Building an MBA Profile..…!!! – October 19 2016

Building an MBA Profile..…!!!

Applying to top MBA programs is not just about filling out application forms, but also about addressing the gaps in your profile. When you start thinking about your applications only a month or two before the deadlines, you are sure to find a lot of weaknesses in your profile, that will make you fall short of the qualifications required to apply to your programs of choice. Ensure you submit interesting, dependable, and successful applications.

Exam preparation is important to improve your chances of acceptance – be it CAT or GMAT or the myriad other entrance exams accepted by various B-schools. The scores in these exams matter a lot and you don’t always have time for a retake. So make sure you start your exam prep months in advance to ensure a good score as a low score surely lowers your chances to get into a top program.

Starting your application process early gives you ample time to do thorough research and understand the requirements of each school and program. Going through forums and talking to alumni gives you a fair idea of what qualities matter more to a particular school. For instance, if a school offers admits to those with leadership experiences, you should take on similar roles at your workplace to build a suitable profile. Finding out the essay questions asked in admission processes of previous years also help understand a school’s preference.
Meaningful extracurricular activities also have an impact on your application. Show dedication towards these interests and build upon them from early on, so you have genuine involvement to make mentioning them justifiable, rather than just making it seem like something you are adding to your profile just for the sake of it.
Top B-schools like GIBS value applicants with interesting profiles as they can contribute better to the class environment and dynamics. Start planning early and build a profile to suit your program of choice to ensure admission.


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