Common Mistakes When Applying to Business School – October 12 2016

Common Mistakes When Applying to Business School

Getting into Top Business School can be a very stressful time, and it is common to make mistakes with your application process that could end up crushing your college dreams. These are the seven most common mistakes applicants make when applying to business school.

  1. Using generic reasons for choosing a college: Students shouldn’t give generic reasons to want to go to college. Find something unique you like about the school and express that in the admissions essay.
  2. Forgetting to proofread: It is very important to proofread your applications and essays. Also ask another adult – teacher, friend, or guidance counsellor – to proofread them as well.
  3. Missing the opportunity to fully explain extracurricular activities
    Do not miss the opportunity to talk about all of your extracurricular activities. Most schools look for candidates with all-round personalities, and mentioning your extra-curricular engagements will work in your favor.
  4. Sending in low test scores even if the school doesn’t require them
    Not all schools require you to send standardized test scores. If you performed very well on your standardized tests, it’s certainly beneficial to send your scores in. But if you have very low test scores, it’s important to make sure you know the requirements for each school before applying.
  5. Applying on the day the application is due: It is highly recommended to send your applications before the deadline. Colleges track when students send applications, and it reflects negatively when you send in your applications the day they are due. It may indicate to admissions officers that you are lazy, or that the school you are applying to isn’t your first choice.
  6. Neglecting to show an interest in the college beyond the application: Colleges have started to look in other areas to prove the demonstrated interest of applicants, including looking at students’ social media pages. They notice when students “like” their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.
  7. Requesting recommendations at the last minute: Give adequate time for academic/professional recommendations. This gives your recommender a good time to write something significant for you.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you get into a top business school of your choice, like a Non-IIM Institution like GIBS Business School.


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