A spark of inspiration touches student lives at GIBS

A spark of inspiration touches student lives at GIBS

Global Institute of Business Studies, reputed to be the best B school in Bangalore, is now warming up to receive new admissions for the 2019 batch. In addition to the 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program, admissions are open for MBA and BBA. The years are passing by and students come and go in this hallowed institution like the coming and going of the seasons. Yet, GIBS is something more than a hospitality center where families and business people halt for a temporary stay. If education is a preparation for life as it most certainly is, it is a long, slow, and difficult process. Starting from the early school days and passing through several stages, professional training is the most challenging.


Leading institutions motivate good performance

Much can be said in favor of renowned colleges and universities in India and abroad, some more than a century old and others yet in the process of formation. Honoring past traditions is hardly the practice nowadays in the face of excessive modernization. Technology has created a new approach and it is obvious that the learning process has speeded up enormously with readymade study materials at the click of a few buttons. The fact that curricula across the world are basically similar and the same teaching techniques are followed make knowledge so much more accessible. Yet, certifications are important and the seals and signatures of authority would validate the skills and ideas already possessed by students. Imagine the thrill of the convocation on the graduation day in that particular dress and the award by the visiting chief guest, certainly rare moment to treasure. Some are luckier indeed to win a number of awards in addition to the degree.

Study at the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore

During this lengthy process of school education, most students are aimlessly following what their parents and teachers say. They have no inkling what the future holds and remain quite confused about their choice of career. Marks scored in tests and exams give some indication of skills, interests and performances. Being interested in business does not mean that you possess the skills needed to succeed! In the cases of family business, it becomes a duty for the son or daughter to maintain the family tradition. If interested in industries and companies, economy, and commerce with a basic mathematical ability, that should be enough motivation to pursue a business management career. Think hard and avoid making hasty decisions because a lot of headaches will occur while changing careers and college courses and a waste of expense.

The business study universe is rather flexible and offers many options. The courses offer specializations according to interests and it is today a world of the specialist. In the practical sense, for an entrepreneur, choices of products and services are many and they are prepared with a careful study of the market to change the niche if needed. If leather is not doing well, they might quickly change to a gift shop. If publishing is not working, maybe an eatery would be the answer, according to the situation. Business careers usually start with a service and internship during the study course itself that exposes to the real world of work that is not found in the study materials. When enough experience and understanding of practical day-to-day business matters is acquired along with the arrangements for finance, an independent business can be thought of. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore would launch glorious professional careers with mega companies.


An infrastructure that spells success

In a world of technology and software, something would be missing without them. The 4.5-acre green and clean world-class GIBS campus in Bannerghatta in Bangalore contains an appropriate educational infrastructure that sets the pace. No matter the background of the boys and girls, here is a world of great accomplishments and an unconscious impact brings out the best. The children rise to every challenge and take to scholarly work and activities with great energy and commitment. The assignments and the seminars, the outings and the projects, the internships and the guest speakers are never ending. Except during the weekends and on holidays, it is a world as active as a beehive.

The Indian and international faculty render the helping hand
In a world getting used to machine learning, the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore present professors with hearts and souls. Like climbing a mountain, it is a slow and deliberate process of getting professionally savvy. The best thoughts and ideas along with real industry knowledge in the corporate world would be yours with time and patience. Avoid book or internet addictions and study at GIBS with open minds that the faculty would fill up with the requisite study materials. A purpose and a direction in the complex world of business would be soon discovered here.


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