Campus Placements and Internships at GIBS

Campus Placements and Internships at GIBS Business School, Bangalore

Global Institute of Business Studies located in picturesque Bangalore caters to the business management needs of dynamic boys and girls from several countries. Among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore, it is certain that the academic course of studies with multiple practical sessions would lead to an exceptional professional career. While many institutions make rosy promises that are not eventually fulfilled, this college honors every commitment to ensure the welfare of students.

Established in 2014, though not many years have passed, the records of previous years indicate that several leading corporations have absorbed the successful candidates in excellent postings. The admission process is complex too with the entrance examinations, but once a seat is obtained after all the labor, it is a one-way ticket to success up the corporate ladder.

The beckoning world of business that surrounds!

It might be an age of technology but the same has fueled mighty business growth like the startups in Bangalore. An endless variety of businesses locally and across India and the world presents infinite opportunities. In the olden days, it was necessary to work perhaps for decades to reach somewhere high in life. Business management will get you there to senior positions within a few years with the right institutions and pioneering effort in the right direction. Having the right connections in business, the college infrastructure and faculty would soon reach you at the peak of the business adventure. Avoid hopping from job to job, but aim to settle down with a single good company that respects its workers.

Unlike medicine and engineering, management courses like PGDM last a single year, provided a graduation degree has been obtained in any subject with commerce being an advantage. That means a total of four years of study after class 12. Some engineering courses require four years of study too, but PGDM applies to many fields according to the dual specializations available.


Internships come first

Business management courses traditionally require entrants to have previous work experience but many do not have significant job experience. As a result, understanding of the practical aspects of working in companies would be absent. Especially for those candidates who did not really work earlier, the internships with the leading companies do come as a sensational venture. Though it might be called an apprenticeship, this is the kind of lifestyle and ambience in which they will work during a business career of many decades. Many do succeed in starting independent businesses after a period of service to understand the ground realities. Those who already have family business running would become great assets in the future.
Among the many advantages of studying in Bangalore are the multiple mega corporations that operate manufacturing, assembly or service units here. It is a dazzling world in business terms and even short internships of a few weeks with one of these would go a long way to increase prestige, skills, understanding and experience. Aiming high is what everybody needs to do. Will it be telecommunications or textiles, automobiles or banks for internships?


The Placement Advisory Board

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore certainly work hard along with the right business connections and approaches to ensure the best campus placements for the students. Otherwise, students may have to apply to a dozen places, undergo harassment and finally get a mediocre job to rot all their lives. As a result of the policies and professional training to write the CV and appear successfully in interviews and written tests, it is mostly smooth sailing to get well employed all. It is true that everybody does not get the same designation and the cream certainly gets the best deals.

Along with the faculty and the institutional connections are a group of renowned experts in senior positions in industry that make up the Placement Advisory Board. Student representatives also contribute to the task of contacting companies and arranging for the campus interviews. Similarly, companies that wish to recruit would contact the institute and express their intentions. Some leading companies have been recruiting staff there every year and particularly during diversification plans or setting up new branches.

PPT or Pre-Placement talks are held to make the details final and information concerning candidates and job requirements would be discussed. Registration of the right candidates would be followed by the selection interview and other tests like the written and group discussion.

Many are the advantages and blessings of studying at the 1 year PGDM colleges in Bangalore! Escape from the frustrations of job hunting independently with no certainties.

The assurances of GIBS are realized through a dedicated and qualified, caring and dynamic faculty along with an expansive 4.5 acres of educational infrastructure that leaves nothing to chance. Like a well-oiled machine, everything moves like clockwork, assuming that the students are dedicated too.

Make it through the entrance examination to an institution that will lead up the career ladder quickly and lay the foundation for a successful life. Hyundai, Kotak or Amul may be waiting!


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