Does An MBA Pay Off? – November 21 2016

A cynical friend of yours may say that Tom, Dick, and Harry is doing an MBA and how would it matter if you do it too. You may also start asking the same question does an MBA pay-off?
Answer is yes. An MBA definitely pays off.
Economically speaking an MBA graduate will for sure earn in lakhs very soon in his/her job. Statistics proves this. If you are placed in a good firm you are bound to rise in the career ladder. Top MBA schools in the world state that their graduates have a highly respected position with good paying jobs. MBA is considered and in reality is not a very cheap affair. An aspirant usually has to spend from around 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs to earn a degree. But this is a mere investment that reaps double the return if you are good enough. A graduate placed in a good firm can earn and return the money, if he/she has borrowed it from bank, in practically no time.
Ergonomically speaking, an MBA graduate does best for the company’s best interest and is efficient at all times.
On a personal level, any MBA graduate would agree that their MBA did not remain about the degree. The whole MBA experience is so different. Every person grows in a very personal manner. An aspirant learns to organise, coordinate, execute, and perform in the best possible manner.
So don’t worry. An MBA always will pay off.
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