A GIBS dream that guides student accomplishments along business careers

AGIBS dream that guides student accomplishments along business careers
Established rather recently in 2014, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, continues to labor to spread the light of value based business education. Goyal Educational Trust proceeds on an inspired mission to improve the lives and careers of the student community in a range of disciplines. Social service to improve health and education carries the message into the villages.
Lifestyles are quickly changing today and excessive technology and materialism have succeeded in robbing the human values that prevailed in India for thousands of years. We are certainly different from some other countries as the oldest civilization with many noble traditions to cherish. We cannot allow our spiritual values to be eroded, though international influences over the internet and the television are enriching.
Leadership with a human face
Amidst the science and industry, it would be a mistake to become too mechanical as if humans were machines. Automation and artificialintelligence do promote suchrote thinking. Students particularly are getting too muchinfluenced by digital technology. In a sense, humans are basically like plants that require air, water and sunshine! Yet, people require so much more to be truly happy and satisfied with their existence.
GIBS provides the intellectual nourishment that motivates a lifetime of services, whether as business managers or independent entrepreneurs. While the institution could cite a number of awards and placement records to their credit, it is the vision of a successful future for the students and the country that keeps the faculty going. The experienced faculty occupies the heart of the institution rather than the campus or the educational infrastructure. While it is true that the best training is made up of student experiences, those activities are controlled by the faculty.
A world of shared values
A caring and compassionate lifestyle is the target. Respect for culture and the dignity of labor are in great need today amidst the complex world. How can we honor ourselves without honoring the past and the national institutions? GIBS teaches the core values of loyalty and commitment as an important foundation of life upon which the towers of career success would be built. Just like a building rises confidently with tall towers on a strong foundation, so it is with human life. A variety of socio-economic cultural backgrounds among our students constantly remind that it is one united family in spite of the differences. Variety is indeed the spice of life with so many Indian states represented on the campus along with a few foreign influences.
A passage through the academic semesters
The world is getting more and more industrialized and business oriented. Political and social leaders have some close relationships with business too. The essentials of any enterprise like human resources, finance and raw materials for the production of goods or delivery of services apply to any human activity. Administration, study and spirituality would all be guided by similar factors.
In order to succeed in the world of mega-business, the boys and girls in the GIBS care need an international vision and the ability to work in cosmopolitan surroundings. Skills and techniques along with innovation, creativity and excellence would bring the best results. The long road to success begins within the walls of this institution that is dedicated to student careers.
The innate student potential even before they commence the management courses do impress. With the right guidance and influences, connections and study materials, they will get very far and conquer many peaks of learning. Soaring high in professional careers, perhaps a decade from now, the alumni would cherish the faculty that nurtured them and guide the juniors. Teaching is the mother of all professions and that explains why we are into elevating educational practices.