Distinctive careers are assured with PGDM from GIBS

Distinctive careers are assured with PGDM from GIBS

Global Institute of Business Studies has succeeded in reaching several spectacular milestones within a few years of its existence. The dynamic faculty that teaches a high-powered curriculum along with the world-class educational infrastructure is partly the credit. Further, quality internships and placements come about as a result of the professional network that the institute has set up with great effort. The campus culture that vibrantly echoes business accomplishments along with the several clubs and committees adds to the zest and the outgoing thinking. Exchange programs of staff and students with institutes abroad in Asia and Europe bring a much-needed boost to research and publications. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore groom the students for outstanding careers with some of the finest companies in Bangalore and elsewhere.


Training the body and the mind

Looking at pictures and videos of celebrity business leaders, the first thing that strikes me is their sheer confidence. Does accumulated business knowledge or experience bring that exuberance and successful strategies? Partially yes, of course, but there is so much more. Just like any sector, and more so in the very challenging business world, one must be immensely passionate to succeed. Commitment and concentration night and day may help develop the willpower and the instinct to succeed. Like the team climbing the Himalayan peaks, there is no letting go until the peak is reached. It is no wonder that the initial professional years are spent in a bitter struggle. Yet, the business world brings rather fast promotions and fabulous opportunities as compared to many other sectors.


The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program challenge!

It is certain that specialization will be needed in order to stay head and shoulders above the rest. Dual specialization has a great advantage to extend the field with a broader approach. If chances are not found in one of them, the other could be the lucky one. It is better to sell both apples and oranges to be safe in the volatile business world. The mention of the specializations may be overwhelming but try to make a small beginning. Choose wisely, carefully, and with an eye on the future in a realistic manner without being carried away by fancies or fantasies. May one of them become the lucky charm at the best B school in Bangalore:

 Marketing
 Finance
 Human Resource
 Information Technology
 International Business
 Retail & Supply Chain Management


Continuous Evaluation System-based Teaching Methods

Theory and Practical courses are conducted throughout the four semesters of the PGDM. There is no sitting back and waiting to study only when the final examination nears. That is an abuse of the educational system and unfortunately, many students follow such a method of passing examinations without even understanding the lessons. The easy availability of study materials online and model question papers ease the process and even projects and assignments are merely assembled through copy-and-paste procedures. With 75% weight depending upon the continuous evaluation, the girls and boys are always busy. External semester evaluation adds up to 25% only.


A series of value-added programs

The traditional system of education comprises a syllabus or list of topics that are studied with academic materials and supplemented with practical lessons. Essentially, study remains the same now but a lot of multimedia activities and soft skills along with digital technology have made a dramatic difference. Study and understanding are so much more effective, faster, and better as a result. Like the gifts that are added while shopping, the value-added programs help to understand business and life better. Some of the short courses are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Project Management, Campus to Corporate Certification (C2C) Program, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), along with many more. Along with the numerous Workshops, Guest Lectures & Seminars, the Life Skill & Innovation Program and Internships & Industrial Visits would enhance the understanding of the business world and how it operates on an international level. Study at the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore.


Glimpses of the four semesters of PGDM

  • Semester 1: Principles and Practices of Business Management and Introduction to Entrepreneurship are some initial lessons that contain so much valid insight. Management Information Systems, economics, and environment are some other areas of research.
  • Semester 2:  Human Resources and Corporate Finance are both compulsory in a successful business. Legal aspects and International Business along with a foreign tour are on the program.
  • Semester 3: Business Analytics, summer internship viva voce, and personal development are some aspects of the study.
  • Semester 4: Dissertation Projects and Strategic Management are in the program.

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore not only put you through intensive academic and professional learning but also provide excellent placements as a deserved reward for all your hard work.


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