A dynamic GIBS educational infrastructure that spells business success

A dynamic GIBS educational infrastructure that spells business success

Among the best AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore, GIBS promises flourishing business careers. Awarded 5 Star ratings by ‘Just Dial’ and BEST EMERGING B SCHOOL IN BANGALORE’ by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Awards 2019, GIBS has been highly honored in recent years. Associated with CAT, XAT, and ATMA 2019, the institution looks forward confidently to the new session.

A little something in common unites superb college and university campuses around the world. In medicine or anthropology, business or engineering, it is the thirst for knowledge, competition, and accomplishment that motivates scholars and professors alike. Yet, down the centuries, the accumulation of information and experience, research, and practice has resulted in vast quantities of educational materials.

Does the 21st-century citizen need to know so much to succeed in family, professional, and national goals? The truth is that communication and work have now acquired a new meaning. Particularly in global software hubs like Bangalore, the use of information technology at every turn has set new standards of accomplishment. The task of the student, researcher, or professional is primarily digital data that is easily created, stored, copied, and transmitted online. Join the 2-year AICTE-approved PGDM course in Bangalore.


A global education destination

Inspired by cosmopolitan Bangalore which is both a garden city and a global center for manufacture and services along with educational facilities, the Global Institute of Business Studies combines the best of both worlds. The green and peaceful 4.5-acre world-class campus on the periphery of the bustling city brings everything the student would need to succeed academically. It is a scene straight out of a textbook! Whether it is work, study, leisure activities or workshops and seminars, games, dance and yoga, swimming, or worship, every facility is readily available. The comprehensive campus leaves nothing to chance with high security in place. It is a dream come true for the bright-eyed boys and girls who have come from distant places to lay the foundation of a business management career.


Super placements bring a happy ending!

Whether it is the PGDM, MBA, or BBA, they are all business studies at different levels like the peaks in the Himalayan ranges, all of them essentially attractive. It is luck that puts you in one of those honored courses. Internships and placements are sensational enough with some of the dozens of multinational companies that have made Bangalore their home. Get admitted and it is a one-way ticket to the career of a lifetime. After bidding goodbye to GIBS, it is a professional ladder that is always pointing towards the heavens. Colleges offering PGDM courses in Bangalore will bring life success.


The villa-style hostel

A second home with all the essentials in place waits at the hostel for students who migrate here temporarily from distant locations. Understanding the complicated process of adjustment to local conditions, the hostel Warden and Caretakers ensure a hassle-free study experience. Security Staff make sure that no law and order issues exist to disturb the tranquil surroundings. The room facilities, the food experience, and the air of freedom and cooperation are divine. Students who are now settled in mega careers speak extremely well of the hostel facilities.


Research amenities

The academic block along with the well-equipped library and internet café, seminar room, and conference room are facilities dedicated to satisfying the daily quest to know more and more. As compared to institutions that teach a variety of subjects in several subject departments, the specialization in business studies has a great advantage. It is a world of specialists in contemporary times and little knowledge will not suffice.


A faculty that goes very far

Along with the study atmosphere at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore, the faculty of learned, experienced and dedicated professors take personal care of the welfare of the boys and girls. Good education certainly has interactive lessons with a range of activities across the campus infrastructure to make sure that the lessons are thoroughly understood. Once learned well, the concepts would remain imprinted in the mind forever.


Live it up physically

Since the mental and physical faculties work together, remaining active on campus brings many rewards. Studying alone would be detrimental. The playground with cricket and volleyball, football, and kabaddi are some of the possibilities. Set aside some time each day for physical activities, just like a few minutes for prayer. According to interests, the gymnasium, the dance studio, and the yoga room should provide healthy pursuits for those who are not so keen on games.

The amphitheater and swimming pool, jogging track, clubhouse, and auditorium present many more opportunities for indulging in individual or group activity. Just like there is study time, the chances of learning activities are many, diverse, and interesting. Though starting with the syllabus and books along with digital learning materials, the courses present a large canvas of a bouquet of intellectually stimulating activities. Choose the top colleges in Bangalore for PGDM studies.


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