Case Studies during MBA…!!! – December 20 2016

Case Studies during MBA…!!!

Case study method is a very popular methodology used in classes for MBA & Business Management students. In this method the students are given a particular case or file to study and they have to analyse and take a decision on the basis of discussion and thorough research.

This method is responsible for intensive study of a unit; students usually study about n number of cases which gives the analytical power to increase the knowledge and come out with flying colours. The case study method has been lauded for the encouragement it gives to students to interact and to discuss and develop solutions for a particular study.

Few of its advantages are:

  • Builds Leadership skills: The idea of a case study is that it stimulates a pseudo real life work environment which lets the students take responsibility which in turn builds confidence and leadership skills. Taking firm decisions, getting their viewpoint across, and giving credit to subordinate when required are just some of the leadership skills that develops in the process. Furthermore, this helps them get ready for the real business world that they need to face after their graduation.
  • Better than lectures: Case studies involve a lot of analysis and in depth research. Although, this may seem boring, it is considered fun by many MBA students since they get to interact and share ideas. Many students who are pursuing the degree do not disagree that lectures are too much to take in but say that they prefer case studies as they are forced to think in various manner. It also helps them to experience the real human problem bring a sense of achievement.
  • Decision forcing: The case studies that are provided to the students are quite complex and need time and attention to be solved properly. A decision has to be taken by the end of the project. This forces the students to think in a more creative and critical manner making them ready for the job.
  • Role play: In trying to solve the problems posed in the case studies, students usually take a step towards a little bit of role play to better their decision. This helps them grow individually building empathy factor in them. This only strengthens as a positive aspect in their life.
  • Quick decision making: Case studies helps students firstly to develop good decision making skills but more importantly how to do the same quickly. There are a lot of case studies that students will have to do during their MBA, thus, it becomes important to take concrete, plausible, and exact decisions.

One of the top B-schools in southern India, GIBS, keeps in mind the value and importance the case study method holds. Thus, students in our institution are encouraged and motivated to take them up to broaden their horizons.


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