Aspire to rare academic and professional milestones in business at GIBS

Aspire to rare academic and professional milestones in business at GIBS

Approaches and attitudes to study have changed rapidly after the internet came into existence in the late 1990s. Applied to education, it meant a welcome change. The book addicts earlier understood little of practical professional requirements. The widespread multimedia today ushered in by digital technology changed all that and provided virtual experiences that copy the real thing. AR and AI combined with the sheer gigantic volume of study materials online would make a vast difference to educational standards. Global Institute of Business Studies in the sparking global city of software hub Bangalore would reach you to the peaks of business knowledge.

Now that 2019 has just dawned after all the fervent farewells to 2018, GIBS is ready to embrace new batches of energetic boys and girls into their fold. It is true that one never leaves an institution but becomes a part of the alumni for a lifetime. Admission to PGDM and MBA along with BBA are now open for the 2019 batch. After the formalities are done like writing the entrance exam successfully, it will be time to launch yourself into academic action. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore do make a crucial difference and not only transform a novice into a competent business manager but also settle them into well-paid jobs with the numerous companies in the pretty Bangalore landscape. Communications and electronics, garments and insurance, retail and e-commerce, there seems no end to the wonderful possibilities.

As with everything else, good postings come at a price! The task in hand is to labor intensively through several semesters of hectic academic and professional work as allotted by the professors and internship duties. The demands of the syllabus need to be met judiciously, and the assignments and reports are written and submitted well on time. In addition to the academic requirements, several learning activities like participation in clubs and committees also matter to get a feel of life outside the classroom. It is a trial of the working conditions and duties that would arise subsequently in professional life later. Get a feel of the best B school in Bangalore.


The advantages of professional courses

It is unfortunate that millions of graduates and postgraduates pass out in India each year with no professional or vocational training. It is a sad future in the employment market with no experience and no specialization. Only frustration waits and little jobs. If only they had sought professional training linked directly with realistic job expectations, they would be well settled in life. The GIBS courses equip the boys and girls academically and professionally. The traditional thinking is that book learning is more important but professional training too occurs simultaneously.

Especially since it is a professional course that deals with the hottest fields of business management in the world of mega-companies the world over, consider it all a great adventure. Along with the seminars and workshops, the media becomes an ally and constantly feeds you with more and more. When it is all getting rather stressful, it is time to take a holiday. Weekends may be spent in relaxation activities like games and meditation beats stress too. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program is like a rainbow that is full of glittering colors.


Stick to organized study habits

A systematic, regular study plan of action would go very far. Similarly, regular eating and sleeping hours are important too along with healthy habits and avoidance of substance abuse that would gradually wear out the body and mind. A study and work timetable is important and particularly at examination times. Study groups are certainly important and strength lies in numbers. Yet, performance is evaluated individually except where group work is involved.

Keep up to date with the lessons and carry out the designated activities and responsibilities with the involvement of heart and soul. Half-hearted approaches will get you nowhere since it is an age of severe competition. An intense interactive participation will succeed and going out all the way and running the extra mile would accomplish something.

Maintain personal records and make sure hard copies are available to back up whatever is stored in computers. Printed copies of important notes and study resources along with hard copy books present substantial materials. If everything is in soft copy, what happens when the computer crashes as happens sometimes? The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will look into the different aspects and give suitable advice. Keep personal copies of audio and video materials too.


Get mentally prepared

After the first semester, everything will make a lot more sense if you feel like a fish out of water initially in a new city and a novel institution! Having undergone 12 or 15 years of education already along with work experience perhaps, study processes being somewhat the same, continue the academic adventure. A certain amount of stress is associated with study and work and unwinding activities would follow up, along with restful sleep. Small problems will come and go but the top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will reach you somewhere significant along life’s journey. Have patience until the professional beginning after the course completion at the Global Institute of Business Studies.


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