Benefits of Networking and Building Relationships Before Pursuing an MBA/PGDM

The Benefits of Networking and Building Relationships Before Pursuing an MBA/PGDM

Networking and relationship-building are vital parts of professional success for any professional, but this is particularly relevant to students pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). Networking plays an integral part in career growth for MBA and PGDM candidates alike; it can significantly enhance their chances of success after graduating their degrees.

PGDM programs are intensive management courses that provide students with a broad knowledge base on business operations, economics, marketing, and finance. While knowledge acquisition is certainly part of an MBA/PGDM experience, an important goal of such degrees should also include developing practical skills and gaining experience which will assist with future professional endeavors.

One of the best ways to gain practical skills and experience is networking with professionals in your industry. Networking goes beyond simply meeting people; it involves cultivating relationships that will advance your career. Connecting with industry professionals may lead to mentorship opportunities, job offers or new business ventures.

There are several benefits of networking for PGDM students in Bangalore. Let’s delve deeper into some of these benefits. 


Networking Provides Access to Industry Experts and Mentors

One of the primary benefits of networking for PGDM students is the access it provides to industry experts and mentors.

Networking with professionals in their industry can give students insight into the latest trends and developments within their field, while also helping them identify potential mentors that can guide them along their career journeys.

Mentorship can be an invaluable asset to any professional looking to advance in their career. A mentor can offer invaluable advice, guidance and support throughout a student’s academic life. Networking allows them to find mentors that offer invaluable insights into industry issues that they may face as they pursue their professions.


Networking Can Lead to Job Opportunities

Networking is an excellent way for PGDM students to explore job opportunities.

Networking events and job fairs offer students a fantastic opportunity to meet potential employers and learn about job vacancies. Furthermore, networking can help students secure referrals from professionals within their field and boost their chances of landing their dream job.

Students can leverage networking events as an invaluable opportunity to showcase their abilities and make a great first impression with potential employers. Networking events also give students insight into the hiring process as they gain knowledge on which skills and experience are necessary for particular job roles.


Networking Enhances Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Networking events offer PGDM students an ideal way to develop their communication and interpersonal skills. Through participating, students have an opportunity to practice communicating effectively while meeting professionals from their field.

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are vital for any professional looking to advance in their career. Networking provides students with an invaluable opportunity to strengthen these essential abilities as well as gain confidence while building their personal brand.


Networking Helps in Building a Strong Personal Brand

Networking is an excellent way for PGDM students to build a strong personal brand. Personal branding refers to an individual’s set of skills, experiences and qualities that differentiates them from others. Networking events allow students to display these aspects to professionals within the industry.

Personal branding can significantly increase a student’s odds of success in their future career. It can help them stand out from other candidates and showcase their unique value proposition to potential employers.


Networking Provides an Opportunity for Business Ventures

Networking can also provide an opportunity for PGDM students to explore potential business ventures. Networking events provide students with an invaluable opportunity to meet potential partners and collaborators that could assist them with turning their business ideas into a reality.

Networking also gives access to funding resources necessary for starting up a business venture. Building relationships with professionals in the industry can provide valuable insights into the market, consumer behavior’s, and industry trends, which can be essential for developing successful business ventures.


In conclusion, networking and building relationships are essential elements for PGDM students looking to succeed in their careers.By networking with professionals in their industry, students can gain access to industry experts and mentors, job opportunities and valuable resources that could prove essential for their future careers.

Networking can also help students enhance their communication and interpersonal skills, establish a strong personal brand identity, and explore potential business ventures. Therefore, PGDM students in Bangalore must actively participate in networking events and build meaningful relationships with professionals in their industry to achieve long-term success in their careers.


GIBS Business School, based in Bangalore, India, is one of the best business schools in Bangalore that offers top postgraduate programs, including an PGDM(MBA) & Executive Programme.

Networking and building relationships are crucial elements of GIBS’ PGDM program.

The school offers several networking events for its students, such as GIBS Networking Day. At these gatherings, they can connect with professionals across industries and gain invaluable insights into their respective career paths.

GIBS also offers a mentorship program that connects students to industry experts who can guide their careers. Mentors may provide invaluable industry insight, help identify job opportunities, or offer career advice.

Networking can also help GIBS PGDM students gain access to valuable resources and information that can enhance their skills and knowledge. GIBS organizes various industry-specific events and workshops, where students can gain insights into the latest trends and developments in their fields.

In conclusion, networking and building relationships are essential elements of GIBS Business School’s PGDM program. By actively participating in networking events and building meaningful relationships with professionals in their industry, GIBS students can enhance their chances of success in their careers.


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