Celebrating Unity and Achievements: GIBS Family Day

Celebrating Unity and Achievements: GIBS Family Day


Gathered on the 24th of June, the GIBS family celebrated their annual GIBS Family Day, a momentous occasion that signifies the strong bonds and shared purpose within their close-knit community. As we delve into this blog post, let us explore the essence of this event and the tremendous impact the GIBS family has had on its students and the institution as a whole.


A Family Beyond Blood:

At GIBS Business School, the sense of family goes far beyond traditional ties. Bound together by a common purpose and unwavering dedication, the members of this family have created a learning environment with love, respect, and support that extends beyond the confines of the GIBS campus. Every individual who walks through the GIBS doors brings not only their knowledge, skills, and expertise but also a piece of their heart, forming a harmonious community that fosters growth and success.


Standing Strong Together:

One of the defining aspects of the GIBS family is their ability to stand united through both triumphs and challenges. In times of difficulty, they face obstacles as a united front, finding strength in their shared purpose. Their unconditional support for one another serves as a testament to the deep bonds they have forged over time. This unity forms the foundation upon which the GIBS family continues to thrive.


Empowering Students:

The impact of the GIBS family on their students goes beyond conventional measures of success. It lies in the transformation of confidence, aspirations, and self-belief that takes place within the hearts and minds of the students. The teachers and mentors of GIBS are not just facilitators of education; they hold the dreams of their students in their hands and guide them toward realizing their true potential. The unwavering commitment of the GIBS family plays a pivotal role in shaping future leaders and empowering them to make a positive impact on the world.


Honoring Dedication and Selflessness:

On this momentous occasion, GIBS Family Day, it is essential to recognize and applaud the selflessness and dedication that each family member brings to their work. Their passion and commitment are the driving forces behind the transformation witnessed in the lives of GIBS students.


Acknowledging Accomplishments:

In the spirit of recognizing achievements, the GIBS family is proud to announce their recent accolades. GIBS Business School has been ranked 65th in Future Orientation B-Schools in the top 100, 10th in City-wise Ranking for Bangalore, and 76th in the Top 100 Private B-Schools category in the prestigious Business Today Survey. This remarkable achievement showcases the dedication and hard work of the GIBS family and sets the stage for even greater success in the future.



As the GIBS family gathers to celebrate their shared journey, it is a moment of profound gratitude and appreciation. Their love, support, and unwavering commitment have transformed GIBS Business School into a place where dreams come true, and lifelong bonds are formed. The impact they have made on their students’ lives is immeasurable, and their collective achievements set a remarkable benchmark for the future. As the GIBS family continues to march forward, let us celebrate their unity, accomplishments, and the bright future that lies ahead.


In conclusion, GIBS Business School stands as one of the top PGDM and MBA colleges in Bangalore, offering exceptional programs, experienced faculty, modern infrastructure, and a student-centered approach to education. With its commitment to excellence and focus on holistic development, GIBS provides a solid foundation for aspiring business professionals and leaders.


Transform Your Future with GIBS Business School!

Located in the vibrant city of Bangalore, GIBS Business School stands as a beacon of excellence among the top PGDM and MBA colleges. With a relentless focus on practical learning and industry exposure, GIBS empowers students to unleash their potential and carve a path to success in the dynamic corporate world.

At GIBS, our distinguished faculty, comprising seasoned industry experts and accomplished academicians, serve as mentors, guiding students with invaluable insights and expertise. With a perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skill-based training, our comprehensive PGDM program equips students with the skills and acumen demanded by today’s corporate world.

Our modern infrastructure, featuring state-of-the-art classrooms and a well-equipped library, amphitheater, conference, and computer lab, creates an environment conducive to inspired learning. By organizing guest lectures, workshops, seminars, outbound training programs, and industry visits, GIBS ensures students receive a holistic education.

For aspiring undergraduate students, the GIBS BBA program offers a transformative journey toward becoming future business leaders. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, we nurture young talents and instill the qualities needed for success in the competitive business arena.

With a student-centric approach, GIBS fosters personal growth and development through various extracurricular activities, leadership training, and entrepreneurship initiatives. We believe in molding well-rounded individuals who can thrive in diverse professional settings.


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