Emotions as our Guide.… – July 20 2016

Over time, we as a society have come to accept that emotions are part of what drives us to be who we are and what we do. We have come to understand that the most important of our work-related qualities like sound judgement, leadership and versatility are a reflection of our emotional states. Emotions underlie our functionality.
Positive vs. Negative emotions
Being successful at our jobs require that we allow our emotions to show up and guide us. Suppressing them can lead to non-functionality. While compassion, pride, confidence etc which are considered to be acceptable, emotions that are overtly termed as ‘bad’ have their place too. Feelings like anger for example, motivate us to do better and to transcend our present limitations. It is anger that gives us strength to overcome our limitations. All we need to do is channel these emotions in the right way.
Suppressing emotions
Authentic display of how we feel is important and healthy, both to us and to our relationships. They guide us in making the right decisions. Suppressing them can make us feel confused and we make wrong decisions. Even those emotional outbursts at inappropriate times are only a result of a build up within us due to regular suppression. Psychosomatic manifestations in our bodies are also a result of suppression.
Controlling emotions
Not only are we responsible for our own emotions but also as colleagues and bosses, we subtly or overtly influence other’s emotions as well. What applies to us applies to them as well. Exuding behaviours that try and control the other person’s behaviours will be detrimental in the long run. We are responsible for the healthy display of our emotions and also for the emotional response that those around us put out.
Emotions act as a compass, give us direction. They act as indicators of our state of mind and of our health. Allow them to flow and show up in healthy ways and we become more efficient at our tasks. After all they are what make us human.