An exceptionally unusual occasion brings smiling GIBS alumni together

An exceptionally unusual occasion brings smiling GIBS alumni together

When over fifty of the old students of GIBS assembled at HOTEL PAI VICEROY on 6TH JANUARY, 2019, it did feel like a homecoming! SHINING STARS ALUMNUS BATCH 2015-17 could not have met at a more opportune moment, immediately after the welcoming of the New Year and Bangalore City yet in a festive mood. Reviving sentimental memories did happen and a moist eye or two told sweet tales of success in professional worlds. Having miles to go yet, the young men and women hover on the threshold of dramatic careers that will take them very far in life.


A moment that means so much

The thrill of class and institutional reunions come but rarely in life. When they do, the ecstasies know no bounds and a bridge with the past is immediately established across the tumult of time. Though circumstances have changed and companies and designations are different as compared to the shelter of the college and the teachers, innocence lurks in the faces and the thoughts.

The stories they shared did seem like a fictional tale. Having reached across the continents to faraway countries they had hardly dreamed of, the voices and body language, mannerisms and gestures communicated many truths. The lesson for the present day GIBS students remains that nothing is impossible to achieve and today’s dream would be realized tomorrow.


Internships and placements crafted the success stories

The youngsters fondly remember the initial experience of the professional world through the short internships as a part of the course that proved a blessing. While some did have previous work experience, many of them did not. Some business schools make many sweet promises at the time of admissions and the students suffer. The Placement Committee at GIBS did their duty well and linked up with a few leading companies to assist students to find good positions. No wonder it is time to be grateful. The dreams have not gone in vain.

Global Institute of Business Studies has marched from strength to strength in its relatively short existence as compared to many other institutions of repute. In the olden days, the age of an institution mattered so much when it came to judging institutional standards. We naturally feel great respect for institutions that have stood the test of time with a century or more in existence. Imagine the many generations of the family that passed through the gates. Not anymore does age matter so much with the speeding up through digital technology of study and work procedures. The multimedia approach, the virtual world, AR, and AI in addition to the classroom lectures along with seminars and workshops have made a great difference.


A source of inspiration

The current GIBS boys and girls who labor night and day towards the illusion of business management careers derive strength from the successfully placed alumni. In turn, the alumni should be reciprocating the efforts of the institution to train them and put them in orbit. It is mind-boggling to think at once of the demands of the courses and the multiple duties towards the profession, family, and society. Yet, they must all happen in due course of time.


A hard-hitting faculty

Good academic and professional performance is worshipped blindly in a commercial society and the GIBS dedicated faculty does make it happen. Combining Indian researchers and professors with industry knowledge and experience, the professors from abroad bring a set of different perspectives. Together, it is a win-win situation for eager minds trying to plumb the depths of the industrial, technological, and commercial worlds.


Admissions for 2019

Though life is quite repetitive, be it at home, school and the world of nature, the enthusiasm and the excitement of a new batch are truly stunning. Once again, it is time for new visions to be born. Along with the PGDM, MBA, and BBA aspirants will now come knocking on the doors. While many may wish to study here, the successful batch will certainly set their sights upon success from day one. GIBS wishes that the 2019 batches succeed as well as their predecessors, and perhaps improve upon their sterling performance. Reaching forward, higher,r and faster has always been the motto.


Facilities and Infrastructure

Amidst the world-class facilities and towering infrastructure at the 4.5-acre campus in Bannerghatta, students are set to go places. The future is not the problem but the present and immersing in academics and participating intensively in learning activities would bring rich dividends. In a few weeks and the new students would begin a dream adventure that will culminate in successful placements. A good beginning ensures gorgeous futures at the peaks of business.


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