Studying Corporate B.Com in GIBS, Bangalore leads to a sensational choice of business careers – June 30,2017

Studying Corporate B.Com in GIBS, Bangalore leads to a sensational choice of business careers

Under the aegis of Bangalore University in Karnataka. Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore conducts several superb management courses. A combined MBA and PGPM are available besides Corporate BBA, Corporate B.Com, and PGDM. Students who complete 12 years of school education are eligible for the bachelor’s courses while graduates qualify for the postgraduate courses. Working professionals who have worked some years in the industry can look forward to additional opportunities after studying for these degree and diploma courses. An MBA during weekends is meant for the convenience of such working professionals.


Among the best management institutes in India

Affiliations, accreditations, awards, and rankings say a lot about one of the new-age institutions that has conquered many peaks to reach a much sought-after status. GIBS has been producing top-notch professionals during the last decade that it has been in existence. During the academic course, it is a hectic round of classes, seminars, workshops, presentations, projects, and internships. The green 4.5-acre campus presents a beehive of activity each day with learning, personality building, and soft skills and communications training that only ends with sleep. A network of GIBS alumni across the globe is the ultimate motivation to excel in a field where the greatest opportunities lie with the endless MNCs who have opened shops in Bangalore.


The appeal of the Bangalore culture

The garden city and the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has achieved a global city status with the development of industries and the IT boom. While village life would be far more peaceful, prospects come from every direction in a multicultural city environment that presents the best of opportunities. Why not accept the challenge to shine professionally on a global scale?


We live in a world immersed in commerce!

The contemporary world is saturated with technology but commerce rules over everything. Money, human resources, and materials are crucial to every form of business activity and management is the glue that holds them all together. Without banking, finance, and insurance, no business would succeed. The 21st century for the first time in human history has brought about mega businesses that work across countries and continents. Don’t forget the online businesses where most of the world is now moving because of the greatest conveniences and the best prices. Yet industry and factories work in brick-and-mortar buildings and are sold online.

Global markets opened up by the Internet have created immense job openings. Those who possess the appropriate aptitude and skills could be employed anywhere in job advertisements, applications, and online interviews have facilitated easy and quick employment. If you have an aptitude and interest in banking, accountancy, and finance with regards to business, give some serious thought to pursuing the three-year B.Com course at GIBS according to the Bangalore University syllabus. Aim at leadership positions in the field since the course includes personality training and communication skills development appropriate to the business sector.


The B.Com core syllabus

The B.Com course content primarily deals with accounting and statistics, marketing principles, and human resource management. Business administration and special subjects recommended by Bangalore University have their distinctive place in the syllabus. E-business, Auditing, and Information Systems are thoroughly covered. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are particularly important. Creativity and Enterprise need to be developed along with knowledge of the existing scenario in business. Laws and procedures, systems, and regulations guide businesses at every step on all levels, local, regional, national, and international.

Career Counseling by experts rich in industry experience provides many eye-openers to the real state of the business world. Rather than knowing theories, Learning in Practice is encouraged to obtain a realistic understanding of the environment. Communication in speech and writing and through technology is stressed. Global exposure and worldwide intelligence are inculcated through a variety of activities. Library resources backed up by industry publications feed valuable up-to-date information to young minds in their scholarly quest.

Several unique value-added programs and short-term certification programs bring a world of fascinating experiences and add to the accumulated knowledge, experience, and skills. The personality is molded in the process to work alongside foreigners with their different languages, cultures, and philosophies. A broad vision is inculcated in students along with soft skills like teamwork, leadership, and cooperation.

Paid internships probably bring the first experience of earning money to students. It is a valuable experience and may lead to regular appointments with the concerned company. Campus placements favor many of the students who perform excellently as a richly deserved reward that may last a lifetime.


Further study opportunities after B.Com

Many wish to accumulate degrees nowadays to gain leverage in the job market. Perhaps MCom would be considered which would lead to a teaching career. But not everybody wishes to study further since getting an early foothold in the job market is equally important.

Every commerce student would have experienced the dream of becoming a Chartered Account. CA requires three examinations to be completed; the CPT, IPCC, and Final CA. Alternatively, pursuing MBA at a reputed institution would launch a spectacular business leadership career. Thinking in terms of foreign prospects, the USA conducts the Certified Management Accountant program that is reviewed by the ICMA. CMA requires two examinations to be cleared.


What job types would you be qualified for?

Accountants are required to keep track of expenditures, profits, and losses in any business! It is very common for commerce graduates to work as accountants initially and gather some experience.

Becoming a tax consultant would require some initial job experience before you can set up an office independently.

Banking jobs show a great preference for commerce graduates. BPOs also want commerce graduates. The internet has made it so convenient to keep track of jobs being offered.

An auditor is a senior accountant who checks financial ledgers. The study of short courses for commerce graduates would enable them to become stock brokers. An Export-Import Manager, Financial Consultant, Insurance Consultant, and Company Secretary are some of the senior positions that commerce graduates can achieve after some experience and further study. Are you interested in becoming a Market Researcher, Economist, Event Manager, Hotel Manager Travel Manager, or an MBA then explore more at