A Dynamic Facility-filled Campus life at GIBS

A Dynamic Facility-filled Campus life at GIBS

Affiliated with Bangalore University and managed by the Goyal Educational Trust, Global Institute of Business Studies would be an excellent choice among the MBA colleges in Bangalore with best placements. Study at the best B school in Bangalore and look forward to a challenging career amidst the mega businesses that have now become a hallmark of contemporary life. Many are they who contemplate setting up private businesses, but it may be a long and hard climb to the top of the profession for the service minded.


Study at the world-class 4.5-acre campus in picturesque Bangalore

Start dreaming from day one at the splendid campus that inspires, builds careers, and motivates. A pensioner’s paradise of a sleepy town that Bangalore once used to be! Bengaluru has transformed into a global city of software professionals along with mighty industry potential in automobiles and healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing. Just imagine the potential employers of business management graduates and postgraduates. There are no employment battles to be fought with lucrative campus placements among the top industries handed over as a part of the GIBS package for the sincere students.

Some give a lot of importance to feelings and emotions that are certainly important after all. The academic block at GIBS does whisper many sweet stories of past success and the gifted boys and girls who passed through the corridors. Life offers no shortcuts, essentially speaking. Just imagine the patience and perseverance of at least 15 to 18 years of study before embarking upon a business career. The truth is that the career has just begun. Such is the nature of the system. A lifetime is very long and many activities remain to be accomplished, including giving back to the family, country, and institute that nurtured the dreams and realized them.



Like the shopping fever that affects everybody, all the choices cannot be bought, and picking and choosing become necessary. Certainly wanting the best, many would choose the best industry-oriented MBA program in Bangalore. Maybe that is not possible for some due to time or funding constraints and PGDM is a shorter duration course that teaches the same fundamentals, though MBA is the globally preferred degree. Qualifications do not always guarantee success in career goals and those who have a greater drive and initiative, willingness and perseverance are those who succeed eventually. GIBS figures among the top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore.


A supportive and disciplined hostel life

While many parents would worry about the safety and welfare of the students, protecting them from evil and violence, the GIBS hostel provides effective security. Research reveals that hostel life brings greater independence and incredible smartness, initiative, and wider participation. Students from near and far come together for a crucial few semesters here. The warden and the caretakers, attendants, and supervisors would ensure students personal development amidst the freedom that college life brings. Rules and timings in the hostel ensure a military precision and nothing is going amiss night and day. Be blessed as a student of the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore.


Clubs and Committees

Besides the built infrastructure, student life would be wanting without wider participation in learning activities and opportunities to apply the lessons taught in the class. Some would call the classes spoon-feeding, but practical applications in clubs and committees ensure that the lessons are understood and practiced. Library, sports and fitness, gardening, marketing, finance, photography, HR, and getting together to learn in clubs and committees open up great vistas and challenges. Organizing a series of programs or exhibitions to depict what the club or committee has been up to constitutes a part of the semester’s activities. An industry-integrated MBA in Bangalore is the beginning of an active and challenging career that could take you across the world on assignments of adventure.

Experience the Bannerghatta Road Campus and Residential Campus
Live a peaceful life in the outskirts of cosmopolitan Bangalore without traffic woes and little pollution amidst the serene institute campus and build the foundation of a progressive business career. Gather at the Residential campus to exchange notes and keep track of the academic and professional events as they unfold. There is little time to stand and stare at the hectic business scenario and get familiar with the mighty industry that stretches across the world. Specializations help to narrow down the focus since the mind has its limitations. Life will be productive every day at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore.


Dreams come true at the 1 year PGDM colleges in Bangalore

Everything that the heart and soul desire would appear within touching distance. Whether it is the temple, gymnasium, or swimming pool, all the facilities are right there and not in the virtual world. Library and cafeteria, yoga and jogging, amphitheater and internet and so much more, a little town is waiting to build business futures. Global Institute of Business Studies would usher in a glorious professional life chapter.