Chart your success story with GIBS -March 3, 2016

Chart your success story with GIBS

Today, there are umpteen numbers of Business schools and MBA colleges. It is a daunting task to chart out which school suits you the best. It is well known that ‘when in doubt, choose the best’. GIBS is one of the pioneer business schools in India. It is ranked among the top business schools in India and year on year; GIBS has been churning out the best students who have made a mark for themselves in the business world.

Every student at any business school has to take usually one of the two paths at the end of the course. One is to join a challenging job in a business house or to become an entrepreneur. At GIBS, both these conditions are taken good care of. GIBS boast of a very active Placement Cell. The GIBS Business School gives utmost importance to assisting its students in getting suitable placements after the successful completion of their studies. Various initiatives have been taken to develop students to be industry-ready professionals. GIBS take pride in its excellent track record in placements ever since its establishment. Some of the best brands have found GIBS students to be ‘Industry Ready’ and some of the companies are regular for campus recruitment.

For those who dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs, GIBS is the place to be. GIBS mold the future leaders to be pioneers of the modern frontier. The students are encouraged to think innovatively. The students are not only invited to think out of the box but sometimes to throw the box!

The GIBS MBA opens the mind to how the business world works and prepares you to take challenges head-on. Right from the beginning, the students are encouraged to think creatively and are made aware of the challenges and the circumstances which need to be faced with nerves of steel. Without prior training in some of these crucial aspects, the business venture is always going to be lacking in its quest.

Whether you choose to land a lucrative job or become an entrepreneur, it is a win-win situation either way.


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