Beyond the MBA Classroom- What you get to learn in GIBS…!! – September 28 2016

Beyond the MBA Classroom- What you get to learn in GIBS…!!

As we live in a competitive world, we all look forward to an institution that creates an environment that ultimately gives a platform to be part of a community of successful business leaders & when we select an MBA program, we are not just choosing our learning rather it is fortunate opportunities which are the ladder to climb into a corporate world.

Don’t you think we need more information and interactive way of knowledge as well as communication skills which led us to believe that we can survive…? As a Top B School in Bangalore GIBS has started wonderful theme of learning “Thought Leadership & Experiential Learning (TLEL), where students will be encouraged & taught theoretical knowledge in a practical manner which seems to be surprisingly awesome.

Students at GIBS are encouraged to build their interests by creating a forum, Clubs, and Committees for professional growth beyond classroom teachings. GIBS Placement & Internship committee encourages communication between students and recruiters. Students do get to develop strategic recommendations and apply the academic skills they have gained in the classroom.

GIBS Social Foundation will motivate candidates to know their role in “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), globally which is really essential to know one’s responsibility towards society. Where in GSF inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, and teaches you in several ways to have an accurate idea about people, planet, and profit.

GIBS Sports Academy is eye-catching here with lots of fun where you get to be active in events that take place throughout the academic year and you get to hang out with everyone in the game. The sports academy’s purpose is very clear to keep the MBA students fit physically as well as mentally meantime sports events provide great networking opportunities as being played in the team.

Well let’s give little attention to the Cultural & Events part also which often conducts on the GIBS Residential campus; This will certainly boost the student’s confidence level, and helps to come out of the stage of fear which allows them to face people easily in society…Moreover, artistic and cultural activities in Top B School will have the key to a cultural and social value that creates a positive environment in everyone’s life…

Here at GIBS, Events do not only include culture & enjoyment they could be conferences also or organizing Events or meeting up top business icons also under Global Business Forum (A Great platform for the corporate world) which helps students to have a wonderful & enthusiastic, experienced opportunity to improve their excellent communication skills and they can be self-motivated, they can build networking in the respective field, they can have an idea that how to work in a group of people from a different sector, overall they will be packed up with the great knowledge which is an ultimate platform for their career…

So as mentioned above many other things you will get to learn on the GIBS Residential campus which is beyond the classroom. “GIBS teach you that faculties can expand your mind and that learning extends you to learn beyond the classroom…”


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