COVID & Career Pause? Not in GIBS!

COVID & Career Pause? Not in GIBS!

Unarguably, Covid-19 has also led to unprecedented situations in the Higher Education Sector. This unfortunate outbreak has imperiled admission, placements, and job prospects in the management world.

Many business schools started online lectures during the lockdown period to prevent the loss of students’ academic year.

Although Unlock 1.0 began on 8th June 2020 when various businesses have started their operations, there was no good news for the education sector. According to the Indian Government’s orders, many business schools shut down their operations to follow preventive measures.

There’s good news, though, which is more of a golden opportunity for
BBA and PGDM aspirants!

Lately, AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education) has released the revised academic calendar for the 2020-21 batch.

Business schools have to follow important guidelines for the admission process, examination process, and fee refund.
Now business institutes can conduct MBA, BBA, PGDM, and similar admission/examinations based on merit.

But Let’s Face The Fact.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted job opportunities, placement, and internships in 2020.

When this is an India-wide situation, we at GIBS managed to stay afloat!

With sheer determination, making the most out of the situation and willing to stretch ourselves beyond limits.

At GIBS, now Covid-19 will not affect the future goals of management aspirants. Here, we are encouraging students to come out of the Covid-19 outbreak and grab the upcoming opportunities.

Make The Best Use Of Post Covid-19 And Start Your Management Career At GIBS Immediately!

MBA graduates are no less than busy machines, which are often thinking about new ideas and planning. You might be indulging in various house activities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But then it’s also the time to enroll in BBA and PGDM sessions and bag the upcoming internships by top-notch multinational firms.

Let’s look at the broader picture of this scenario.

Like other business schools, GIBS has also started the admission process and is likely to conduct examinations as per government rules.

But You Know What?

In 2020-21, the admission rate will decline, and there are fewer possibilities of students opting for management courses. And here’s the big catch for you you MUST NOT let go.

GIBS has very good corporate relationships with multinational firms, and soon there will be a plethora of growth opportunities for 2020-21

Agreed, enrolling in GIBS or other business schools depends on various factors. Above all, the economic turndown of the whole nation has adversely affected the education sector.

But, MBA graduates are game-changers, and COVID-19 has encouraged many budding entrepreneurs.

Job Prospects/Placements In Post Covid-19?

Corresponding to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the worldwide economy will shrink by 3%, which results in fewer placements and growth opportunities. Currently, the worst affected sectors are pharmaceutical companies, hospitality, and travel.

The beginning of 2021 is expected to see a surge in MBA recruitments because businesses without leaders are like a sea without fish. And GIBS is the maker and transformer of leaders that are ruling multinational firms.

In our post Covid-19 internships, Student-in Residence programs will be entertained. So grab this opportunity right away!

Growth Opportunities At GIBS In Post Covid-19

Like other business schools, GIBS also conducts campus placements in April or December. Many business schools have eliminated the recruitment process. The same is the current scenario of top-notch business schools.

  • Agreed, the placement process will be slowing down at GIBS too, but there are fewer possibilities for students not getting placed.
  • Our economy is seeing its all-time low at 1.9%. Remember, whatever touches its bottom has to come up by universal law. The final placements of the 2020-21 batch will be quite fruitful because the economy will undoubtedly bounce back. Hopefully, most of the halted candidates will be placed in the upcoming December or February sessions.
  • Enrolling in GIBS in the upcoming batches means lucrative pay and less competition with Tier-3 business schools. As the tourism sector is also improving, they’ll take part in the placement sessions.
  • WFH (Work From Home) Policy will be in trend even in 2021, but you don’t have to struggle with gig work or freelancing. GIBS will be tentatively placing around 80% of graduates in the upcoming year.

The Genuine Placement Records Of GIBS

GIBS placements’ success rate is far better than other competitors.
Below are some actual figures to consider while enrolling in this B-

  • Between 2015 to 2018, an average of 150-160 companies hired GIBS graduates for final-year placement. When it comes to internships this year, 58 companies have already recruited freshers.
  • Top-notch companies like ICICI Bank, Bosch, Berger Paints, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Tommy Hilfiger, Deloitte, and Flipkart were always part of the final-year placements.
  • When it comes to the highest CTC offered to GIBS graduates, Byjus and Doc With You are the top competitors offering 10.00 LPA and 9.00 LPA. Companies like TCS, Deloitte, XL Dynamics, and averagely offer 5.50 LPA to 8.00 LPA to graduates.

Final Wrap-Up

When you are a part of GIBS, we ensure your career path becomes smoother and develop confidence and a competitive attitude.

Last but not least, there is more good news for aspirants On 12 th September 12, 2020, a small webinar for the aspirants to know more about placements, job opportunities, and examinations in post-Covid-19.

Hundreds of students are already enrolling in BBA, PGDM, and other management courses.

Why only learn the complicated curriculum and crack examinations?

Enroll at GIBS and make corporate relationships with successful

Best Of Luck For Your Management Career!