A Challenging Happening-filled Campus life at GIBS, Bannerghata, Bangalore – October 04,2017

Challenging Happening-filled Campus life at GIBS, Bannerghata

The Global Institute of Business Studies made a wise decision to set up a residential world-class 4.5-acre green campus. A residential campus has many positive advantages for learners with total involvement in institutional activities. It is a bit like studying in your own home with caring teachers and administrative staff like parents who show the way at every turn. Consider the diversity of students who get together in colleges after school backgrounds of many types. Linguistic, religious, and cultural differences across many Indian states have to be overcome before they settle down to study together across two, three, or five years. In that context, foreign students would face greater adjustment problems to the local situation. A series of orientation meetings do take care of such issues and students soon realize that the institution is serious about education and student careers.

Now that October is about to dawn, much of the 2017 session has already been completed, a successful year by any yardstick. Those approaching the end of their tenure can look forward to successful conclusions and placements. Those who are starting college courses would need lots of patience to wait and watch as the sessions unfold. Yet, there is always something exciting and challenging to do for everybody! November would host another of those captivating programs when a student of the year would be selected to set a role model to so many others who aspire to be big names in the corporate world of international business management.


GIBS Researchers publish their report on 28 September

It is common to hear complaints about the low standards of Indian management education. On one hand, we in India have some of the biggest industries that include international names in automobiles and software for instance. Bangalore is a perfect example of an Indian global city that is reaching for the stars. Studying and interning in such a cosmopolitan background raises so many excellent prospects for global exposure and rare opportunities to work in multicultural environments. Finally, as a reward richly deserved, an excellent placement could be the beginning of professional brilliance.

What are the problems ailing Indian management education? Many factors count towards student success. The curriculum and the teaching styles, connections with the industry and global exposure, and how to work in digital environments are some of the concerns.

IBS has adopted an advanced management curriculum that is nowadays followed by the leading universities abroad in countries like England, Japan, Australia, and America. Shall we call it partly a process of building bridges? Students in institutes have to cross such bridges when they graduate and enter professional corporate life. They need a whole lot of confidence built up across the semesters through researched approaches, painstakingly executed by teachers. Career and personality building go together as students climb higher and higher on the road of destiny. Interactive learning is stressed since participation is the key to the successful understanding of ideas and concepts. Projects are similar to what they will eventually carry out in the professional world.


The GIBS Fresher’s Party was held on 23rd September 2017

The dream world in which students exist also has serious targets to be achieved. Still, parties and formalities need to be observed. Students have to let their hair down occasionally to beat the tedium of studies. The Fresher’s Party reminds us of traditions in organizations across the world for many ages and not merely in educational institutes. It was time for the management and the senior students to welcome the new batch of students to a fruitful stay in GIBS with prayers for their academic and professional success.

The selection of Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher was eagerly looked forward to! For the MBA, Mr. ShaileshShrikantSoudikar was declared Mr. Fresher. Ms. Cassandra SoccorinaFernandes was declared Miss Fresher. For the UG, Mr. Pawan Sharma was declared Mr. Fresher while Ms. Amulya K was declared Miss Fresher. Congratulations!

Mr. Paul Susheel at the GIBS Innovation Center

On the morning of 26 September, Mr. Paul Susheel held a session at the Innovation Center. He is the Center Head besides being an International Trainer/ Parenting Coach / Motivational Speaker / N.L.P Master Practitioner. The students got a rare opportunity to explore their ideas in appropriate surroundings. They developed commercial and public-purpose ideas in a neutral environment. The newly launched Innovation Center would go a long way to develop the expertise, skills, and ideas of the students out there.


Management Programs

GIBS works on an essentially dedicated war footing to advance life opportunities for its students. The campus and the serenity are inspiring enough. The hostel blocks are named after scented flowers like Lotus and Jasmine, Carnation and Oleander, Daisy, and Rose! Many sweet success stories are born here each year to carry the GIBS culture across the world. The amphitheater, swimming pool, gymnasium, library, and sports grounds are all geared to benefit the students in their academic and professional battles for a better tomorrow in their lives. We wish the students excellent futures.


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