Aspire for the top notch Management degrees at GIBS – July 11,2017

Few institutes offer dual degree programs with dual specialization. Among the programs offered are the MBA + PGPM. An industry integrated MBA runs during weekends. Graduate courses of Corporate BBA and Corporate B.Com are other choices. A one year PGDM program after graduation is also available. Completing 12 years of school education qualifies you for the graduate courses and a graduate degree of at least three years is the minimum requirement to join the postgraduate courses.
An initial visit to the 4.5-acre green campus at Bannerghatta in Bangalore truly inspires. While one imagines books to be the mainstay of education, professional courses present a world of activities. Learning by doing is a much-followed principle across the world. Interactive learning considers the student as an active participant in the learning process. Achieving a realistic understanding of the industry in which they would dedicate their lives is a crucial part of management training. Successful internships and a good placement at the end of the course is the dream of every aspiring business manager. Many such dreams get fulfilled each year with appointments in the top industry ranks. Some companies recruit regularly at GIBS that is a great advantage in diversifying business as every entity is striving to do.
Global exposure
Management education in India through hundreds of business schools may be several decades old, but the 21st century has recently commenced. The work culture now has turned truly multicultural besides being quite dependent upon technological finesse. Money, management, and software rule the business environment. The best jobs and the fastest promotions occur in business. It is not an easy task to succeed at the global level, though jobs are easily obtained nowadays through the internet and interviews conducted online.
Additional training programs like the soft skills, personality building, SAP, and SIGMA add to the academic training and develop the skills necessary to practical success out there in the field. A vibrant corporate network that extends globally ensures the best internships and placements. Guest lectures provide many windows to understand the realities of the business work culture.
Besides a qualified, industry experienced and dedicated to research home faculty, GIBS arranges for international scholars to teach the students. The names like the following truly represent what is sublime about the teaching profession. Probably some of the present and future GIBS alumni would take up rewarding teaching careers too, where they would supply the inspiration to budding managers based on their own experiences.
Prof. Bergstresser Daniel M.B.A. (Ph.D) and Dr. Sandra Carver Ph.D, MBA represent the best values. Prof. Robert Cha B.Tech., MBA and Dr. Graddy Kathryn Ph.D. PGDM (FIN.), have been playing their crucial parts. Prof. Jefferson Gary PGDBA (Marketing), PGDMC and Dr. David Clune Ph. D., MBA are towering personalities in their fields. Prof. Rodney Smith MBA (Fin & Information Sys) and Dr. Zimmerman Grace E. Ph.D., PGDM (Human Resource Management) deserve to be called specialists.
Prof. Jennifer Bannick BSc, Engineering, Prof. Matthew Aaker Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, M.Phil, Jeremy Bloom B.Tech, MBA and Nicholas Beiker PGDM are the other stars in the business universe that is GIBS. They bring the best academic and professional traditions from around the world within the grasp of the students here who are learning to fly high in corporate worlds.
The four ventures that change lives
Along with the GIBS Academy that provides contemporary management education are three other profound affiliations that aim to impart noble values and bring social change across a spectrum of services. The GSF or GIBS Social Foundation strives to help orphans and the aged, plants trees and organizes blood donations among many other socially relevant activities. GBF or the Global Business Forum engages in corporate activity and develops the industry links so important to successful business education and placements. The GIBS Sports Academy investigates business opportunities linked to sports besides providing opportunities for developing sports skills.
The TLEL Panel
The Thought Leadership & Experiential Learning panel promotes success by illustrating how the business apparatus functions in society. Students can thus take up all the trials of a business career confidently. The panel comprises business experts and celebrities who share resources and experiences, industry and global connections to enlighten the trainees. Students certainly develop the spirit of enterprise and cultivate positive attitudes to investigate the business world with a critical eye. Mentoring today would often lead to leadership roles in the future.
Consider the towering roles that some of the TLEL members play and the world of experience they carry to inspire and motivate. Mr.Sujit Lalwani is the Founder of Inspiration Unlimited while Ms. Sneha Chandrashekar is the Co-Founder/CEO- Black & White Tech. Mr. Ashish Vaidya, Entrepreneur, Senior SDE at Amazon, India, Mr. Chetan Yallapurkar, Entrepreneur, MD Honeymoon Havens & MYT Sports and Ms. Sonal Jain, Academician, and Ambassador- Microsoft are some other panelists.
The GIBS facilities and infrastructure
While practical knowledge does not derive from books and variety makes up the life experience, the GIBS infrastructure contains the world of doing.
A Career Guidance Desk is certainly what every student needs to generate the essential knowledge of academic and professional chances in the future in realistic ways. Study programs within and outside the institute is dealt with and opportunities explained.
The Student Counseling and Advisory Services provides support that is particularly necessary for students who live away from home. Besides education and career counseling, mental and emotional support often becomes necessary. Students receive such services throughout the duration of the study at GIBS.
Mentoring Programs consist of little groups of students who meet with a mentor regularly. The advisory support provides industry information and discusses projects besides generating links with business members.
Safety and Security occupy the top of the agenda. Gates and doors are closely monitored to check access to the campus. CCTV and metal detectors are important tools for security purposes. Student participation in social media websites is restricted.
Students have a variety of pursuits
According to interests and preferences, students could practice yoga or dance, swim or play games like basketball. The Jogging Track and the Recreational Park are other health sustaining activities. The gym, temple, cafeteria, petty shop, and laundry are all part of that daily lifestyle to keep spirits alive in the preparation of a fresh morrow. Explore more at