Evaluating an Executive MBA Program……!!! – October 19 2016

Evaluating an Executive MBA Program……!!!

With the increasing popularity of Management Education, GIBS commenced with Executive MBA Programs. An Executive MBA degree aims at equipping professionals with a deeper insight into finance and marketing skills. It is of utmost importance to carefully gather all the facts and make an assessment before enrolling for the course. Selecting the right business school with the right program can be a tedious task.

As a general rule, a good business school has a reputation for its regular.ar MBA programs can be trusted to do a good job with the executive MBA program. The reputation of the college is what catapults you far and it goes a long way but there are numerous criteria one must consider for enrolling in a business school for a particular program. Although the degree swallows a significant amount of money, it can be a potential life and career-changing move if all the right decisions are made.


DIVERSITY – GIBS value diversity. Diversity is most important as it enhances the interaction between students of varied cities, states, or nationalities. But the diversities in experience are what take the stage. We often hear how the alumni learned more from the students than the teachers through group tasks, discussions, etc. With such interaction, students are exposed to a wide range of opinions, experience, and perspectives that can only be deeper if it comes from a diverse class.

CLASS SCHEDULE – As you begin the process of evaluation of an Executive MBA Program, consider the class schedule as an important factor. Business schools offer programs one day per week or weekly or even on alternate weeks. This helps you save time and strikes a balance between personal, professional, and college life. Time management plays the most important role during the entire course. Coming back to college while working can be difficult but with proper time management, one can perform miracles.

CAREER OBJECTIVES – When considering Business school for an Executive MBA, you are most likely aiming to move up the corporate ladder in a certain direction. When evaluating the possible programs, make sure you know what the school specializes in, and what their faculty is famed for as you finalize your program of choice.

EXPENSES AND FINANCIAL AID – Naturally, the first expense to consider when pursuing an Executive MBA is tuition fees. These costs can vary substantially from the more traditional MBA programs. Full company sponsorships for executive education have become increasingly rare and as a result, it should not be the sole means of payment that a prospective student relies upon when considering an executive MBA. Every MBA program differs in terms of the scholarships available for International programs.

Lastly, financial aid options are available for most programs should the student require these.

Going back to school for any program is a significant commitment in terms of time and resources, so evaluate all your program options well before making a decision. Good B-schools like GIBS, have detailed websites where you can find most information, and you can always write to them for further clarifications.


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