Bangalore is the best place in India to study an MBA – April 18,2017

Bangalore is the best place in India to study for an MBA

India has secured a place amongst the top five study destinations in the world and that is news to be proud of. While we offer quality education, choosing a business school remains a daunting task. With a new B-school mushrooming in every corner of every city, it becomes even more challenging to choose the right one. There are various factors that one needs to consider before plunging into the decision as it not only affects one professionally but securing an MBA is expensive and you need to be well informed of your decision before breaking the bank. One of the major factors affecting your decisions is the location of the B School, its proximity to your hometown, safety parameters, employability, and the like.

A comprehensive study of all cities in India reveals that Bangalore might be the best place to study for an MBA in India. While we do not say that the other cities are any less; a number of reasons make Bangalore a feasible choice.

The good things about Bangalore that make it a viable destination for studying an MBA program are as follows:

Weather: A respite of harsh winters and cruel summers, mild rainfall frequently, and pleasant weather throughout the year, make Bangalore a great choice for studying MBA or any other course as opposed to cities with extreme temperatures to discourage the student in you.

Safety concerns: While crime touches all places and safety is always a warning note, Bangalore remains to be one of the safest cities in India and parents are much more comfortable in sending their children to study in Bangalore than to other parts of the country. The same is indicated by a survey conducted by the Times of India where parents have admitted their inclination towards Bangalore as a preferred study destination for their children owing to safety parameters.

Connectivity: Bangalore is well connected to other parts of the country through rail, road, and air and hence is easier to reach and commute. Easy connectivity through these modes of transportation also makes it a viable destination.

Cosmopolitan status: The cosmopolitan status of Bangalore makes it easier to study consumer behavior for MBA students due to close contact with diverse sets of people.

The abundance of courses and good colleges: Bangalore is home to one of the premier B-schools in India i.e. IIM but apart from IIM there are abundant business courses and colleges to suit each budget and individual needs. These colleges boast good infrastructure and various facilities for residents. Higher education is a breeze here owing to the number of course options. One can even attend workshops conducted by IIM for other students.

Employment opportunities: Bangalore has quickly evolved from a garden city to an IT hub in recent years and the transition has opened the way to lots of companies and hence employment opportunities within the city. The coming up of startups each day is also adding up to the scope of employment. Studying for an MBA in Bangalore opens up avenues to secure employment in many companies. There is also a plethora of options for internships and research projects.

Faculty: The presence of a lot of companies ensures visits from well-qualified guest faculties and industry insights from those already working in the domain. More opportunities for industry visits also pave the way for better learning during MBA.

Student clubs and organizations: Budding and established student bodies across the city ensure proper and worthwhile engagement for MBA students. The vast alumni network is sure to help you with your academic needs. You even have greater access to resources with the ecosystem of students that are always ready to share everything from textbooks to notes.

The quality of student life: Bangalore has some great malls and markets to break the monotony and also a lot of holiday destinations around to take that much-deserved vacation from your MBA studies. Nightlife here will also ensure a good outing to a pub if you just want a break. The easy availability of all basics is also a win-win.

The cost of an MBA: We are not claiming that Bangalore offers low-cost MBA programs, but there are colleges to suit each budget and you necessarily don’t have to shell out a fortune to ensure a good education. Also, the cost of living in the city is not exorbitantly high.

GIBS offers a two-year full-time residential MBA program the ROI of which is most talked about in the town.

The popularity of Bangalore as a destination to study MBA can be well attributed to various factors as listed above, if you are on the hunt to find the right business school, your decision will primarily depend on the scores of entrance exams but the next factor of location will be well satisfied by Bangalore in all terms. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to paradise to secure your MBA and the right employment to suit you.


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