Business professionals climb higher in the corporate world with 1 Year PGDM from GIBS – June 22,2017

Business professionals climb higher in the corporate world with 1 Year PGDM from GIBS

One academic year passes by rather quickly but the PGDM course at GIBS Bangalore can make a world of difference! The most in-demand profession of business management has reached global proportions nowadays. Training 21st-century professionals who can take up challenges on the international horizon is the task faced by B-schools. Though India has thousands of B-schools, few of them succeed in refining skills and abilities with a global perspective. GIBS possesses the entire infrastructure in terms of faculty, industry connections, guest speakers, and technology besides adequate placements to be considered among the best.

Imagine an ambitious young graduate in any discipline, preferably connected with special interests that may be commerce or business administration. After successful graduation, full-time work experience follows. After working for several years, the realization dawns that skills and abilities do not cope up with the higher work pressures. Rising higher in the management world would require further training and experience at the hands of experienced faculty and a new shot at studies.


The one-year PGDM opens up new horizons

The course that is quickly completed in two semesters is open to graduates in any field who have qualified in the three-year undergraduate degree program. The PGDM program is not meant for fresh graduates. Management courses throughout the world and even in the most advanced USA insist upon adequate work experience perhaps in the managerial capacity. Several years of such work experience have already taught me important lessons about work life. Thinking on your feet, coping with deadlines, and the emotional and physical stress all take their toll professionally.

Interpersonal skills, excellent communication in speech and writing, teamwork and motivation, and analytical, logical, and managerial skills are all needed. The first working experience is always unique. Entrants to the PGDM course have already crossed some milestones along the management path that they might pursue throughout their lifetime.


Multiple domains of specialization in PGDM

What matters in the contemporary world is a specialized approach to study areas. Successful managers are those who have specialist knowledge and experience in a particular field though management and financial issues may apply to every sector in general. Those who combine technical knowledge with business skills would reach very high in the industry since it is a twin advantage. MNCs do need such staff who understand technical intricacies as well as the trends of the business world.

In PGDM, Marketing Management and Human Resources Management are two of the specialized study areas. Hospital Administration and E-commerce are also specialized areas of study. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Management and Business Administration as specialized subjects would enable the setting up of an independent business with knowledge of the different aspects. Not every management graduate is in search of highly paid designations in MNCs. Many of them want to launch independent businesses in a small way that could expand and diversify in good time.

Quality of teaching and variety of learning activities at GIBS
Unlike many B-schools that promise many things but only succeed in teaching theory and create unemployable pass outs, GIBS has gathered a powerful reputation as a center for excellence. The faculty does pay personal attention to the needs of the students. A sense of purpose, drive, and motivation is felt as soon as you step into the campus at Bannerghatta. It is a sprawling campus with abundant nature and a place that inspires study and competition.

Participatory and interactive learning has its rewards. The best understanding comes from doing things and participating rather than by passive rote learning for the sake of passing examinations. The range of lectures and workshops, presentations, and seminars do create a thirst for knowledge that may be directly applied because it is in tune with the present needs. An up-to-date constantly evolving curriculum keeps the students on their toes and alive to the changing trends of the business world.


Program structure

Besides the specialization that throws light on several important areas of contemporary business, Management Processes, Organizational Behavior, and Development, Business Ethics/ Human Values, and Organizational Communication are the topics taught in the first semester. After a simple beginning, Marketing Management, Advertising & Brand Management, Marketing of Services, and International Marketing will be taught.

HR forms an important part of every organization along with money and materials of course. International Human Resources Management, Organizational Culture, Change & Development, Employee Relations Management, and Labor Legislation are topics that enable students to understand the business setup along with the governing laws for labor.

Healthcare forms one of the biggest business sectors worldwide and India offers outstanding large-scale health tourism with global health chains setting up hospitals. The topics for study in this field are Environment for Health Care Management, Hospital Operations Management, Accounting & Finance for Health Care, and Management Marketing for Health Care Services.

Global internet sales have increased rapidly due to convenience, better quality of products, a vast range, and cheaper prices. Studying topics like Infrastructure for E-Commerce, Fundamentals of E-Commerce, and Fundamentals of M-Commerce develop student ideas and knowledge of this booming field where everything can be bought and sold.

Setting up an independent business is getting easier with all the technology and software, the ease and convenience of online selling. Small Business Environment and Management, Small Business Marketing, Financing of Small Business, Entrepreneurial Development, and New Enterprise Management are the related topics covered.

Finance finds a special place in any business. Accounting for Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, and Human Resource Management are very important to study topics.


One year of study and a short duration of success

As compared to many other lengthy study and training courses, two semesters is a short duration but the benefits could last lifelong. Those already in service or business could join PGDM at GIBS for better chances to rise professionally.


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