The Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive into BBA Course Subjects at GIBS Business School Bangalore!

Discover BBA Course Subjects at GIBS Business School Bangalore! The Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive Deep into Our BBA Course Offerings!

GIBS Business School in Bangalore has become renowned for their dynamic Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, particularly known for its comprehensive range of BBA course subjects. Renowned for their groundbreaking approach to business education, GIBS prides itself on developing curriculums that not only impart foundational knowledge but also equip students with essential business skills for today’s modern business world. This article delves deeper into some unique aspects of the BBA course from Bangalore offered at GIBS, demonstrating their role in helping prepare students for professional success.


Affiliation and Recognition

GIBS Business School, its credibility in offering a diverse range of BBA course subjects lies in its affiliation with Bangalore University. More than just academically aligned, this affiliation signifies GIBS Business School’s dedication to high educational standards that are valued within the business community and offer degrees that are recognized. Our curriculum, encompassing various BBA course subjects, meets or even surpasses requirements set by Bangalore University, ensuring optimal depth and breadth in business education.


Year I/ Semester 1: Foundations and Fundamentals

  • Language Proficiency
    • Languages Offered: Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit and Generic English.
    • Objective: To develop communication skills critical for success in business.


  • Core Business Concepts
    • Courses: Management Innovation, Fundamentals of Accountancy, Marketing Management.
    • Focus: Laying a strong foundation in essential business principles.


  • Technology Integration
    • Course: Digital Fluency.
    • Relevance: Equipping students with digital skills necessary in a tech-driven business environment.


  • Additional Learning Opportunities
    • Courses: Open Elective, Physical Education – Yoga.
    • Purpose: To offer a holistic education encompassing physical wellness and elective subjects of interest.


Year I/ Semester 2: Expanding Business Knowledge

  • Language Skills Enhancement
    • Continuation of Languages I and II, focusing on advanced proficiency.


  • Advanced Business Disciplines
    • Courses: Financial Accounting & Reporting, Human Resource Management, Business Environment.
    • Objective: To broaden knowledge in key areas of business.


  • Environmental Consciousness
    • Course: Environmental Studies.
    • Importance: Inculcating awareness about sustainable business practices.


  • Elective Courses
    • Option: Open Elective.
    • Flexibility: Allowing students to explore additional interests.


Year II/ Semester 3: Specialized Focus

  • Language and Communication


  • Further progression in Languages I and II.


  • Specialized Business Subjects
    • Courses: Elements of Cost Accounting, Organisational Behaviour, Business Statistics.
    • Aim: To provide in-depth knowledge in specialized business areas.


  • Emerging Technologies
    • Course: Artificial Intelligence.
    • Future-Readiness: Preparing students for technological advancements in business.


  • Elective Options
    • Continued availability of Open Electives.


Year II/ Semester 4: In-Depth Business Insights


  • Advanced Language Skills

Ongoing focus on language courses for effective communication.


  • Management and Analytics
    • Courses: Management Accounting, Business Analytics/Indian Financial System, Financial Management.
    • Insight: To impart analytical and financial management skills.


  • Legal Framework
    • Course: Constitution of India.
    • Knowledge: Understanding the legal environment of business.


  • Elective Choices
    • Provision for Open Elective.


Year III/ Semester 5: Professional Development and Specializations


  • Operational Excellence
    • Course: Production and Operations Management.
    • Skill Development: To manage and optimize business operations.


  • Financial and Legal Knowledge
    • Courses: Income Tax – I, Banking Law and Practice.
    • Expertise: Gaining specialized knowledge in finance and law.


  • Technology in Business
    • Courses: Information Technology for Business, Cyber Security.
    • Relevance: Addressing the growing importance of IT and security in business.


  • Electives
    • Options: Elective I, Elective II.
    • Customization: Allowing students to specialize in areas of their interest.


Year III/ Semester 6: Advanced Topics and Career Preparation


  • Business Legalities
    • Course: Business Law.
    • Understanding: Knowledge of laws affecting business operations.


  • Taxation and International Perspective
    • Courses: Income Tax -II, International Business.
    • Global-View: Preparing for the complexities of international trade and taxation.


  • Contemporary Issues in Business
    • Course: Goods and Services Tax.
    • Current Affairs: Staying abreast of the latest changes in business taxation.


  • Electives for Specialization
    • Choices: Elective I, Elective II.
    • Focus: Deepening expertise in chosen specializations.



At GIBS Business School, a top business school in Bangalore, BBA course subjects are carefully planned to ensure a comprehensive business education. From foundational knowledge in the first year through electives in their final year, GIBS’ curriculum evolves along with each student’s journey in order to provide a well-rounded industry-relevant learning experience. This approach not only equips them for today’s diverse business world challenges but also sets a strong basis for future leaders and entrepreneurs – choosing GIBS means choosing an educational path leading to both academic excellence and professional success!



FAQ 1: Why is the BBA program at GIBS Business School special?

The GIBS BBA program stands out for its comprehensive curriculum that features language proficiency, core business concepts and disciplines as well as technological awareness and environmental sustainability. Students graduate equipped with both foundational knowledge and the specialized abilities necessary for today’s business world.


FAQ 2: Is GIBS Business School’s BBA degree affiliated with any university?

Yes, our Bachelor of Business Administration program at GIBS Business School is associated with Bangalore University for optimal recognition in the business community while adhering to high educational standards.


FAQ 3: Does the BBA program offer courses on technology and digital fluency?

Yes, the BBA curriculum at GIBS includes courses on technology and digital fluency such as Digital Fluency in Year One and Artificial Intelligence and IT for Business during later years, underscoring their importance as critical business tools.


FAQ 4: Does the BBA program at GIBS Offer Specialization Opportunities?

Yes, the GIBS BBA program offers various electives and specialization options in its final year, focusing on diverse BBA course subjects for students looking to further specialize their studies. These options may include areas like finance, marketing, human resources, and more.


FAQ 5: How does GIBS BBA prepare students for their careers?

The GIBS BBA program, recognized as a top BBA placement college in Bangalore, equips its students for success in business by providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skill development. Through courses like Business Law, International Business, and Goods and Services Tax, as well as electives that specialize in particular aspects of this challenging world of business, the program ensures comprehensive preparation for the professional world.