En-route GIBS Entrepreneurs are found and made -March 8, 2016

En route GIBS Entrepreneurs are found and made

GIBS stands for one of the best MBA colleges in the country. Ranked 3rd Best B-School in India by “Higher Education Review” in 2016, GIBS has come a long way from being a role model to many, to creating role models for many. With a vision to instil human values and to be recognized globally as the preferred destination for all future leaders, through global leadership in human development and excellence in education, GIBS has and is striving untiringly to achieve the goal of giving the best business knowledge to its students.

It is in the plush campus of GIBS that young entrepreneurs are found and made. The students are encouraged to think differently and defend their thinking. The risks and the jeopardies that a young entrepreneur undergoes are taken good care of. The student’s thinking is nurtured, and they are encouraged to come up with different ideas which are innovative and that can be ideated.

GIBS has the distinction of bringing out the best entrepreneurs in the country. Entrepreneurship qualities are inculcated among the students from the beginning of the course so that by the end of their final term the students are ready to venture out and face the challenges and come out successfully. Their success is GIBS’s pride.

Being an entrepreneur requires innovative thinking, critical decision-making power, and the courage to take tough and risky decisions. GIBS is all about indoctrinating these abilities in its students so that when the challenging time comes, the students do not quiver in making the right choices.

GIBS provides a fertile environment for entrepreneurial thinkers. It is not that there are successful entrepreneurs who have not attended business schools but at GIBS, the tough edges are smoothened by training the mind in the right direction. Yes, it is here that successful entrepreneurs are made.