Beyond Rankings: 5 Aspects for Choosing Top B – School……!! – September 28 2016

Beyond Rankings: 5 Aspects for Choosing Top B – School……!!

Most applicants to Business school, or any school for that matter, may have a plan to apply to Top schools in their interested field of choice. And the only explanation for their plan is that these are the best business schools. While a particular school or program’s ranking is important, as that reputation will extend to you after earning a degree, the ranking should not be the only factor to consider when applying for an MBA. Think about scholarship options and your career goals too.

Knowing your Post-Graduation goals well can help you choose the best business school to match these goals. If you aim to work in a particular organization or industry, many schools/programs are ‘feeders’ into these. You should find out the companies that usually recruit from the school you are applying to, and make a decision accordingly.

If you see yourself living in a certain place in the future, earning your MBA from a school in that area, or closer to it can be helpful as alumni contacts and school reputation can often be more meaningful in certain localized areas.

Depending on your career goals, you may want to decide on a school based on whether they offer a full-time or part-time program. If you want to stay employed while you are in business school, you need to look at schools offering part-time or evening classes.

If you have to move your entire life to a completely different part of the world just to be able to enroll in a high-ranking program, that can be a large process and could significantly impact your life as well as those dependent on you. While this may not be a problem for some, others may want to look at good schools nearer to their location, or at schools offering a program taught primarily online.

How you plan to pay for your tuition is also a huge factor when choosing a B-school. Whether you pay for schooling out-of-pocket or plan to apply for MBA scholarships, grants, or loans, those costs have to be considered.

All of the above details have to be considered and properly researched so that you can put together the best overall plan. GIBS, one of the Top Business schools in Bangalore offers you a plethora of opportunities. You can find out more details about our program and tuition costs on their website.