An institutional advisory Board – promoted by IIM alumni, Entrepreneur & Corporate Leaders – March 20,2017

An institutional advisory Board – promoted by IIM alumni, Entrepreneurs & Corporate Leaders

While formal education may be many hundreds of years old, society has undergone tremendous change in recent times. After the Enlightenment and the Scientific and Industrial Revolution, now it is a technological and software revolution! As a result of the changing conditions, the life of the citizen is transformed. Social media has brought immense change to the community and political life. Compared to the past, the citizen holds greater responsibilities and is a thinking and tech-savvy entity. Competition for college seats and placement jobs with big salaries is immense. No wonder everybody talks of a global citizen! at GIBS we take pride in having a responsible advisory board.


The Role of Education

Higher education, particularly in business and management has a great role in shaping and transforming society. Life’s battles are essentially fought in educational institutions because a rehearsal takes place of what would occur in future life. Business and management principles apply to every field, unlike the study of chemistry or languages for instance. Go everywhere around the world to find large-scale businesses online and offline. Management would similarly apply to every establishment mega and mini.


Leading lights of society on the advisory board

Besides the dramatic buildings and the faculty, the equipment, and the placements, leading institutions contain something more. Colleges and universities have the ability to inspire a new generation and motivate them to lead a life of values as productive citizens. The advisory board plays a major role in this regard.

Business and management experts who are not only academically accomplished but professionally experienced too. at GIBS After serving for decades as Directors, Managers, and CEOs, all that knowledge and experience would be wasted if they remained idle at home, pursuing hobbies like reading and gardening. If they spent a few hours on a weekly basis guiding and lecturing to the citizens of the future, it would be time well spent.

The initial formative years in school are innocent and life is guided by parents and teachers. It is only later in higher education that intellectual faculties and higher skills are developed. Professional challenges are faced at the college level and that is where expert guidance is most needed.

Some lucky institutes have well-experienced and qualified academicians and professionals on the advisory board in addition to the distinguished faculty. The professors inspire within the classroom walls and lecture halls while the advisory board goes a step further. Advisory board members are truly the light in the institution. They are selfless, caring, generous, and dedicated to the uplifting of society and GIBS we are extremely lucky to have a few such souls of inspiration.

Mr. Ritesh Goyal as the Managing Director is one such dedicated educationist who was nominated for the International Achievement Award for Education Excellence in 2016. Mr. B.L. Goyal as the Chairman and Dr. Aparna Rao as the Director have played crucial roles in the betterment of the institution and the welfare of the students.


The spirit of social service

While society consists of doves and vultures, the people of peace and goodwill are the representatives of God on earth. Just like some great leaders and social reformers, their only purpose in life was to wipe away tears, heal the sick, and shelter the aged and the orphans. Advisors in educational institutions play some such noble roles. Their impact on the educational culture of values and dedicated service is immediately felt within the walls of the institution. Students can feel even though they are long past that tender age of school. Just like plants grow towards the sun that nourishes them, students can instinctively feel that they are being nurtured well.


A source of inspiration

Under the impact of the caring and dedicated advisory panel, students do respond. Considering all the evil and violence that is rampant nowadays, especially in urban areas, may God bless educational institutions with such a compassionate advisory board.


Positive influence upon young minds

Youngsters today are often lost amidst all the excessive digital development. Pollution and political problems, wars, and crime do disturb the peace and sanctity of life. Role models are crucial at every step and that is how students learned all along. Parents and teachers are the first role models and the impression continues lifelong. When the caring advisory board members participate in meetings with parents and students, it is as if early school has come again.

The advisory board members bring a wealth of experience. Padmashree R.M. Vasagam is an ISRO scientist. Mr. Pawan Agarwal represents Mumbai Dabbawalas. Mr. Pankaj Jain is an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus while Mr. Hemant Sharma is an IIM Bangalore alumnus. They have played enlightened paths in putting the institution on the right track with amazing leadership roles.

Finally, it is not the advanced degrees that matter and the vast pay packets! It is the concern that people have for each other, for the young, and for the values that were installed in early life. These values and principles form the foundation for a life lived in service of humanity as a productive citizen. Advisory board members can certainly make an institutional difference.

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