Anticipate Research oriented new age Management Education at GIBS, Bangalore – September 04,2017

Anticipate Research oriented new age Management Education at GIBS, Bangalore

While many things may appear attractive in theory and on paper, the truth about management education in India is a depressing story. It is believed that only about 7% of the huge numbers of management graduates each year really succeed in getting productive employment. One can well imagine the many thousands of management institutions online and offline that still teach the traditional methods of reliance on theory and rote learning. While passing examinations is the weakness of many Indian educational systems, internships, and placement hardly exist in the majority of cases.

It is no wonder then that Indian management aspirants are interested in getting degrees abroad in advanced countries like America and Australia, Canada, and Japan. But then the ideas of being Indian, buying Indian, and making in India do not make any sense. The Indian economy, industry, and technology have rapidly developed in the last few decades. University curriculums are industry specific and teach the same modules being taught in the leading world colleges. It is the delivery that matters, the faculty and the infrastructure, the spirit, and the motivation.

Along with the several IIMs that deliver world-class management degrees, a few private institutions in India take good care of students and equip them with the knowledge and infrastructure, industry connections, and placements that they deserve. These few top-notch management institutions feed the vast demand for MNCs in India that has now multiplied in large numbers.


Global Institute of Business Studies

Among the few private institutes that deliver effective management education is GIBS located amidst the challenging software and corporate world of the garden city of Bangalore. The institution has already realized the dreams of many bright youngsters who have successfully received fabulous placements among the multinationals that regularly visit the campus in search of productive business managers.

Unlike thousands of management institutions that deliver bookish knowledge alone, GIBS facilitates effective 21st-century managers through personality building, communication skills, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Since physical impressions matter so much, great pains are taken to ensure that managers make the right impact in professional terms. Imagine company mergers and acquisitions that many organizations are constantly busy in the face of international competition. High-level meetings are held to bargain over various terms and conditions, ifs and buts. Business managers have to work hard for some years of course before they can reach senior-level positions but the process is the fastest in the management world as compared to other sectors.

Personality alone is certainly not enough and knowledge of the economy and industry, finance, labor, and the governing laws are some compulsory areas. In this sense, GIBS has an advantage with numerous high-level connections in the industry who deliver guest lectures on a regular basis that reveals the inside story not learned through textbooks.


The research-based faculty of national and international scholars

The age-old formula of good teachers producing good students holds very true as day-to-day events unfold. The three-year graduate courses include BBA and BCom. PGDM is a one-year diploma course. MBA plus PGPM extends to two years. The few semesters may pass quickly but their impact upon the student lives would last a lifetime. Molded by a faculty of international stature, their lives would never be the same again.

Prof. Sowmya MBA, Prof. D Venkatesan, MBA, M.Phil, DLL. Ph.D. and Prof. Sree Harsha C, MBA Finance are some random names of Indian teachers. Dr. Graddy Kathryn Ph.D. PGDM (FIN.), Prof. Jefferson Gary PGDBA (Marketing), PGDMC, and Dr. David Clune Ph. D., MBA are some names that reflect the international faculty.

Along with the foreign tie-ups with universities and institutions abroad, it is a competitive environment of global exposure in which GIBS works. An international network of alumni in senior positions, besides the connections in the Bangalore commercial and corporate world, ensures that industry requirements are closely fulfilled. No person is an island here and study and work are not done in a vacuum. Close industry relevance is always insisted upon and so the pass-outs have no difficulty in adjusting to the real working conditions.


Specializations provide the focus and the motivation

The present-day professionals would be nowhere without a passion for a particular area of expertise. In a world where everyone is media-enlightened and has reached a high degree of awareness, you have to stay ahead to beat the competition. Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, International Business, and Information Technology are some of the specializations offered and almost all of them are crucial to the functioning of any business. A single-minded goal in a particular industry that is pursued with dedication results in supremely successful careers. Students need to develop their interests and aptitudes with knowledge of their skills and abilities. In consultation with teachers, parents, and counselors, professional decisions need to be taken in advance so that there are better chances of success after the completion of studies.


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