After the Class 12 Board Exams got cancelled, it’s time to take the next step for BBA.

Class 12 Board Exams got cancelled, it’s time to take the next step for BBA.

The pandemic has brought in some of the most unusual changes in every industry. From online classes to no board exams at all. The students have faced some of the most drastic changes in the education system in the year 2020 to 2021. 

While it is a relief that there are no board exams, it can be challenging to adjust to the new set of criteria that will be implied for admissions in graduation. We understand that many of you might face the challenge of pinning down that one subject that you want to take up in your graduation. 

Here are some things that you must keep in mind while you decide on your further studies:

  • Choose subjects that you are interested in.
  • Make sure your subjects are aligned with your career goals. 
  • Choose an industry-relevant course that will help you get your dream job.
  • Choosing the right college is extremely essential. 
  • Look for a course that offers more than you need. 

The above points are some of the things that one must keep in mind. There are various streams but today we will talk about Bachelor of Business Administration also known as BBA.

BBA is one of the most popular courses chosen today as India has an array of industries and is growing every day. BBA is one of the best ways to understand the basics of how a business works and what are the different aspects of the same. 

BBA is also believed to be a great stream to choose if the student plans to pursue MBA or PGDM in the future. It is the first concrete step you can take to build a career in the extremely competitive world of business. 


A list of facts that will enable you to understand that BBA is the best starting point for a great management career:

  • Popular courses all over the world.
  • Give shape to the entrepreneurial side of you.
  • Higher chance of getting a higher salary than any other stream.
  • Opens up doors to a varied range of opportunities. 
  • Learning the basics like networking, professional skills, and more.


How Can Choosing The Right College For BBA Can Be An Added Advantage?

Today India has many colleges and universities that host BBA courses and it could be overwhelming for you to choose. When you choose the college you must make sure that it is capable of giving you way more than just classroom education. 

BBA is not just about books today, it is a course laced with much more. From skills like leadership, and communication to learning how to think critically, BBA has it all. The course marks the beginning of the transformation of a student into a valuable professional. 

Colleges like the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore offer an array of extracurricular activities to help students gain a practical perspective on business. 

While you assess all your options, let us tell you about GIBS – Bangalore University.  


Why Choose GIBS and Bangalore University for your BBA?

Bangalore University was established in 1964 and has been one of the most accomplished universities since then. According to the National Institutional Ranking Framework, it is ranked as the 20th University. It also holds pride in it being an A-grade university by NAAC. 

Global Institute of Business Studies is part of the 5-star university and is one of the colleges that offer a futuristic education plan for students. There are three specializations: 

  • Marketing Management 
  • HR Management 
  • Finance Management 

GIBS is a highly acclaimed platform for young minds who are willing to make a mark in the business world. It not only focuses on delivering world-class knowledge but also increases the employability of the student. 

The college promotes innovation, enhancement of skills, and practical training. In addition to theoretical knowledge, there is an emphasis on hands-on training, giving the students exposure that might not be available in other colleges. 

From different departments to different roles, GIBS trains students to deliver better performance when they take a job. It is also a stepping stone for students who are willing to do an MBA or PGDM. Students are not lost, they pursue any professional course with a decent amount of knowledge. 

Faculty members come with a bag full of experience and expertise, giving students a well-guided learning experience. The students are also given opportunities to avail of certificate programs, counselling from experts, activity-based learning, and most importantly placement training, preparing them for the industry. 

If you are looking for a college that has a comprehensive approach to BBA and helps you gain an edge over others then GIBS is the place to be. The college has much more to offer, to know about it contact the college and seek guidance from the experts. 


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