to reveal 3 unique tips by which you can reach the magical 99.98 percentile mark.


Understand the marking scheme:

Although there is no such defined formula as of yet, experts believe that understanding the marking scheme can result in a 99.98 percentile. 3 marks are awarded for every correct answer, and one mark is deducted for every wrong answer. So, it is better to answer only those questions about which you are 100% sure. You can achieve the 99.98 percentile by answering an estimated 75% of the questions correctly.


Strategic use of exam duration:

The CAT exam is 120 minutes in duration. This is the period that you have to make the best use of. Try to attempt as many questions as possible by marking your scoring areas. Solving questions faster without making mistakes, can ensure better use of your time.


Better preparation assures success:

The better your preparation is, the surer your success will be. So, try to give as many mock tests as possible during your preparation. Utilize your time by categorizing it into small parts. Proceed section by section. Limit the guesswork and only proceed with sure answers. Improve your reading skills so you can answer the questions quickly. Such continuous efforts will become the foundation of your success.

Relax – Recharge – Study

All The Best!!!

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