A business management career boost waits at GIBS, Bangalore

A business management career boost waits at GIBS, Bangalore

Now that admissions are open for PGDM / MBA / BBA courses for the 2019 batch in GIBS, it is time to dream! After the complicated process of admission is done, look forward to an oasis of learning and honing professional skills to gain a distinctive place in the business industry. Yet, placements will be only a beginning and the road would be long.

Wearing a crown of well-deserved honors and recognitions, awards, and accolades in the national and internal forums, the Global Institute of Business Studies is set to branch out in the near future. Ensuring the fairy tale success stories of numerous enterprising eager-eyed boys and girls already in its short existence, the future of such a dynamic institution may well be imagined. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program would be well worth the time and the expense of getting a strong foothold in a highly competitive business scenario. Bangalore presents some of the global companies that offer rich internship and placement opportunities.


The need for dedicated business managers

Every country needs first-rate business managers just like every individual needs money, but India needs them more than ever in the present situation with large-scale industrial and business growth. As the second most populated country in the world, India has a long way to develop yet to catch up with the international community. China and America do not need business experts as much as India does. A few institutions like GIBS are instrumental in delivering the right training and professional growth facilities.

Just like marriages require the right combination of individuals to be successful and last for decades, educational institutions worldwide show the right combination of faculty and infrastructure. The little universe called GIBS in the quiet periphery of the cosmopolitan global city of Bangalore would embrace the students with a seductive charm that will never fade. It is an infrastructure that expresses achievement and dedication, like a machine that is well-tuned. Humanity has not been sacrificed in the search for academic success, though technology is making such a great impact. Since education is mostly about data management, the digital system does it so well and is free from error. Take a joy ride in the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore.


The similarity of syllabi and teaching techniques

Among the many global mysteries of the advanced 21st-century academic fraternity are the great differences between institutions in the delivery of courses and the opportunities provided for placing students in the job market. It is a universal truth that education should be connected with jobs and the large population of the unemployed educated in India indicates that education has somehow failed. It is often repeated that technology has developed so much that nothing remains a secret. The best universities and institutions across the world share the same syllabi and follow the same teaching techniques, infrastructure, and online resources. Yet, how and why is it that reputations and rankings, the quality of graduates, and placements in jobs differ so much across institutions? Study at the best B school in Bangalore lay the foundation for awesome careers, and says goodbye to regrets.


Developing professional skills for the workplace

What places GIBS high in institutional rankings is precisely the fact that they do not cram the minds of students with information alone. Much of the malaise in Indian education is that too much is taught but that information will not be applied or used. The vast difference between books and the job market has not been bridged. Further, the soft and leadership skills that an effective business manager needs in multinational environments have not been inculcated.
Communication skills matter very much because a manager has to meet a variety of people, participate in meetings and take decisions. A personality that pleases and communicates through warm body language is needed. Working in difficult situations and long hours of duty may be required. Stress management is a certain requirement.


Applying for jobs and facing tests and interviews

Isn’t it a pity that a large majority of business graduates in India remain without jobs or succeed in getting mediocre jobs? Along with the other deficiencies, they have failed the selection process because of inadequate training. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore will teach the procedures to develop excellent resumes and mold the personality and communication skills to shine in interviews. These are the initial impressions and the fact is that decisions are made based on appearances. In other words, both the book cover and the contents need to be super!


Aim for the top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore

Writing entrance examinations and entering the initial semester of the GIBS courses is a certain journey to success. So much depends upon gaining admission and a dedicated stay in the hands of the faculty and management that will guide the transformation into a business manager capable of handling 21st-century situations. Industry leaders will show the way with realistic approaches and appropriate appraisals of the job market. A smooth transition from study to work-life waits at the end of the course.


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