A Business Management Universe without Boundaries at GIBS, Bangalore – October 06,2017

A Business Management Universe without Boundaries at GIBS, Bangalore

Among the many thousands of business management students who graduate each year, lucky are those few who have been blessed by authentic institutions like GIBS. Going beyond mere theory and examination results, a few meritorious institutions do provide meticulous training and equip students to become professionally savvy business managers. Educational research provides ample information on how to mold students into corporate professionals. With updated educational infrastructure and a standard curriculum according to prevailing trends worldwide, GIBS teaches students to fish rather than giving them gifts that are temporary. Lessons taught well would stand the test of time and launch careers that continually rise upwards and bring credit to individuals, family, and countries. The alma mater continues to inspire my entire life through though updating may be required from time to time to adjust to recent changes in the industry.


Keeping up to date is a mighty challenge!

So it is in every industry and profession. The present-day world changes dramatically over a few years. Knowledge is constantly progressing by leaps and bounds. Consider a few sectors like marketing, finance, HR, hospitality, and healthcare, all of them among the top areas for business management. Laws and manufacturing, materials costs, educational systems, and emerging trends are constantly in a state of change. There would be many avenues to keep in touch. Following the media and reading newspapers regularly is one method. Contacts in the global industry networks would help. Organizations regularly conduct seminars and workshops, hiring professional and guest speakers to update their managers.


Discover an excellent career Launchpad at GIBS

For the great majority of students who have joined management institutions in India, it is a gamble regarding future careers. At GIBS, it is a happy ending with excellent internships and placements with some valuable companies that ensure professional goals are achieved. Bangalore does contain some of the biggest brand names that have set up branches or offices, manufacturing or assembly plants in the garden city. Some of the best opportunities are available right here, a positive advantage to studying in Bangalore.

Along with the brightest career prospects, student life at the residential 4.5-acre green campus brings many glorious inspiring moments. The fraternal spirit results in lifelong friendships and a dynamic study environment contributes to scholarly work. Guidance from teachers and administrators solves whatever issues students may face while several clubs and committees give them much to do in keeping with their particular interests.


Special occasions

Now and then, celebrations occur and that is the time for testing organizational skill, leadership ability, management of materials and funds, besides holding functions. Suddenly, there are lots to do but everybody is enjoying it in a communal spirit. A cosmopolitan spirit rules supreme with many cultures, religions, and languages working together as one. Whether it is an award or felicitation, cultural programs, guest speakers, or sports activities, a special aura fills the air in the stillness of a campus away from the bustling city. A spiritual treat unfolds and each get-together brings intense moments of joy and learning, building memories to treasure far into the future.


Recent events in September 2017

Vivo – GIBS received recognition as one of the ‘Best Campus Recruitment Partners – 2017’ by Vivo Communications. Ms. Uzma Nayeem, Head, of Corporate Relations, received the award.

Digital World of HR 2.0 – The world of Human Resources and how workers would be managed in the future with the help of technology was among the agenda that highlighted the changing world of HR.

HELM – The Heartfulness Enabled Leadership Mastery session was conducted by Mr. Rishi Ranjan, Senior Director, Capgemini Global IT Executive.

Dr. Ritesh Goyal – Swasthik Shiksha Seva Trust honored the Chairman and Managing Director of GIBS, Dr. Ritesh Goyal, and adopted 32 underprivileged children who would see the light of day. Dr. Ritesh Goyal was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Dr. Aparna Rao – GIBS has reached the heights of fame and success due to its dedicated and learned faculty. A towering example is Director Dr. Aparna Rao who received the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial Award for Excellence in Education. Congratulations again! The proud moment reverberates through GIBS and goes down memory lane, never to be forgotten. When we ask who or what is responsible for the GIBS culture, one relevant answer is certainly Dr. Aparna Rao. May she continue to guide the GIBS fortunes along the right track for ages to come.

Extempore – Body language, confidence, content, and leadership ability are all tested in the Extempore that managers should excel in. Extempore speaking is a good training ground for managers in a fast world, an activity that required no funds or materials! Reasoning and logical thinking are tested in a moment when you need to speak first and think later or maybe simultaneously.


Why pursue an MBA at GIBS Business School?

Challenges and rewards, power and authority, social respect, growth, and financial independence are the rewards of a successful MBA. Do we need anything much more?


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