Cracking the XAT 2024 Syllabus: Tips and Study Plan

Cracking the XAT 2024 Syllabus: Tips and Study Plan

As the XAT 2024 exam date approaches, aspirants are gearing up to tackle the XAT 2024 syllabus. Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is one of the most prestigious management entrance exams in India, and understanding its syllabus thoroughly is the first step towards success. This comprehensive guide will break down the XAT 2024 syllabus into its various components and offer valuable tips and a study plan to help you excel in each section, ensuring your readiness for admission to Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bangalore and Beyond.


Verbal & Logical Ability:

Verbal Ability forms a significant chunk of the XAT 2024 syllabus. It consists of a wide range of topics that test your command of the English language. Key areas in this section include vocabulary-based questions, fill-in-the-blanks, synonyms/antonyms, contextual meaning of words, jumbled paragraphs, correction of errors in sentences, correct usage of words, completion of sentences, completion of paragraphs, cloze test, and poem comprehension.

Reading Comprehension is another crucial segment within Verbal Ability. It includes information-based questions, the author’s view type of questions, inference-based questions, identifying the main idea and purpose of the passage, true/false statements based on the passage, and explanations of words/phrases in the passage.

Logical Reasoning, a vital part of XAT, assesses your ability to think critically and logically. It covers topics like clocks and calendars, analogies, fact, inference, judgment, binary logic, seating arrangement, blood relations, logical sequences, assumptions, premises, and conclusions. Preparing for these topics demands rigorous practice and a clear understanding of the underlying concepts.


Decision Making:

The XAT 2024 syllabus includes the Decision Making section, which assesses your ability to make sound decisions in complex and ambiguous situations. It encompasses conditioning and grouping tests, data arrangement tests, complex arrangements, decision-making in a given situation, and case lets. To excel in this section, practice regularly and develop a structured approach to tackle various decision-making scenarios within the XAT 2024 syllabus.


Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation:

Quantitative Ability tests your mathematical aptitude. The topics covered include LCM and HCF, percentages, profit and loss, interest (simple and compound), speed, time, and distance; time and work; averages; ratio and proportion; number system; algebra; geometry, including coordinate geometry; mensuration; pure math; Venn diagrams; linear equations; quadratic equations; complex numbers; logarithm; progressions; binomial theorem; surds and indices; inequalities; permutation and combination; probability functions; set theory; mixtures and allegations; and trigonometry. Mastering these topics requires a strong foundation in mathematics and consistent practice.

Data Interpretation assesses your ability to interpret and analyze data. It includes data tables, data charts, bar diagrams, pie charts, graphs, data analysis, and comparison. Focus on improving your data interpretation skills by solving a variety of data-related problems and puzzles.


General Knowledge Section:

The General Knowledge section tests your awareness of current affairs and general knowledge. Topics include economics and finance, national and international current affairs, the constitution of India and laws, capitals and currencies, famous personalities, and books and authors. Stay updated with the latest news and events and read newspapers, magazines, and online resources to enhance your general knowledge.


Essay Writing:

The Essay Writing section is an essential part of the XAT exam, assessing your ability to express your thoughts coherently and convincingly. While the topics may vary, prepare by practicing essay writing on diverse subjects, developing a clear structure, and focusing on grammar and vocabulary.


Exam Pattern:

Understanding the XAT 2024 exam pattern is crucial for effective preparation. The exam consists of two parts: Part 1 includes Verbal and Logical Ability, Decision-making, and Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation; Part 2 comprises General Knowledge and Essay Writing. Time management is key, as Part 1 is time-bound, while Part 2 allows you to showcase your knowledge and writing skills, which can be instrumental in gaining admission to top colleges accepting XAT.

XAT 2024 Exam

SectionsNumber of QuestionsAllotted Time

Part 1

Verbal & Logical Ability26165 Minutes
Decision Making21
Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation28

Part 2

General Knowledge2515 Minutes
Essay Writing110 Minutes



190 Minutes


Study Plan:

  • Create a Detailed Schedule: Develop a comprehensive study plan that covers all the topics in the XAT 2024 syllabus. Allow for adequate time in each section based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice Regularly: Practice is the key to success. Solve a wide range of practice questions and mock tests to improve your accuracy and speed.
  • Revise Thoroughly: Regular revision is essential to retain what you’ve learned. Make concise notes and revise them periodically.
  • Stay Updated: Keep abreast of current affairs and general knowledge by reading newspapers, magazines, and online sources regularly.
  • Mock Tests: Conduct full-length mock tests to simulate the actual exam environment and analyze your performance to identify any areas for improvement.
  • Essay Writing Practice: Dedicate time to practice essay writing on various topics. Pay attention to structure, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Time Management: For optimal exam performance, manage your time wisely during an examination. Do not spend too long on any individual question and move quickly from challenging ones if necessary; save them for later review if required.


In conclusion, cracking the XAT 2024 syllabus requires a systematic approach, consistent practice, and a deep understanding of the exam pattern. By following this study plan and focusing on each section, you can increase your chances of success in this prestigious management entrance exam, paving your way to admission to a Top Business School in Bangalore. Good luck!



To excel in Decision Making, practice solving complex scenarios and case lets. Develop a systematic approach to decision-making problems and focus on understanding the underlying principles. Mock tests can help you refine your skills in this section.

Effective preparation for this section involves mastering mathematical concepts, formulas, and problem-solving techniques. Solve a variety of quantitative and data interpretation questions regularly. Focus on time management during the exam to tackle all questions.

The General Knowledge section is essential in XAT. Stay updated by reading newspapers, magazines, and online news sources. Create a habit of noting down key events and facts regularly. This will help you answer questions related to economics, finance, current affairs, and more.

Practice writing essays on various subjects for the Essay Writing Section. Structure your essays with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Pay attention to grammar and vocabulary. Revise and proofread your essays to ensure clarity and coherence.