Conquer the Placement and Interview Headaches Successfully With Dedicated Strategies – November 08,2017

Conquer the Placement and Interview Headaches Successfully With Dedicated Strategies

When thousands of eager students join college courses each year after successful schooling, they begin to dream. Particularly it is the professional courses that attract the best students who have an exceptional chance of success. It is the lucky students who succeed at campus placements but it is a complex journey. Besides the innate dynamic potential that is crucial, the outstanding faculty and the corporate connections of the institution have important roles to play. It is a dream career that waits for the meritorious students who would start smooth sailing early in life with a plush job. Yet, certain techniques and strategies, approaches, and commitments would improve the chances of success.


Start preparations early

Not only does it apply to examinations but to interviews also. A majority of students prepare intensely only at the last moment, perhaps a few days in advance, and chances of success are greatly reduced. Start a survey of the professional setup and the number of vacancies, company history in the locality, and the possibilities of prospects. Besides the wealth of information nowadays available over the internet, seniors, teachers, and industry leaders would provide valid material that is specifically related to the sector you wish to enter. Carefully consider the areas of specialization that you have opted for and aim accordingly since that is your expertise that would fetch rich rewards. Besides, in Rome, learn to do like the Romans.

Which companies are likely to visit your campus in search of good managers? Research those company histories and culture, organization structure, and pay packages and philosophy.


Common questions asked at interviews

Now get more and more specific by targeting what questions are usually asked in such interviews. Much of it would be subject-related of course and you need to keep up to date with recent media news besides the highlights of the particular subject. Googling would certainly provide access not only to question papers but the trends in interviews would also be understood.

Favorites are often asked in interviews, whether it is a subject or lesson, country, celebrity, or organization. Prepare accordingly but be prepared to answer some search questions on the theme. Let it be something genuinely liked and not something prepared which would appear quite artificial. If it is Rural Management, what are the crucial issues and why do you like it?


Practice the written and spoken English skills

A crucial reason that some succeed and some don’t at interviews is the critical question of communication in English. If that is your weakness, go out of the way to get involved in language learning activities. Reading is essential to get at all the general information but don’t forget to practice speaking aloud. Grab opportunities to express through speech. You have to speak aloud without fear of mistakes. Many foreign students who are weak in English suffer from similar problems. Unless you dive into the water, it is not possible to swim.

Participating in the wide networks of social media does help to open up. Participate in group discussions and gossip a little more. Use all the languages you know to communicate. Express through images, art, quotations, whatever.


Written tests and essay type or aptitude tests, multiple choice, etc

Preparing a CV, written tests of several kinds, and screening are common procedures adopted at campus placements. Those should not be a problem since you are well-versed in it after maybe 15 or 18 years of school plus college years. Some practice may help with previous question papers according to the nature of the tests expected. Be careful when it comes to writing and always express positive approaches to life, highlighting what is good rather than looking at the dark side of life.


Avoid overdoing things

During interviews, do not behave as if you know everything, avoid hurrying in speaking and shun serious facial expressions. Adopt a cheerful and friendly attitude with a smile. Avoid falsifying any information and be sure to be punctual according to the time set for the interview. Follow the accepted dress code and try to be conventional. Don’t forget to attract attention to some unique project or activity that you have undertaken if given an opportunity. Prepare for such a chance. You should try to convince them that you are willing to run the extra mile for the company if selected.


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