Do PGDM Colleges Guarantee Placement?

Do PGDM colleges guarantee placement?

PGDM is a business program that offers specialization in subjects like marketing, finance, HR, operations, business analytics, IT, and much more. As far as the market value is concerned, PGDM is considered at par or even better than the MBA program. GIBS, Bangalore, offers a comprehensive and comprehensive PGDM program that aims at shaping the candidates to become Masters in the Management field.

No matter the denial, placement is the main criterion when choosing a PGDM program. Many business schools guarantee full placements, but is it true? Let’s find the answer here:


It’s more about the quality of the student

To be eligible for the placement, a candidate must have a good track record in academics along with a deep understanding of their field and the skills to cross any boundaries in the field. For that, constructive and practical training is essential. Hence, instead of focusing only on placements, candidates should give more weightage to skill development to gain employability.


It depends on the stature of the B-School

Good business schools host highly reputed employers every year, thereby giving a dynamic platform to the students who soar high in the journey to fulfill their dreams. While enrolling in an institute for PGDM, consider all the parameters that will develop your employability skills and then start the journey of becoming an expert in management.


It also depends on your training and education

PGDM is not just a simple course; it enhances your overall personality and starts working by sharpening your interpersonal influence to hone your hidden skills. In addition, one can learn better presentation skills, tackle real-time business scenarios, and develop a problem-solving approach. After better training and education, students can definitely get good placements.


Good PGDM colleges guarantee placement. GIBS Bangalore is one such leading B-school that promises 100% placement. Along with the set business school curriculum, GIBS goes out of its way to develop the quality of employability among the students by conducting various corporate activities, guest lectures, seminars, certificate programs, and much more. It gives you enough exposure, grooming, and opportunities to find a lucrative placement.


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