A vibrant campus life is important for a Management Program – April 28,2017

A vibrant campus life is important for a Management Program

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Deciding on a college or a management program is a tough task, a good decision depends upon the consideration of a number of factors. One of the most important factors is the distance of the B-school or college from home. Deciding if you want to stay on campus or visit just for classes also plays a major role in selection. There are numerous programs that are only residential and require the students to mandatorily stay on campus; the students hence have the responsibility to choose the campus according to their needs. They may consider various factors while doing that including diversity, aesthetic appeal, sports and other activities, and the like. Since your career and success depend greatly on the college you choose, it is important to choose something that makes the experience worthwhile.

There are many colleges whose campuses boast of state of the art infrastructure, diversity, and vibrant surroundings; these are often go-to choices for students.

Vibrant campuses are also much more than the infrastructure, they are those that provide activities, sports, dance, drama, and everything else in the right proportion with academics. Amphitheatres, inter-college events, activity clubs, etc. instil life in these places.

The following points talk about how a vibrant campus life adds to the worth of a management program.

The college experience is enhanced by diversity:

If you are on a campus that comprises of an amalgamation of cultures and people from various backgrounds and varying interests, you will get to learn a lot about different cultures, effective, communication, differences in people of different ethnicity etc. and hence you will be equipped to interact with anyone in your professional life and that is one of the primary objectives of a management program i.e effective communication irrespective of the second party. With a cult mix, you learn something new each day.

Preparation for the life after college:

A sneak peeks into the past school life and a comparative analysis with present life teaches us that in life it is the interpersonal skills, co-curricular activities, hobbies, and effective communication that will matter, and knowing that ‘mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell’ won’t. A vibrant campus prepares you for the life to come. While recall-round practice and theory will be useful in your career, all round development will be useful for life. Think of a panel discussion with a client over a controversial issue, you may have the right facts and figures but the way you communicate and your body language will make it break it, a campus teaches you just that, it teaches co-existence.

A feeling of home away from home:

If you have chosen to live on campus over the daily commute you are sure to miss home. A vibrant campus is sure to instill that feeling of comfort with the security of surroundings, ever availability of friends who go on to be as connected as siblings, and parental advice in the form of teachers and life. If the campus is dull and bland, you are sure to go home sick very soon. Regular events and activities make sure that you miss college during your vacations back home.

Communities for a specialised learning experience:

The emergence of learning communities on campuses is a great takeaway from vibrant campuses. Each community takes up a specific topic related or unrelated to the curriculum and all the activities taken up are around the topic hence facilitating a better grab and understanding.

Help in academics:

Think of a campus where there are no personal relationships, students and teachers interact but stay limited to classrooms versus a system where everyone can reach out to everyone else for help with academics irrespective of time. The latter setup paves the way for better academic support and smoothens all communication glitches.

Social circle:

Coexistence and mutually beneficial and interdependent social relationships are one of the best gifts of a vibrant campus. You earn best friends for life. The campus dorms are not merely bricks and mortar but an unending saga of memories.

Break from monotony:

It is rightly said that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. A Vibrant campus gives Jack ample opportunity to work and enjoy simultaneously and hence learn in a fun way. It gives a good break from just textbooks to domains that one may want to brush their skills in.

While the GIBS campus boasts about it, the management program is definitely incompletely-round for the basic goal of a management program is all round development and that is the best accelerated on our vibrant campus. It bestows you with skills and relationships that not only come in handy in professional realms but in personal life as well. A vibrant campus helps to inculcate mental health alongside theory knowledge and hence is conducive to a great future.


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