Does mindfulness program for management students improve academic performance?

Does a mindfulness program for management students improve academic performance?

Today’s management students have a great deal of responsibility. It is difficult to meet academic and social standards, as well as to grow up and create a sense of self and belonging. Stimuli, diversions, and disruptions are commonplace in modern classrooms. The problems are exacerbated in higher education, where an aspirant faces social, physical, emotional, and psychological pressures from grades, peer pressure, and placement concerns. “Mindfulness Sessions” is one solution that elite institutions are embracing. It is a strategy for filtering out background noise and concentrating on what is important. Let’s look at the 5 most important advantages of including a mindfulness program in the curriculum.


Mindfulness helps with focus and concentration:

The widespread adoption of this mindfulness exercise has assisted students in learning how to quiet their minds, listen, communicate, focus, and become better students. It allows them to draw attention to mindfulness in order to improve their focus, resilience, and memory.


Mindfulness improves educational performance:

Several studies have found that mindfulness practice can aid in improving performance. Mindfulness is said to boost test scores and academic success because it helps learners relax and focus on the work at hand.


Mindfulness brings positive changes in the mind and body:

It has been suggested that sitting quietly and calmly in the present moment transforms our minds. According to numerous experts, regular mindfulness activities can help the immune system battle physical sickness.


Mindfulness reduces stress and negative emotions:

It has been noticed that appropriate meditation and mindfulness reduce stress and also aid in reducing negative moods.


Mindfulness boosts social life and relationships:

Mindfulness training can help people feel more calm and cheerful, as well as happier in their relationships. Mindfulness practitioners are more likely to exercise self-care and to show compassion, empathy, and concern for others.


▶️ Watch Video of Mindfulness Session of GIBS Business School, Bangalore


GIBS, a top business school in Bangalore, has implemented mindfulness programs in their curriculum. GIBS has different mindfulness training sessions, such as focused attention and stress reduction via attentive listening, as well as various breathing exercises and yoga.

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