At GIBS, Positive internships lead to top Placements

At GIBS, Positive internships lead to top Placements

The contemporary business world of mega-corporations appears seductive enough, and every executive would wish to rise the professional ladder to success. ‘How’ is the big question? If a genuine interest and aptitude for business do exist along with the necessary skills and abilities, an exceptional institution like the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, may succeed in translating juvenile dreams into action. Such has been the story of youth and their ideas through hundreds of colleges and universities the world over. Lucky are they who succeed at authentic institutions that provide placements with leading companies. Unfortunately many obtain an academic education that does not stand them in sound professional positions and promises of placements do not come true. The best B school in Bangalore honors the internship and placement promises each year.


Bangalore, a galaxy of businesses, beckons!

Shall we name only a few of those stars that make up the business galaxy that holds out the infinite potential for business success? Internationally recognized symbols of commercial success, many like Nestle have become household names for generations. A long history of a company naturally goes through ups and downs, just like human life itself. Comparatively, start-ups nowadays are doing much better with the excellent benefits of technology that have unified the whole world with secure communications and instant transmission of information. No longer is it so difficult to procure finance or raw materials amidst the wonders of the internet. If the motivating idea is outstanding in terms of product manufacture or service delivery, be assured that success will follow after the inevitable hiccups. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore would show the way like a wise parent.



Finance and financial services lie at the core of business and industry. Human resources and raw materials would be unsustainable without adequate economic clout. The money, if available, will require careful management and investment to bring the best returns along with security. The Indian economy is blessed with stability and strength as among the biggest in the world. Edelweiss offers financial services in the realms of Credit (Retail, Corporate), Investment & Advisory (Wealth Management, Asset Management, and Capital Markets), and Insurance. Almost 500 office branches that employ 12000 workers manage services for over a million clients. Their branches and services extend all over the breadth and length of this vast country of India which has a glorious financial future.

Students of business certainly need to be dedicated to wealth creation, management, and consolidation through wise investments. What we experience each day in whatever sector like healthcare and hospitality, for instance, are different forms of wealth, whether it is real estate or raw materials that will lead to wealth creation. A good understanding of the economy and the mysteries of how money works are fundamental to business careers. Even though it is a short 45-day internship period, the lessons previously learned in the classes would be applied, and valuable training is undergone. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore recommend the best use of the internship period to impress the company bosses and attract good placements.



The company name may sound British but was initially established in India. Among the oldest Indian companies, the present owners are the Wadia Group, headed by NusliWadia. The biscuits and dairy products like cheese that they manufacture are sold throughout India and reach more than 60 countries globally. Trust and popularity, loyalty, and legacy are built over many decades, and Britannia is over a century old. Several generations grew up with these product names. Good Day, and Tiger are some biscuit names. NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, and Marie Gold are others. Other trendy products sold are Bread and Cakes. Dairy products include Cheese and Beverages, Milk, and Yoghurt.

Imagine the formidable task of managing and coordinating such a mighty enterprise! Workers and money, raw materials and production processes, and then marketing. Primarily, the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore teach some valuable business secrets. Many mysteries are solved when knowledge and skills show the way.



What we imagine as small shops carrying out smartphone repairs have transformed into big, bold, and beautiful. Originating in 2013, the company has today more than a lakh satisfied customers and they have repaired and refurbished maybe 60000 smartphones. When it comes to broken glass or water damage, software problems, or power issues, customers would certainly trust them more in comparison to the little neighborhood shop. With all that renowned expertise, they sell Refurbished, Unboxed, and Pre-owned smartphones.

Not everybody can afford those sky-high smartphone prices, nor can many people afford to change phones now and then. This company makes technology more affordable and reliable too, with top-notch services rendered by qualified experts. It would be fascinating to work with them and explore their approach. The 2 year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program offers many learning opportunities like industrial visits and guest speakers along with internships.


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