A Renewal of Hope with the New Session Soon Descends Upon GIBS – November 08,2017

A Renewal of Hope with the New Session Soon Descends Upon GIBS

Like the seasons that come and go each year, the end of 2017 culminates another dramatic year in Global Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore. The recent weeks after the celebrations of the Dassera and Diwali spectacular festivals witnessed singer AnkitTiwari. What else happened in the never-ending action and drama at the GIBS campus? Besides the Quality Improvement Program and the Blood Donation Camp, several clubs organized presentations and inaugurations with numerous students actively involved. An anxiously awaited event is the selection of the Student of the Year in late November.

How to prepare for entrance examinations? Pay attention to health and nutrition, sleep regular hours and avoid stress. Maintain a portfolio of good preparation materials and consult with the group.


CAT 2017

Though not much time is left before the CAT 2017 this month, the preparation phase that must have taken months now culminates as the date approaches. Make sure that the preparation is on the right track according to the revamped exam structure. The reading of newspapers and magazines with an emphasis on editorials should continue until the examination date. Aim for excellent performance in the Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability.

It is time to revise from the beginning and even the basic concepts that will be only at a glance. Mathematics and Statistics practice questions are important and should be solved. Weaknesses in particular areas must be given attention and sectional tests may be practiced accordingly, but observe time limits too. Experts and rank holders suggest that you should find different ways of getting at the answers. Develop your own methods to solve questions.

Speed and accuracy would improve with the practice of mock tests and plenty are available online. Consider all the three sections of CAT 2017 to be equally important. Data Interpretation or Logical Reasoning in DILR section and Quant are all important. Aim for an all-round improvement rather than focus on a single area.


MAT 2017

Even though time is running out, thoroughly rehearse each section of the exam. Practice Time management with the mock tests. Give equal attention to all the different sections since the marks allotted are equal. The distribution of 40 marks makes a total of 200 marks.

Instead of spending all the available time on tuitions and group study, set aside ample self-study time that should be treated as very important, particularly just before the examination. Avoid fear or worry as the date gets closer. Don’t be nervous if preparation has been done well. Increase speed and improve skills through mock tests so that all the questions can be attempted within the given time. Practice revision also that many students neglect because of the time factor. Concentrate on revision in the last few days of preparation.


XAT 2018

Make sure that mock practice is done with the previous year’s question paper. Study the expected changes in the exam pattern and remember that XAT changes every time. Even if the same pattern is followed, the number of questions changed in 2017. The XAT preparation is complicated and you need to choose some good books.

Mock tests and coaching centers do help to get rid of the weak areas. Online coaching in recent years has become very popular due to lower costs with more time available for your own practice tests.

The XAT 2018 exam will contain three major sections that contribute to percentile scores. Attempt the sections within the time limit. Aim for a high score in each section because of the sectional score cut off. Study smartly, maximize correct answers and minimize the wrong answers. It is not compulsory to attempt every question.


CMAT 2018

General Knowledge of current affairs during the last year, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability are all important and you need reference books. Quantitative Aptitude, Language Comprehension and General Awareness require a planned study approach with ample test questions for practice.

Be prepared to labor hard and that is the ultimate secret of success. Each day ends with some unfinished work. Mark the page with colored notes so that you can continue preparation from that point the following day. Avoid stress and concentrate on self-study. Refer what you do not understand to some teachers, elders or authorities.


ATMA 2018

Consider it essential to practice the question papers of the previous year’s ATMA and get mentally prepared about what to expect. For the Verbal category, you need to read many newspapers, magazines and passages. Logical Ability will require an analysis of problems and an understanding of the underlying logic. By solving mock questions and puzzles, you can improve in Analytical Reasoning & Decision Making. Data Interpretation requires quick and accurate calculations. Read the newspapers, witness the media and watch educational television channels for General Knowledge. Corporate and business news is important. Group Discussion will require the strong ability to verbally put forward your points to the group.


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