Best B school in Bangalore connects with knowledge partner QUIKLRN for 2019 and beyond

Best B school in Bangalore connects with knowledge partner QUIKLRN for 2019 and beyond

Looking back at the process of education some decades ago, it is a sea of difference! Though mighty personalities steered the world and the oasis of education, things were so much different. What exactly was the crucial difference between mega companies and a materialist, industrial society like today? Technology has overtaken us and some people are worried that it might be excessive, so much so that it disturbs the peace of mind and could be counterproductive. Many are concerned about the safety and security of sensitive data, whether official or personal. Looking at the positive side of things, the Global Institute of Business Studies’ new partner is QUIKLRN and the future looks very promising indeed.


Almost everything is going online these days

Everybody knows about the shopping advantages online but administration, communication, and research are a few aspects that enjoy supreme advantages with the rise of digital technology. Compared to the textbooks in the shops, online study materials are more up-to-date, representing the latest developments in the field whether science or humanities. Remaining connected in the olden ways meant getting together for workshops or speaking on the phone and writing hardcopy letters. Getting together nowadays can be achieved so conveniently via webinars and sharing study materials becomes so easy. The result is that even remote areas are getting enlightened via internet connections.


QUIKLRN and the best B school in Bangalore

Some apps work even without an internet connection may not be available everywhere and are unreliable too. The educational mobile digital platform QUIKLRN does not require the internet and thus would be doubly advantageous. A college student today is overwhelmed by excessive study materials and it is necessary to maintain personal copies. Like an online storehouse of garments or jewelry, here is a collection of study materials that may be considered far more valuable.

Several advantages make such a platform very desirable. There are no time restrictions. Colleges function for a few hours each day. Students can use study materials anytime and anywhere. A great advantage in the successful learning process, it is true that the students have grown up with gadgets and feel comfortable with them. Rather than hard-copy books, most would prefer to study on the screen and use all kinds of digital study methods and digital materials. Most exams have become digital which also points in the same direction.


Academic Study and Social media sharing

The process does look and feel like social media sharing that makes students more human. Why not clarify doubts by putting heads together online? Like almost everything else, life is getting more personalized even though the inspiration is technological. Mobile technology would facilitate personalized learning to a great extent. Though one may wish to return to the simpler chalk-and-talk teaching methods of the past, it is common knowledge that it cannot happen. Certain farfetched places may still follow that path. The complexities of the 21st century make it more difficult yet easier for the average citizen to study, work and play.

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Effective learning requires interaction, participation, and doing. Multimedia presents a complete package, even in the virtual classroom. Though all may not be comfortable with technology, such is the present culture and adjustments are necessary. Consider all the advantages of online learning when everything is delivered to the doorstep, just like pizza! It is all data management, to put it simply. Every kind of study uses data, whether textual or through figures and graphs. Digital methods easily manipulate data and figures and so the task of the student is simplified. Copying and transmission of data is easily and cheaply done. Nothing remains secret anymore.


The QUIKLRN advantages

Colleges and universities already have their networks to link students and teachers and share study materials besides connecting with social media and external agencies. QUIKLRN will integrate with those systems already set up, displaying content conveniently on a single screen for the benefit of students of the Best PGPM program in Bangalore too.

  • Like a pot of gold, faculty members will upload learning content department-wise. Like a bookstore, faculty and students would access the materials when they wish.
  • Further, like a notice board in the sky, easy communication is achieved with the students. Important messages are communicated and a close understanding is established.
  • Serving the purpose of a relevant search engine, the materials are easily organized in study modules.
  • Among the greatest modern challenges, publishing and accumulating content is so much simplified.

The leading 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM programs like in Global Institute of Business Studies needed a network like QUIKLRN and the time has come to raise management education to the next level. Never were the advantages for students greater in the garden city of Bangalore which has transformed into a global city with the power of information technology.


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