At GIBS, in the end, is a new beginning – December 26,2017

At GIBS, in the end, is a new beginning

Stupendous events in the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore bring the curtains down upon another event-filled year 2017. At the same time, the successful culmination of 2017 reminds us that yet another batch is soon to take root that would keep the institution busy from 2018 through 2020.

Firstly, the dramatic and studious Convocation and then the anxiously awaited Student of the Year functions did fulfill many long-standing dreams. Both occasions did seem like dream sequences with recognitions of untiring scholastic efforts over the last two years for the MBAs, absolutely deserving girls and boys who have proved themselves incredibly well. Prayers remain for their wholehearted success in professional roles too. May they come back to the GIBS campus with senior designations and the hallmark of social and patriotic success.

The glittering, glam Student of the Year did feel like one great party. If some were disappointed at not being awarded, perhaps they need to wait a while longer and accolades will certainly come as a deserved reward for earnest toil. Skills and abilities will not go unrewarded.


Action-filled student life is successful

It has long been proved through research that learning by doing and interactive learning are the most effective methods of study. As witnessed in social media, it is pictures and videos rather than text alone that are drawing all the attention. Images stick to the memory, unlike text which is quickly forgotten. Then, how do you expect scholars to learn hundreds and thousands of pages of lessons spread across endless volumes? Rather than being lost in words and spending sleepless nights, especially before examinations, dynamic new approaches to seminars and workshops, activities, and media-based learning should be followed.

A campus endowed with world-class educational infrastructure in a clean and green environment stands GIBS in good stead. Sports, cultural and literary activities provide ample respite from academic rigors. It is a great opportunity for new interests to grow and be pursued with zeal and a purpose. A long list of clubs and committees provide learning experiences in organization and management, preparing programs, and executing them. Working within and outside the campus, handling responsibility, people, and materials besides money can be challenging and present some difficult situations.

The faculty and the management at GIBS cannot help but admire the student prowess and the skills besides the energy and the acumen of the batch passing out. Like seeds that promise to develop into mighty trees, the students are waiting to blossom. Much of what happens in life is the product of opportunities and experiences. While internships and placements have already provided enough adventures to make a powerful beginning, the highway called life runs for a very long across many decades of professionalism. While the immense journey commences now, GIBS looks forward to remaining in contact with the alumni and meeting up again, perhaps years later, when several ladders have been climbed.


A Vigorous Sports Day

It was an occasion to get rid of many pent-up mental frustrations after the intellect had been stretched to the limit during all the scholarly research. While games had been regularly played throughout the session, the spirit of participation was commendable. Competitions as diverse as cricket and football, chess and badminton, kabaddi, and swimming along with some others captivated the students and contributed to physical fitness.

The pleasant sight once again reminded me what an important role physical fitness plays in student and professional life. The intense competition of corporate life that business management is all about can hardly succeed without powerful physical skills in addition to all the mind and leadership ability. Students certainly feel very good about themselves and so much more confident after that euphoric sports dedication. Chief Guest Yeshwanth Prakash did set a good example with his achievements in the field of bodybuilding and his passion as a certified fitness trainer.


Six Sigma Training Program

How the complicated tasks in the industry are managed by professionals to deliver high-quality goods and services is quite a mystery! The Six Sigma approach answers some of those questions in terms of quality management. Statistical research uses certain methods and techniques to improve efficiency and networking, analysis, and affordability. The students spent 40 hours covering those intricate lessons and certainly reached very far as professionals.

The Six Sigma is a global phenomenon. Business school syllabi are similar in leading institutions throughout the world. While some aspects may differ in institutions across the world, essentially the lessons are the same. Cultural and linguistic conditions may differ like the fees and physical infrastructure, but it does bring satisfaction and unity to know that the lessons are quite similar.


Congratulations to Alumnus Mohd. Afzal!

Ending on a cheerful note with well-wishing for a student of the 2015-17 batch. In Pune, he started a new venture Indian Cake Studio and Café, and wishes to build branches across the country and Dubai too. May that dream succeed.


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