Changing the face of Management Education: GIBS is evolving through leadership at the front – March 21,2017

Changing the face of Management Education: GIBS is evolving through leadership at the front

In the most cosmopolitan City of Bangalore, Mr Ritesh Goyal has what it takes to make a difference in business education as Chairman and CEO, of GIBS. While accepting the diverse roles played by the faculty and the advisory board, a single person’s dynamic vision has inspired a generation of students. Many movements in history have similarly resulted from the efforts of a single luminous personality who stood up against all odds. Considering that humanity has advanced so much more as compared to medieval times, the credit should be accordingly higher.

Business management education has reached a peak globally today with the rise of industry, technology, and entrepreneurship. Countries can progress only if they have a sound educational structure. Not only is early education important to instill noble virtues but tertiary education must excel. A challenging, competitive environment that motivates and energizes, and that is what GIBS has succeeded in establishing in Bangalore.

Ritesh Goyal is an entrepreneur who excelled! Not only is he dedicated to student welfare and success in the business world but is a great philanthropist too. He built one of the greatest business schools in India which is often praised by media sources for its excellent infrastructure and ambiance. Praise alone may not convince and statistics reveal the extent of successful placements. A long list of MNCs regularly knocks on the doors each year in quest of the best MBAs.


From Rajasthan

The Indian subcontinent combines many worlds! Growing up in everyday surroundings in a small town in Rajasthan, Ritesh Goyal studied in Hindi initially. Communication problems did arise but he studied Engineering in Delhi and decided to study MBA in Bangalore in 2007. Two years later, it was recession time which taught that opportunities arise amidst distress.

Next came Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training and then Excel Business Academy. Practicing business skills had begun and the long and hard road lay ahead. Lucky to be supported by a younger brother, Ritesh established Pathfinder. It is truly hard to believe that he set up nine organizations across Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi in four years. That seems quite incredible and speaks so highly of his business and management skills. Bangalore is lucky that Ritesh decided to study MBA here and is grateful for GIBS.

Life, after all, is a series of situations people are faced with. Learning to cope with pressures and make informed decisions in the heat of the moment is what management expertise is all about. Ritesh did learn how to make the best use of opportunities that came his way. Besides, a social commitment and concern for society drove him on in an endless pursuit of excellence. If large numbers of MBA graduates from GIBS are well placed today, they have him to thank for his endearing role in institutional success.


The associations and partnerships

While society is a composite of high achievers, Ritesh Goyal has spread his net far and wide. He certainly did not stay at home but inspired many with a spirit of enterprise. A ‘never say die’ attitude drove him on and on towards business and management success. It is a fervent hope that students under his guidance would also reach for the skies and create the India of our dreams. Goyal Educational Trust, Global Business Forum, GIBS Social Foundation, GIBS Sports Academy, and Community Group of Institutions are some of the ventures he has been connected with.


The spiritual basis of education

Ritesh is primarily an educationist that has always been regarded as a noble profession. The light of truth and the blessings of culture are some of the teacher’s gifts to the students. A constant striving for the sublime is what a teacher inspires in students. The spirit of social work and assistance for the deprived is certainly a part of that glorious mission. The GIBS Social Foundation renders humanitarian services to help relieve suffering, among other duties.


A cherished recognition

In 2016 came a prestigious honor for Ritesh! Bestowed with the “International Achievers Award for Education Excellence” at Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi, it was truly a moment of truth. The award particularly recognized his outstanding leadership qualities and excellence in educational achievement. Considering other elite winners of the coveted award through the years, Ritesh now belongs to a deserved company that has influenced the course of social history.

Several other awards came his way during a distinguished career though so very young still and without an initial financial background. “Parivarthan Prabha – Goenka Group” gave home the “Vishishth Nagrik Samman” award as the youngest entrepreneur. The “Innovative Entrepreneur” award came from


A career that shines like the sun

Ritesh has many years of sensational achievements ahead and we may look forward to great, further business and management achievements. The greatest message that he practically demonstrated is constantly striving in search of success. Skills may be learned in training institutions but learning never really stops. While many people struggle to establish a single institution or organization, he has been regularly associated with several, some of which he was instrumental in setting up.

A rare life in the service of education and social causes it has been so far. Ritesh was lucky that he received the support of his brothers. A dynamic drive that knew no reason to hesitate helped him persevere.

Meanwhile, business and management theories are changing as compared to a few decades ago. Keeping in tune with contemporary thinking, theories, and practice must adjust to circumstances. Distractions and temptations are many in the 21st-century scenario and youngsters have a hard and bitter battle to fight. Not only is competition so intense but lifestyles are rapidly changing. Value systems are changing and technology now appears to be the master.

Yet science, industry, and technology cannot be allowed to overtake humanity. If that happened, humans would be reduced to mere robots. Ritesh has proved the importance of humanitarian values with his dedication to social work despite a career that was based on business. A right balance between business and humanity is what every MBA should strive for.


The media loves him

We can pray that more like him are born to serve the noble causes of education and the relief of humanitarian problems. As an educationist and businessperson, management specialist, and consultant, it has been a career that shines like the light in the darkness. If education removes ignorance and replaces it with light, such has been the graceful achievement of a rare personality.

Media interviews on television channels and in magazines have highlighted an illustrious career and informed the public of notable achievements. Few have achieved so much at such an early age, originating in ordinary beginnings. Though history may contain many such dynamic stories, here is a living example of one who achieved so much.

Indians particularly should be proud and render due recognition and encourage him further. Publishing life experiences is one way of sharing some striking chapters and providing valuable insights into how elaborate success finally came about. An insight into the mind that achieved so much could be revealed by penning and publishing life experiences.


GIBS successes continue

It is the work of a living legend at GIBS where batches of students continue to toil for MBA success every year. They know that excellent placements wait in the real world of work. When they eventually succeed in their business management career or at least make a positive beginning, they know it is Ritesh Goyal who made a difference in their lives.


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