Benefitting From a Collaborative Environment..…!!! – October 28 2016

Benefitting From a Collaborative Environment..…!!!

Working in today’s globalised world has led to a lot of new ways to collaborate and create a working environment that is not limited to four walls. Video conferencing, using Slack application, and sending emails, has all led to a collaborative environment without borders.

Basically, a collaborative environment is where two or more people, in the same or different places, come together to accomplish a common goal. This goal can vary from the next presentation to be given to the client, or the statistical analysis of previous and current years’ profit and loss.


Being or having a collaborative environment has a lot of benefits:

Pooled skills and strengths: Each and every individual is unique and has their own strengths and skills that they can contribute to achieve the set goals. This leads to more amount of information and knowledge that might come in handy while achieving the goal.

  • Polish employee skills: Employees come with certain skills to the workplace. Collaboration and teamwork help them mend and hone the skills that they have in them. This increases their efficiency and can be used for their professional future.
  • Empathy: Employees working in a collaborative environment tend to share ideas, voice opinions, and debate on various topics. At the same time, they tend to hear what their team members have to tell and try to analyze the other person’s perspective for the common goal. This increases the empathy level among the team members.
  • Problem solving and innovation: With more and better ideas, inputs, and specialization of a particular field in the workplace can help solve a problem faster and in an easier manner. What could take three months may take three hours thanks to the different viewpoints in a collaborative environment. Further, collaboration helps a lot in innovation. Different perspectives on a particular problem can enhance the solution that employees come up with.
  • Work efficacy: In a collaborative team there is usually a team of experts in different areas or sometimes from different departments. This gives the team a lot of scope to improve the efficiency of the project on each and every level as they can divide and conquer each aspect of the project. This also increases capacity and decreases the additional costs.
  • Job satisfaction: When a team achieves a goal the sense of belonging to the team increases. This win promotes a healthy growth of employees ensuring they are in for the long haul.

Top MBA colleges in the world today have tried to adopt the principle of collaborative learning and give students joint projects to better understand how this type of environment can help their prospects. GIBS, one of the top 10 MBA schools in India, is a pioneer as well to promote such innovative steps among their faculty and students.


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